This private database is intended for use by the PneumoNetwork working group to collect data on putatively new pneumococcal serotypes. Currently the data fields match those of the PubMLST S. pneumoniae database, but over time additional fields can be added to collect data on additional molecular and immunological tests as well as any structural data that may be used to define a novel serotype.

Current members of this working group include: Mary Corcoran, Hans-Christian Slotved, Mark van der Linden, Carmen Sheppard, Bernie Beall, Lesley McGee, Femke Ahlers and Angela Brueggemann.

If you think you may have found a new serotype please email (Hans-Christian Slotved) for more details on how to submit the putatively new serotype for consideration. Please note that it is required that the bacterial culture is shared with the working group for further testing. 

All information submitted will remain confidential and the bacterial culture will not be shared without permission from the originating laboratory.

More information about the process of determining a new serotype via this working group can be found here.