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Candida glabrata MLST nomenclature changes

It has been necessary to change some of the ST numbers in the C. glabrata MLST scheme. This has come about due to an unforeseen issue whereby STs had been assigned but not entered in to the database, prior to its hosting on PubMLST. Some of these were subsequently included in the published literature.

Since this came to light, we have tried to minimise the impact and retrospectively added the profiles that have been formally published. Where these had been assigned STs that have since been re-issued we have had to change the ST on the later-assigned profiles.

The following timeline indicates the changes that have been made:

Transfer of alleles, 68 STs, and isolates from mlst.net.
STs 5 and 9 were not part of the data received, although they are mentioned in the literature. ST-5 and ST-9 have been blocked from future use.
ST numbers issued by mlst.net within this timeframe were not documented and were not passed to pubmlst.org during the data migration process.
Novel alleles and sequence types from Lott et al. 2010 (PMID 20190071) and Lott et al. 2012 (PMID 21838617) were added to the sequence database.
ST-83 in Lott et al. 2010 (PMID 20190071) is identical to ST-75 in Lott et al. 2012 (PMID 21838617). ST-83 was given preference due to the earlier publication date; consequently there is no ST-75 in the database, and the number is blocked from future use.
Novel sequence types from Amanloo et al. 2018 (PMID 28482076) were added; due to partial overlap with numbers used in this study with those used in Lott et al. 2010 and Lott et al. 2012, ST-71 to ST-79 (designation in Amanloo et al. 2018) are included as ST-101 to ST-109 in the database. This is noted in the respective ST records.
A total of 368 non-redundant isolates from Lott et al. 2010 (PMID 20190071, n=229 ) and Lott et al 2012 (PMID 21838617, n=265) were added to the isolates database. Isolates included in these two studies partially overlap.
A total of 50 isolates from Amanloo et al. 2018 (PMID 28482076) were added to the isolates database, with ST numbering as explained above.
Added novel alleles, STs, and isolate information from Biswas et al. (PMID 30559734), Mushi et al. (PMID 30597052), and Bordallo-Cardona et al. (PMID 30397068) in parallel to publication process.
Retrospectively added information from Sasso et al. (PMID 29580647). Novel FKS allele "X" added to database as FKS29, ST "X" is now ST166.