Drakenstein Child Health Study Genome Database

The Drakenstein Child Health Study (DCHS) is a birth cohort study of 1,000 mother-child pairs led by Prof Mark Nicol and Prof Heather Zar. The overall aim is to investigate risk factors for childhood respiratory illness.

A collaboration between Prof Mark Nicol and Prof Angela Brueggemann was established to investigate bacteriocins in bacterial isolates recovered from the DCHS study participants. This project is funded by the Wellcome Trust via an Investigator Award (grant number 206394/Z/17/Z) to Prof Brueggemann.

The DCHS Genome Database was set up in PubMLST by Prof Angela Brueggemann and Dr Melissa Jansen van Rensburg to host bacterial isolate provenance data and genome sequences from the Drakenstein Child Health Study.

Data contained within the DCHS Genome Database are private and the database is accessible only to designated users via login and password.

Database developed and managed by keith.jolleyatzoo.ox.ac.uk (Keith Jolley) and angela.brueggemannatndph.ox.ac.uk (Angela Brueggemann).