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Welcome to PubMLST - Public databases for molecular typing and microbial genome diversity.

This site is hosted at The Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, UK and is funded by The Wellcome Trust.



2019-10-18: An expanded MLST scheme for Mycoplasma hominis is now available. This has been developed by Safa Boujemaa and colleagues at the Institut Pasteur de Tunis, Tunisia, and is described in Boujemaa et al. (2018) Sci Rep 8:14854.

2019-09-17: A MLST scheme for Mycoplasma flocculare is now available. This scheme was developed by Corinne Marois and colleagues, ANSES, France.

2019-08-22: A MLST scheme for Bartonella washoensis is now available. This was first described by Soichi Maruyama and colleagues in 2011, but is now available in a database thanks to Friederike von Loewenich.