User Interface

The user interface consists of two main windows, one for data output, the other for system messages.  Data output is continually appended to the existing display, so previous analyses may be viewed by scrolling back the window.  The data output window may be cleared by selecting 'Clear Display' from the 'View' menu or by clicking the 'Clear Display' button.  Text size may be altered by selecting 'Text Size' from the 'View' menu.

main window

Program output may be saved from the 'File' menu or by clicking the save button.   The saved file is in HTML format and may be viewed in any web browser.   This format enables diagrams and tables to be displayed easily.  Output may also be printed from within the program from the 'File' menu or by clicking the 'Print' button.  A print dialog will then display which allows you to select printer options.  It is possible to select just highlighted parts of the output for printing by selecting the appropriate option in this dialog.  Highlighted text may also be copied to the clipboard from the 'Edit' menu or the 'Copy' button.