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Welcome to PubMLST - Public databases for molecular typing and microbial genome diversity.

Please contact us if you would like us to host a MLST database for a particular organism, or have a request for new functionality.

The primary PubMLST site is hosted at The Department of Zoology, University of Oxford, UK and is funded by The Wellcome Trust.


2015-09-28: A MLST scheme for Riemerella anatipestifer has been developed by Di Zhou, Bifeng Zhu and colleagues at NanChang University, China, and is now available.

2015-06-19: A MLST scheme for Streptococcus thermophilus has been developed by Jie Yu and colleagues at the Key Laboratory of Dairy Biotechnology and Engineering, Ministry of Education, China, and is now available.

2015-04-22: The core genome MLST (cgMLST) scheme (v1.0) for Neisseria meningitidis is now available for use within the Neisseria databases.

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