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RESTful Application Programming Interface (API)

PubMLST.org has offered a SOAP API since 2006 to provide programmatic access to MLST data. This is now deprecated in favour of a RESTful interface and clients should migrate at their earliest convenience.

The RESTful interface is an integral component of the BIGSdb software allowing almost all of the data stored within the site to now be accessible via this interface. The API also facilitates submission of new data via third-party clients.

The API can be accessed at http://rest.pubmlst.org/.

The API is fully documented at http://bigsdb.readthedocs.org/en/latest/rest.html.



2017-04-25: A MLST scheme for Edwardsiella spp. has been developed by Noemí Buján Gómez and Beatriz Magariños Ferro, Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain, and is now available.

2017-03-24: A MLST scheme for Dichelobacter nodosus has been developed by Adam Blanchard and Tracey Coffey, University of Nottingham, UK, and is now available.

2017-01-17: MLST schemes for Macrococcus canis and M. caseolyticus have been developed by Vincent Perreten and Christian Strauss, University of Berne, Switzerland, and are now available.