NucleBact - Nuclease Bacteriocin Database

This database is in development

Nuclease bacteriocins are antimicrobial proteins produced by bacteria that are capable of directly inhibiting closely related bacterial strains. In bacteriocin producing strains, co-expression of the dedicated immunity gene, downstream of the bacteriocin prevents self-inhibition. Nuclease bacteriocins have become drug candidates for narrow spectrum antibiotics, anti-cancer drugs and food preservatives.

NucleBact allows the phylogenetic analysis of nuclease bacteriocins and immunity sequences along with the prediction of bacteriocin susceptibility among γ-proteobacteria. Nuclease bacteriocins (BCIN) and immunity sequences (IMM) have been uploaded into the NucleBact database using the nuclease bacteriocin pipeline developed by Sharp et al. 2017 PLoS Comput Biol 13:e1005652.

Database curated by (Annapaula Correia).