On first use of the program, you will need to enter the name of the species you are working on and the names of the loci used.  These are entered in the 'Select Species' dialog that can be reached from the 'Options' menu.

species dialog

Data for some species may be already entered and these may be selected from the drop-down box.  A new species name can be added by entering it into the species text box and clicking 'Add'.  Species may be removed by highlighting them and clicking the 'Remove species' button.  You will then need to identify which loci your MLST system utilises by adding their names into the loci text box and clicking 'Add'.  These names have a maximum length of 8 characters.  The loci order may be changed by highlighting the loci name and then pressing either the up or down arrow buttons.  Individual loci may be removed by highlighting them and clicking the 'Remove locus' button.  Anything entered in this dialog is automatically saved to a configuration file and will be remembered the next time the program is run.   The species selected will become the default species.