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Xylella fastidiosa MLST Databases

The Xylella fastidiosa MLST website contains two linked databases - one for allelic profiles and sequences, the other for isolate information. This structure offers advantages over a single database system. Further details can be found here.

Citing the database

The preferred format for citing this website in publications is:

This publication made use of the Xylella fastidiosa MLST website (https://pubmlst.org/ fastidiosa/) sited at the University of Oxford (Jolley et al. 2004, BMC Bioinformatics, 5:86). The development and maintenance of this site has been funded by the Wellcome Trust.


Sequence database
Sequences: 147
Profiles (MLST): 87
Last updated: 2019-03-06

Isolate database
Isolates: 293
Last updated: 2015-09-10