European Meningococcal Epidemiology in Real Time (EMERT) II

ECDC logoEMERT-II collects data about the strains causing meningococcal disease throughout Europe in real time. Participating reference laboratories are requested to submit details of all isolates causing disease enabling data to be shared for comparison.

The EMERT-II project has been set up as a private dataset within the PubMLST Neisseria database. This enables the data to be analysed in the context of global public data. This replaces the original EMERT database and supports the uploading of whole genome assemblies, from which molecular typing information will be automatically extracted.


  • Participating reference laboratories will be able to view data from the whole dataset. These data are only available to participating laboratories and to ECDC.
  • No patient information is recorded.
  • Even minimal isolate information may be valuable, so if only a serogroup assignment or non-culture diagnosis is available, please still submit.
  • Submitters can modify their records once submitted, for example to add further field values.
  • EMERT-II is funded by ECDC.
  • To register for access, please first set up a PubMLST user account and then contact Jessica Beser with your details. You must be associated with a participating reference laboratory.