START2 troubleshooting

START2 is in active development and from time-to-time, new code libraries may be added to the software. If you have installed START2 using Webstart prior to the addition of these libraries, they may not be installed automatically when you next start the software. This is because your local Java installation is probably running a cached copy of the START2 webstart configuration rather than downloading it fresh each time. The consequences of this are that the main software code will be updated but the required libraries will not be installed and the software may fail to start at all, or some functionality may appear to be missing.

To rectify this, you need to clear your browser's cache (in Internet Explorer, go to Tools → Internet Options and then delete Temporary Internet Files), remove the cached copy of START2 and then reinstall.

To remove the cached copy you can do the following:

On Linux, open the Java Application Cache Viewer (enter 'javaws' from the console). Select START2 and click 'Remove Selected Application'.

Removing the cached program

On Windows, go the Control Panel and double click on the 'Java' icon. On the 'General' tab, click the 'View...' button in the 'Temporary Internet Files' section. Highlight START2, right-click and select delete.

... then reinstall.

This manual reinstallation is only necessary when new libraries are added to the software. Most software updates will be automatic.

New libraries potentially requiring manual reinstallation

2006-01-10VectorGraphics library added. This provides image export in vector image formats (PS, EMF). You may need to reinstall or the tree drawing functionality will not work




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