Allelic Profiles

The 'Load Allelic Profiles' dialog window can be reached by selecting 'File ... Load ... Allelic Profiles' from the main menu.  Profiles may be entered either directly from the keyboard, pasting from spreadsheet applications via the clipboard or by loading a tab-delimited text file.  Most spreadsheets have an option to save data in tab-delimited form.  Totally empty lines are ignored.  At the bottom of this window is a text box displaying the maximum number of isolates that can be loaded.  This value can be changed, although the larger it is, the slower the data integrity check will run.  This should not be significant on fast computers but on slower machines it may be expedient to set this value to the number of isolates that will be looked at or round up to the nearest hundred above this value.  There is also an option to include sequence types.  These can be displayed in certain analyses where appropriate and are required to perform BURST analysis.

allelic profile dialog

Once the data have been entered, press 'OK'.  A data integrity check will then be performed.  This checks that isolate names are not duplicated, that there are no missing data in any column (totally blank lines are ignored) and that allele values fall within the permitted range (1 - 32767).  If non-integer values are entered for allele numbers, the integer part will be used and the fraction after the decimal point discarded.   If invalid data are encountered, an error message will be displayed identifying the problem, and the grid will scroll to that point, with the box highlighting the problem cell.