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Neisseria FetA variable region typing

The FetA variable region databases has been incorporated in to the Neisseria MLST sequence definition database, allowing querying from a unified interface.

Information about the FetA variable region can be found in Thompson et al., Microbiology 2003 149:1849-58.

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Sequence database
Sequences: 1135265
MLST: 13451
rplF species: 165
beta lactamase plasmid: 0
Bexsero Antigen Sequence Typing (BAST): 2849
Conjugative Plasmid: 0
Cryptic Plasmid: 0
N. gonorrhoeae cgMLST v1.0: 4564
NG STAR: 231
N. meningitidis cgMLST v1.0: 11693

Isolate database
Isolates: 44757
Last updated: 2018-01-18