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Full information on isolate Taiwan 19F-14 (id:697)

Provenance/primary metadata

Taiwan 19F-14
CP000921; NC_012469; TW31
Reference strain of PMEN global clone Taiwan 19F-14
ZY Shi,
Melissa Jansen van Rensburg, University of Oxford, UK (E-mail:
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Publications (19)

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Sequence bin

2112148 bp
loci tagged
detailed breakdown

Similar isolates (determined by classification schemes)

Experimental schemes are subject to change and are not a stable part of the nomenclature.

Classification schemeUnderlying schemeClustering methodMismatch thresholdStatusGroup
Sp_cgc_1000cgMLSTSingle-linkage1000experimentalgroup: 7 (4508 isolates)
Sp_cgc_500cgMLSTSingle-linkage500experimentalgroup: 1 (718 isolates)
Sp_cgc_400cgMLSTSingle-linkage400experimentalgroup: 1 (718 isolates)
Sp_cgc_300cgMLSTSingle-linkage300experimentalgroup: 1 (717 isolates)
Sp_cgc_200cgMLSTSingle-linkage200experimentalgroup: 1 (717 isolates)
Sp_cgc_100cgMLSTSingle-linkage100experimentalgroup: 238 (337 isolates)
Sp_cgc_50cgMLSTSingle-linkage50experimentalgroup: 307 (37 isolates)
Sp_cgc_25cgMLSTSingle-linkage25experimentalgroup: 1 (2 isolates)

Schemes and loci

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