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Neisseria porB typing

The porB allele database has been incorporated in to the Neisseria MLST sequence definition database, allowing querying from a unified interface.

Please note that there are now two porB designations. For historical reasons, the sequences used in the old designation do not cover the entire coding sequence of the porB gene. This locus has been renamed as 'porB (signifying that it is a partial coding sequence). All loci within the genome that represent whole genes are being indexed with NEIS numbers - porB is also known as NEIS2020.

In common with most whole gene indexing, NEIS2020 (porB) alleles are defined with arbitrary integer identifiers. The class (2 or 3) of an allele can be determined by clicking the allele hyperlink wherever it appears in the web interface.

Please submit new alleles to Heike Claus. Please send both forward and reverse trace files for new alleles determined by Sanger sequencing.

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