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PubMLST Mirror Sites

In order to provide a robust service for the public health community, the PubMLST.org website and associated databases are mirrored. If the primary site is unavailable for any reason, the mirrors should remain available. In the future, we envisage a network of geographically-spread mirror sites.

The website and databases are synchronised every evening, so the mirror should be at most one day behind.

List of mirrors

AddressCountryHosting organisationStatus
pubmlst.orgUK University of Oxford, UKPrimary site
dkmirror1.pubmlst.orgDK Danish Technical University, Lyngby, DenmarkOut of date
nlmirror1.pubmlst.orgNL Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, NetherlandsFull mirror
nomirror1.pubmlst.orgNO University of Oslo, NorwayFull mirror
ukmirror1.pubmlst.orgUK Public Health England Bioinformatics Group, Central Public Health Laboratory, Colindale, London, UKDatabases temporarily unavailable
ukmirror2.pubmlst.orgUK University of Oxford, UKFull mirror
ukmirror4.pubmlst.orgUK University of Swansea, UKFull mirror
usmirror1.pubmlst.orgUSAUniversity of Pittsburgh, USAFull mirror

If you are interested in hosting an official PubMLST.org mirror site, please take a look at the instructions for mirroring (PDF; updated June 2012). We are particularly interested in setting up mirrors outside the UK.