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Bacterial Isolate Genome Sequence Database (BIGSdb)

Gene-by-gene population annotation and analysis

Written by Keith Jolley, © 2010-2020 University of Oxford

Jolley & Maiden 2010, BMC Bioinformatics 11:595 [cited by]

BIGSdb is software designed to store and analyse sequence data for bacterial isolates. Any number of sequences can be linked to isolate records - these can be small contigs assembled from dideoxy sequencing through to whole genomes (complete or multiple contigs generated from parallel sequencing technologies such as Illumina).

BIGSdb extends the principle of MLST to genomic data, where large numbers of loci can be defined, with alleles assigned by reference to sequence definition databases (which can also be set up with BIGSdb). Loci can also be grouped into schemes so that types can be defined by combinations of allelic profiles, a concept analagous to MLST.

BIGSdb runs most of the databases on this site.

The software has been released under the GNU General Public Licence version 3.

Download BIGSdb releases from SourceForge.net.

Source code is available from GitHub - you can also report bugs or submit enhancement requests here.


Complete documentation for BIGSdb is available at http://bigsdb.readthedocs.io.

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The BIGSdb software is written in Perl, also utilizing some client-side Javascript. It runs on Linux using the Apache web server and PostgreSQL database.

BIGSdb is open-source software, published under the GNU General Public Licence version 3.


Documentation hosted at ReadTheDocs.org.