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LocusDownloadTypeAllelesLength (setting)Min lengthMax length Full name/product Curator(s) Last updated
XCIT00001 (dnaA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 13291329Chromosomal replication initiator protein DnaAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00002 (dnaN) DNA22Variable: No limits set 11011101Beta sliding clampM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00003 (recF) DNA24Variable: No limits set 11071107DNA replication and repair protein RecFM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00004 (gyrB) DNA25Variable: No limits set 24452445DNA gyrase subunit BM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00005 (tolQ_2) DNA20Variable: No limits set 762762Protein TolQM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00006 (exbD_4) DNA7Variable: No limits set 423423Biopolymer transport protein ExbDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00007 (exbD_2) DNA11Variable: No limits set 381381Biopolymer transport protein ExbDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00008 (pdxJ) DNA16Variable: No limits set 768768Pyridoxine 5'-phosphate synthaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00009 DNA7Variable: No limits set 270270hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00010 (ywiE_1) DNA15Variable: No limits set 14611461putative cardiolipin synthase YwiEM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00011 (ghrB_1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 9931008Hydroxypyruvate reductaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00012 (envC) DNA21Variable: No limits set 12241224Murein hydrolase activator EnvCM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00013 DNA27Variable: No limits set 17971797Bacterial leucyl aminopeptidaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00014 (egl_4) DNA21Variable: No limits set 11341134EndoglucanaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00015 (egl_2) DNA16Variable: No limits set 10741074EndoglucanaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00016 (yahK) DNA19Variable: No limits set 10591059Aldehyde reductase YahKM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00017 (gltD) DNA19Variable: No limits set 14821482Glutamate synthase [NADPH] small chainM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00018 (gltB) DNA30Variable: No limits set 44734473Glutamate synthase [NADPH] large chainM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00019 DNA8Variable: No limits set 381381hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00020 DNA19Variable: No limits set 11881188hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00021 DNA13Variable: No limits set 345345hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00022 DNA12Variable: No limits set 10381044hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00023 (nagK_1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 11581158N-acetyl-D-glucosamine kinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00024 DNA43Variable: No limits set 14581524hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00025 (gmm) DNA14Variable: No limits set 471471GDP-mannose mannosyl hydrolaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00026 (trxA_3) DNA9Variable: No limits set 330330ThioredoxinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00027 DNA11Variable: No limits set 474474hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00028 DNA15Variable: No limits set 807822hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00029 DNA19Variable: No limits set 645651hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00030 DNA17Variable: No limits set 882885putative proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00031 (nirQ) DNA18Variable: No limits set 993993Denitrification regulatory protein NirQM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00032 DNA15Variable: No limits set 651651hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00033 (tldD_2) DNA25Variable: No limits set 16051635Metalloprotease TldDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00034 (fbp_1) DNA16Variable: No limits set 10111011Fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase class 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00035 (hemR) DNA22Variable: No limits set 21362139Hemin receptorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00036 (fabV) DNA20Variable: No limits set 12091209Enoyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase [NADH]M. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00037 (kdgK_2) DNA20Variable: No limits set 102310232-dehydro-3-deoxygluconokinaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00038 DNA27Variable: No limits set 27812781hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00039 (glgE2) DNA23Variable: No limits set 31173117Alpha-1,4-glucan:maltose-1-phosphate maltosyltransferase 2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00040 (pld1_2) DNA21Variable: No limits set 11461149Pyridoxal 4-dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00041 (pnbA_2) DNA18Variable: No limits set 16231623Para-nitrobenzyl esteraseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00042 (mhpD) DNA19Variable: No limits set 8228222-keto-4-pentenoate hydrataseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00043 DNA14Variable: No limits set 990999Solute-binding proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00044 (kduD) DNA13Variable: No limits set 7567562-dehydro-3-deoxy-D-gluconate 5-dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00045 DNA12Variable: No limits set 657657hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00046 (decR) DNA10Variable: No limits set 483483DNA-binding transcriptional activator DecRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00047 (fpvA) DNA21Variable: No limits set 21902202Ferripyoverdine receptorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00048 DNA21Variable: No limits set 10081008putative proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00049 (ylmA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 846852putative ABC transporter ATP-binding protein YlmAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00050 DNA12Variable: No limits set 360366hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00051 (opuCA) DNA14Variable: No limits set 738738Glycine betaine/carnitine/choline transport ATP-binding protein OpuCAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00052 (egtD) DNA22Variable: No limits set 966966Histidine N-alpha-methyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00053 DNA24Variable: No limits set 37023708hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00054 DNA17Variable: No limits set 672672hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00055 DNA13Variable: No limits set 477477putative proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00056 DNA10Variable: No limits set 516516hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00057 (clsC_1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 20072019Cardiolipin synthase CM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00058 DNA12Variable: No limits set 429429Putative esteraseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00059 (glnA) DNA15Variable: No limits set 14101410Glutamine synthetaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00060 (glnK) DNA7Variable: No limits set 339339Nitrogen regulatory protein P-II 2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00061 (amtB) DNA22Variable: No limits set 14311443Ammonia channelM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00062 (glnL) DNA15Variable: No limits set 10561056Sensory histidine kinase/phosphatase NtrBM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00063 (glnG_1) DNA22Variable: No limits set 14281428DNA-binding transcriptional regulator NtrCM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00064 (yojM_2) DNA20Variable: No limits set 648684Superoxide dismutase-like protein YojMM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00065 DNA17Variable: No limits set 963978hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00066 (hemD) DNA17Variable: No limits set 780801Uroporphyrinogen-III synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00067 DNA13Variable: No limits set 543549hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00068 DNA8Variable: No limits set 423423hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00069 (secB) DNA9Variable: No limits set 513513Protein-export protein SecBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00070 (gpsA) DNA18Variable: No limits set 10261026Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [NAD(P)+]M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00071 DNA16Variable: No limits set 618624hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00072 DNA20Variable: No limits set 12301230putative MFS-type transporterM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00073 (trmL) DNA16Variable: No limits set 477477tRNA (cytidine(34)-2'-O)-methyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00074 DNA3Variable: No limits set 321321hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00075 (fabH2) DNA19Variable: No limits set 101710173-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] synthase 3 protein 2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00076 (dhaA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 903903Haloalkane dehalogenaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00077 DNA10Variable: No limits set 384384hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00078 (tycC_1) DNA36Variable: No limits set 16591716Tyrocidine synthase 3M. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00079 (oleD_1) DNA17Variable: No limits set 101110112-alkyl-3-oxoalkanoate reductaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00080 DNA3Variable: No limits set 159159hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00081 DNA17Variable: No limits set 645645hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00082 (ubiB_1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 16741674putative protein kinase UbiBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00083 (truC) DNA15Variable: No limits set 735735tRNA pseudouridine synthase CM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00084 DNA18Variable: No limits set 543543hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00085 (plsC_2) DNA14Variable: No limits set 630630hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00086 (iaaA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 10111023Isoaspartyl peptidaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00087 (dcp_1) DNA25Variable: No limits set 21692169Dipeptidyl carboxypeptidaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00088 DNA13Variable: No limits set 345348hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00089 (cmpR) DNA21Variable: No limits set 957957HTH-type transcriptional activator CmpRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00090 (aceB) DNA24Variable: No limits set 16351635Malate synthase AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00091 (aceA) DNA21Variable: No limits set 12961296Isocitrate lyaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00092 (dosC_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 10591059Diguanylate cyclase DosCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00093 (accA1_1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 20282028Acetyl-/propionyl-coenzyme A carboxylase alpha chainM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00094 (pccB) DNA25Variable: No limits set 16111611Propionyl-CoA carboxylase beta chainM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00095 (acdA_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 11641164Acyl-CoA dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00096 (kstR) DNA19Variable: No limits set 621621HTH-type transcriptional repressor KstRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00097 DNA11Variable: No limits set 375375hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00098 DNA10Variable: No limits set 528543hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00099 DNA8Variable: No limits set 312312hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00100 DNA16Variable: No limits set 645645hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00101 DNA10Variable: No limits set 519519Cytochrome c-555M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00102 DNA15Variable: No limits set 876876hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00103 DNA15Variable: No limits set 663663hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00104 (ohrR) DNA13Variable: No limits set 462462Organic hydroperoxide resistance transcriptional regulatorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00105 (ohrA) DNA10Variable: No limits set 429429Organic hydroperoxide resistance protein OhrAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00106 (bpoC) DNA10Variable: No limits set 702702Putative non-heme bromoperoxidase BpoCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00107 DNA13Variable: No limits set 807807hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00108 DNA17Variable: No limits set 417417hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00109 (curA) DNA21Variable: No limits set 10291029NADPH-dependent curcumin reductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00110 (tas) DNA18Variable: No limits set 972972Protein tasM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00111 DNA12Variable: No limits set 432432hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00112 DNA26Variable: No limits set 24902511hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00113 (pucL) DNA15Variable: No limits set 492492Uric acid degradation bifunctional protein PucLM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00114 DNA18Variable: No limits set 891891hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00115 (pucG) DNA26Variable: No limits set 12571257(S)-ureidoglycine--glyoxylate transaminaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00116 DNA11Variable: No limits set 459459hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00117 (hpxW) DNA19Variable: No limits set 15811587Oxamate amidohydrolase proenzymeM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00118 (rihB) DNA18Variable: No limits set 11161116Pyrimidine-specific ribonucleoside hydrolase RihBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00119 DNA20Variable: No limits set 15451557Aminodeoxyfutalosine deaminaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00120 (tatD) DNA20Variable: No limits set 8138133'-5' ssDNA/RNA exonuclease TatDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00121 (ynfM) DNA26Variable: No limits set 12811281Inner membrane transport protein YnfMM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00122 (cobB) DNA18Variable: No limits set 882882NAD-dependent protein deacetylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00123 (namA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 11191119NADPH dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00124 (Hgd) DNA22Variable: No limits set 8798792-(hydroxymethyl)glutarate dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00125 DNA13Variable: No limits set 393393hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00126 (queH) DNA14Variable: No limits set 657666Epoxyqueuosine reductase QueHM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00127 (msuE_1) DNA16Variable: No limits set 588588FMN reductase (NADPH)M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00128 DNA18Variable: No limits set 984984hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00129 (qorB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 879879Quinone oxidoreductase 2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00130 (yybR) DNA12Variable: No limits set 432432putative HTH-type transcriptional regulator YybRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00131 (ilvD) DNA23Variable: No limits set 18391839Dihydroxy-acid dehydrataseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00132 (yrdA) DNA12Variable: No limits set 546546Protein YrdAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00133 DNA17Variable: No limits set 10111011hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00134 (btr_1) DNA21Variable: No limits set 888888HTH-type transcriptional activator BtrM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00135 DNA13Variable: No limits set 513513hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00136 (glpK) DNA17Variable: No limits set 15001500Glycerol kinaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00137 (pobB) DNA19Variable: No limits set 984984Phenoxybenzoate dioxygenase subunit betaM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00138 (pcaF) DNA21Variable: No limits set 12091209Beta-ketoadipyl-CoA thiolaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00139 (pcaH) DNA16Variable: No limits set 735738Protocatechuate 3,4-dioxygenase beta chainM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00140 DNA11Variable: No limits set 414414hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00141 (menH_1) DNA17Variable: No limits set 927930Monoacylglycerol lipaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00142 (pcaR) DNA20Variable: No limits set 891891Pca regulon regulatory proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00143 DNA19Variable: No limits set 861861hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00144 DNA17Variable: No limits set 711711hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00145 (mnmG) DNA20Variable: No limits set 19051905tRNA uridine 5-carboxymethylaminomethyl modification enzyme MnmGM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00146 DNA13Variable: No limits set 420420hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00147 DNA17Variable: No limits set 906906hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00148 (bioC_1) DNA19Variable: No limits set 885885Malonyl-[acyl-carrier protein] O-methyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00149 (bioB) DNA18Variable: No limits set 10351035Biotin synthaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00150 DNA17Variable: No limits set 471471hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00151 DNA13Variable: No limits set 261261hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00152 (fliP_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 645645Flagellar biosynthetic protein FliPM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00153 (yscU) DNA21Variable: No limits set 10741080Yop proteins translocation protein UM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00154 DNA11Variable: No limits set 456456hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00155 DNA14Variable: No limits set 393393hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00156 (nolT) DNA18Variable: No limits set 762762Nodulation protein NolTM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00157 (yscN) DNA21Variable: No limits set 13291347putative ATP synthase YscNM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00158 (spaR) DNA15Variable: No limits set 831831Surface presentation of antigens protein SpaRM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00159 (yscC) DNA21Variable: No limits set 18241824Yop proteins translocation protein CM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00160 DNA13Variable: No limits set 342342hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00161 (mdoB) DNA23Variable: No limits set 21062112Phosphoglycerol transferase IM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00162 (yedI) DNA20Variable: No limits set 942942Inner membrane protein YedIM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00163 (treZ) DNA21Variable: No limits set 17581758Malto-oligosyltrehalose trehalohydrolaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00164 (malQ) DNA21Variable: No limits set 195019504-alpha-glucanotransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00165 DNA6Variable: No limits set 186186hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00166 (glgX_1) DNA23Variable: No limits set 21632169Glycogen operon protein GlgXÂM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00167 (ycdF) DNA16Variable: No limits set 759759Glucose 1-dehydrogenase 2M. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00168 (norW) DNA17Variable: No limits set 14101410Nitric oxide reductase FlRd-NAD(+) reductaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00169 DNA10Variable: No limits set 432432hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00170 DNA6Variable: No limits set 195195hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00171 (pdhC) DNA22Variable: No limits set 15181527Dihydrolipoyllysine-residue acetyltransferase component of pyruvate dehydrogenase complexM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00172 DNA8Variable: No limits set 384384hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00173 (pdhB) DNA19Variable: No limits set 10711071Pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component subunit betaM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00174 (pdhA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 10891089Pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 component subunit alphaM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00175 (kynA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 897897Tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00176 (dtpB) DNA21Variable: No limits set 15211521Dipeptide and tripeptide permease BM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00177 DNA15Variable: No limits set 591591hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00178 (hosA) DNA14Variable: No limits set 489489Transcriptional regulator HosAM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00179 (hpd) DNA18Variable: No limits set 111611164-hydroxyphenylpyruvate dioxygenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00180 (mrpG) DNA15Variable: No limits set 420420Na(+)/H(+) antiporter subunit GM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00181 (mrpF) DNA11Variable: No limits set 285285Na(+)/H(+) antiporter subunit FM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00182 (mnhE1) DNA14Variable: No limits set 507507Na(+)/H(+) antiporter subunit E1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00183 (mrpD) DNA24Variable: No limits set 15451545Na(+)/H(+) antiporter subunit DM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00184 (mnhC1) DNA9Variable: No limits set 375375Na(+)/H(+) antiporter subunit C1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00185 (oleD_2) DNA20Variable: No limits set 9039032-alkyl-3-oxoalkanoate reductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00186 (purC) DNA16Variable: No limits set 927927Phosphoribosylaminoimidazole-succinocarboxamide synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00187 (djlA) DNA8Variable: No limits set 414414DnaJ-like protein MG200M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00188 (rpe) DNA11Variable: No limits set 672672Ribulose-phosphate 3-epimeraseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00189 DNA17Variable: No limits set 633633hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00190 (trpC) DNA15Variable: No limits set 798798Indole-3-glycerol phosphate synthaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00191 DNA15Variable: No limits set 717717hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00192 (speD) DNA14Variable: No limits set 795795S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase proenzymeM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00193 (sugE) DNA12Variable: No limits set 315315Quaternary ammonium compound-resistance protein SugEM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00194 (coq7) DNA19Variable: No limits set 6966962-nonaprenyl-3-methyl-6-methoxy-1,4-benzoquinol hydroxylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00195 (rplM) DNA15Variable: No limits set 42942950S ribosomal protein L13M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00196 (rpsI) DNA7Variable: No limits set 39339330S ribosomal protein S9M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00197 (rppH) DNA16Variable: No limits set 618618RNA pyrophosphohydrolaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00198 (bfr_1) DNA13Variable: No limits set 471471BacterioferritinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00199 (mtrA) DNA18Variable: No limits set 19771977DNA-binding response regulator MtrAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00200 (erpA) DNA11Variable: No limits set 387387Iron-sulfur cluster insertion protein ErpAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00201 DNA16Variable: No limits set 891891hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00202 (oxyR_4) DNA14Variable: No limits set 903903Hydrogen peroxide-inducible genes activatorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00203 DNA18Variable: No limits set 11911191putative transporterM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00204 DNA18Variable: No limits set 846846hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00205 (purH) DNA25Variable: No limits set 15841584Bifunctional purine biosynthesis protein PurHM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00206 (accC) DNA16Variable: No limits set 13681368Biotin carboxylaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00207 (accB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 492492Biotin carboxyl carrier protein of acetyl-CoA carboxylaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00208 (aroQ1) DNA17Variable: No limits set 6006003-dehydroquinate dehydratase 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00209 (dsbD_2) DNA13Variable: No limits set 22832283Thiol:disulfide interchange protein DsbDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00210 (bsn) DNA19Variable: No limits set 17881797Extracellular ribonucleaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00211 (groL) DNA18Variable: No limits set 1632165060 kDa chaperoninM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00212 DNA22Variable: No limits set 21782178hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00213 DNA16Variable: No limits set 519519hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00214 (pcp_3) DNA20Variable: No limits set 18691875PseudomonalisinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00215 DNA16Variable: No limits set 948948hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00216 (rutE) DNA14Variable: No limits set 591591putative malonic semialdehyde reductase RutEM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00217 (yceI_3) DNA17Variable: No limits set 744750Protein YceIM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00218 (madA) DNA26Variable: No limits set 16471647Acetyl-S-ACP:malonate ACP transferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00219 (mdcC) DNA10Variable: No limits set 318318Malonate decarboxylase acyl carrier proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00220 (madC) DNA23Variable: No limits set 918921Malonyl-S-ACP:biotin-protein carboxyltransferase MADCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00221 (aceE) DNA27Variable: No limits set 26882688Pyruvate dehydrogenase E1 componentM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00222 (rclR) DNA18Variable: No limits set 912924RCS-specific HTH-type transcriptional activator RclRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00223 DNA17Variable: No limits set 792792hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00224 DNA20Variable: No limits set 10891092hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00225 (cycA) DNA26Variable: No limits set 13771386D-serine/D-alanine/glycine transporterM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00226 DNA15Variable: No limits set 894897hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00227 (treA) DNA22Variable: No limits set 15991674Periplasmic trehalaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00228 DNA24Variable: No limits set 11221140hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00229 DNA16Variable: No limits set 930930hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00230 DNA26Variable: No limits set 28802880putative zinc proteaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00231 DNA23Variable: No limits set 16111620Bacterial leucyl aminopeptidaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00232 (opgH) DNA21Variable: No limits set 18991899Glucans biosynthesis glucosyltransferase HM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00233 (btsR_1) DNA13Variable: No limits set 738738Transcriptional regulatory protein BtsRM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00234 (hemC) DNA21Variable: No limits set 915915Porphobilinogen deaminaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00235 DNA15Variable: No limits set 801801hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00236 (aspC_1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 11821185Aspartate aminotransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00237 (ybaN) DNA14Variable: No limits set 399399Inner membrane protein YbaNM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00238 (dcsC) DNA20Variable: No limits set 855855O-ureido-serine racemaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00239 (hslV) DNA16Variable: No limits set 552552ATP-dependent protease subunit HslVM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00240 (tadA_1) DNA14Variable: No limits set 456456tRNA-specific adenosine deaminaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00241 DNA15Variable: No limits set 501501hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00242 (ubiE) DNA18Variable: No limits set 762762Ubiquinone/menaquinone biosynthesis C-methyltransferase UbiEM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00243 (gph_1) DNA21Variable: No limits set 615615Phosphoglycolate phosphataseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00244 (frmA_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 11071107S-(hydroxymethyl)glutathione dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00245 (mrdA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 20612061Peptidoglycan D,D-transpeptidase MrdAM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00246 (dacC) DNA22Variable: No limits set 12061206D-alanyl-D-alanine carboxypeptidase DacCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00247 DNA9Variable: No limits set 279279hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00248 (lipB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 663663OctanoyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00249 (prc) DNA31Variable: No limits set 21842187Tail-specific proteaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00250 DNA19Variable: No limits set 744744hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00251 DNA17Variable: No limits set 10561056Bifunctional NMN adenylyltransferase/Nudix hydrolaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00252 DNA17Variable: No limits set 11011101hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00253 DNA19Variable: No limits set 13441362hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00254 DNA19Variable: No limits set 9429426-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase, NAD(+)-dependent, decarboxylatingM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00255 (osmY) DNA16Variable: No limits set 372372Osmotically-inducible protein YM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00256 (cckA_1) DNA19Variable: No limits set 15031503Sensor kinase CckAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00257 (folK_1) DNA15Variable: No limits set 5165162-amino-4-hydroxy-6-hydroxymethyldihydropteridine pyrophosphokinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00258 (fabG_3) DNA15Variable: No limits set 7387383-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase FabGM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00259 DNA21Variable: No limits set 11851185hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00260 DNA15Variable: No limits set 414420hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00261 DNA23Variable: No limits set 14491491hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00262 DNA26Variable: No limits set 26582658hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00263 (pulD) DNA25Variable: No limits set 20732079Type II secretion system protein DM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00264 (epsE_1) DNA25Variable: No limits set 14881488Type II secretion system protein EM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00265 (epsF_1) DNA23Variable: No limits set 12031203Type II secretion system protein FM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00266 DNA16Variable: No limits set 711711hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00267 DNA18Variable: No limits set 11671167hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00268 (yvoA_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 768768HTH-type transcriptional repressor YvoAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00269 (fucP_1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 12781278L-fucose-proton symporterM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00270 (cytR_2) DNA17Variable: No limits set 10681068HTH-type transcriptional repressor CytRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00271 (glmS_2) DNA18Variable: No limits set 10291029Glutamine--fructose-6-phosphate aminotransferase [isomerizing]M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00272 (agaAII) DNA16Variable: No limits set 11551155N-acetylgalactosamine-6-phosphate deacetylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00273 (cca) DNA18Variable: No limits set 12331233Multifunctional CCA proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00274 (betB) DNA20Variable: No limits set 14731473NAD/NADP-dependent betaine aldehyde dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00275 DNA18Variable: No limits set 768768hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00276 (cc4) DNA14Variable: No limits set 798807Cytochrome c4M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00277 (egtA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 14491449Glutamate--cysteine ligase EgtAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00278 (ompR) DNA12Variable: No limits set 780780Transcriptional regulatory protein OmpRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00279 (frmA_2) DNA14Variable: No limits set 11101110S-(hydroxymethyl)glutathione dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00280 (gfa) DNA15Variable: No limits set 576576Glutathione-dependent formaldehyde-activating enzymeM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00281 (frmB) DNA16Variable: No limits set 831831S-formylglutathione hydrolase FrmBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00282 (yddE_2) DNA15Variable: No limits set 792792putative isomerase YddEM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00283 (glyA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 12541254Serine hydroxymethyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00284 (nrdR) DNA15Variable: No limits set 525525Transcriptional repressor NrdRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00285 DNA20Variable: No limits set 486486hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00286 (ribD) DNA21Variable: No limits set 11101110Riboflavin biosynthesis protein RibDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00287 (ribH) DNA14Variable: No limits set 4654656,7-dimethyl-8-ribityllumazine synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00288 (nusB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 471480Transcription antitermination protein NusBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00289 (thiL) DNA16Variable: No limits set 975975Thiamine-monophosphate kinaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00290 (kdpB) DNA20Variable: No limits set 20492049Potassium-transporting ATPase ATP-binding subunitM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00291 (rsmI) DNA17Variable: No limits set 822822Ribosomal RNA small subunit methyltransferase IM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00292 (murF) DNA20Variable: No limits set 15121512UDP-N-acetylmuramoyl-tripeptide--D-alanyl-D-alanine ligaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00293 (murC) DNA19Variable: No limits set 14341434UDP-N-acetylmuramate--L-alanine ligaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00294 (ddlB) DNA18Variable: No limits set 957957D-alanine--D-alanine ligase BM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00295 (ftsA_2) DNA20Variable: No limits set 12361236Cell division protein FtsAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00296 (lpxC) DNA22Variable: No limits set 912912UDP-3-O-acyl-N-acetylglucosamine deacetylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00297 DNA11Variable: No limits set 438438hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00298 (secA) DNA24Variable: No limits set 27362739Protein translocase subunit SecAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00299 DNA18Variable: No limits set 630630hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00300 (araA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 936936L-arabinose 1-dehydrogenase (NAD(P)(+))M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00301 (tam_2) DNA26Variable: No limits set 14251428Alpha-amylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00302 DNA14Variable: No limits set 546546hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00303 DNA18Variable: No limits set 558558hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00304 (ahcY) DNA20Variable: No limits set 14431443AdenosylhomocysteinaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00305 (ppc) DNA24Variable: No limits set 27152727Phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00306 DNA16Variable: No limits set 573573hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00307 DNA21Variable: No limits set 10381050hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00308 (btuB_5) DNA28Variable: No limits set 27722784Vitamin B12 transporter BtuBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00309 (rebM) DNA18Variable: No limits set 828828Demethylrebeccamycin-D-glucose O-methyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00310 (dus) DNA20Variable: No limits set 999999putative tRNA-dihydrouridine synthaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00311 (rbsK) DNA20Variable: No limits set 951951RibokinaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00312 (nupX) DNA18Variable: No limits set 12991305Putative nucleoside permease NupXM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00313 (gpr_1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 10741074L-glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate reductaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00314 DNA6Variable: No limits set 198198hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00315 DNA11Variable: No limits set 354354hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00316 (cmpD) DNA20Variable: No limits set 834837Bicarbonate transport ATP-binding protein CmpDM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00317 DNA21Variable: No limits set 10471047hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00318 (tauD) DNA19Variable: No limits set 918918Alpha-ketoglutarate-dependent taurine dioxygenaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00319 DNA28Variable: No limits set 24842484hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00320 (lolD_1) DNA19Variable: No limits set 606606Lipoprotein-releasing system ATP-binding protein LolDM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00321 (tesA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 654654Esterase TesAM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00322 (mprA_1) DNA22Variable: No limits set 714714Response regulator MprAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00323 (cusS) DNA25Variable: No limits set 12661272Sensor kinase CusSM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00324 (dgkA) DNA8Variable: No limits set 381381Diacylglycerol kinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00325 (lemA) DNA12Variable: No limits set 639639Protein LemAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00326 (zraR_1) DNA23Variable: No limits set 10741074Transcriptional regulatory protein ZraRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00327 (soxC_2) DNA17Variable: No limits set 11881188Dibenzothiophene desulfurization enzyme CM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00328 (ssuC_2) DNA14Variable: No limits set 852852Putative aliphatic sulfonates transport permease protein SsuCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00329 (ssuA_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 10051005Putative aliphatic sulfonates-binding proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00330 (ssuD) DNA20Variable: No limits set 11641164Alkanesulfonate monooxygenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00331 (soxC_1) DNA17Variable: No limits set 12931293Dibenzothiophene desulfurization enzyme CM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00332 (gsiC) DNA19Variable: No limits set 978978Glutathione transport system permease protein GsiCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00333 (apaG) DNA8Variable: No limits set 384384Protein ApaGM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00334 (pdxA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 9699694-hydroxythreonine-4-phosphate dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00335 (surA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 13921398Chaperone SurAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00336 (ubiH) DNA18Variable: No limits set 120912092-octaprenyl-6-methoxyphenol hydroxylaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00337 DNA14Variable: No limits set 10321032hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00338 (rspR) DNA14Variable: No limits set 666666HTH-type transcriptional repressor RspRM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00339 (ligB_2) DNA19Variable: No limits set 894897Protocatechuate 4,5-dioxygenase beta chainM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00340 (galA) DNA11Variable: No limits set 360363Gallate dioxygenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00341 (gbpR_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 10021005HTH-type transcriptional regulator GbpRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00342 DNA18Variable: No limits set 828828Hydroxycinnamoyl-CoA hydratase-lyaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00343 (slyA_1) DNA9Variable: No limits set 474474hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00344 DNA15Variable: No limits set 402411hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00345 DNA18Variable: No limits set 723723hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00346 (gnl_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 906906GluconolactonaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00347 (gfo) DNA21Variable: No limits set 11101110Glucose--fructose oxidoreductaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00348 (guaD) DNA10Variable: No limits set 561561Guanine deaminaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00349 DNA11Variable: No limits set 417420hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00350 (ytfF) DNA21Variable: No limits set 930930Inner membrane protein YtfFM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00351 (glnS) DNA23Variable: No limits set 17401740Glutamine--tRNA ligaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00352 (vraR) DNA17Variable: No limits set 705711Response regulator protein VraRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00353 (msrA) DNA11Variable: No limits set 651651Peptide methionine sulfoxide reductase MsrAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00354 (ydeA) DNA14Variable: No limits set 570570putative protease YdeAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00355 (tal) DNA22Variable: No limits set 969969TransaldolaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00356 (rnk) DNA15Variable: No limits set 441441Regulator of nucleoside diphosphate kinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00357 (ahpF) DNA20Variable: No limits set 15931593Alkyl hydroperoxide reductase subunit FM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00358 (ahpC) DNA7Variable: No limits set 564564Alkyl hydroperoxide reductase CM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00359 (prmC_1) DNA15Variable: No limits set 861861Release factor glutamine methyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00360 (pip_2) DNA18Variable: No limits set 942942Proline iminopeptidaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00361 DNA14Variable: No limits set 786786hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00362 (act) DNA13Variable: No limits set 552552Methanol dehydrogenase activatorM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00363 (polA_1) DNA14Variable: No limits set 987996DNA polymerase IM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00364 (ydjA) DNA15Variable: No limits set 576576Putative NAD(P)H nitroreductase YdjAM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00365 DNA26Variable: No limits set 23582358hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00366 (sufT) DNA18Variable: No limits set 555555Fe-S protein maturation auxiliary factor SufTM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00367 (ilvE) DNA19Variable: No limits set 10861086Branched-chain-amino-acid aminotransferaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00368 (bprV_3) DNA21Variable: No limits set 16891698Extracellular basic proteaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00369 (ybaK) DNA14Variable: No limits set 474474Cys-tRNA(Pro)/Cys-tRNA(Cys) deacylase YbaKM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00370 (ansA) DNA11Variable: No limits set 486486L-asparaginase 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00371 DNA12Variable: No limits set 330330hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00372 (resA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 603648Thiol-disulfide oxidoreductase ResAM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00373 (prfA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 10861086Peptide chain release factor RF1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00374 (hemA) DNA23Variable: No limits set 12541299Glutamyl-tRNA reductaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00375 (ispE) DNA18Variable: No limits set 8888884-diphosphocytidyl-2-C-methyl-D-erythritol kinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00376 (prs) DNA17Variable: No limits set 960960Ribose-phosphate pyrophosphokinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00377 (rplY) DNA15Variable: No limits set 63663650S ribosomal protein L25M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00378 (ychF) DNA21Variable: No limits set 10921092Ribosome-binding ATPase YchFM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00379 (secE) DNA14Variable: No limits set 408408Protein translocase subunit SecEM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00380 (nusG) DNA11Variable: No limits set 558558Transcription termination/antitermination protein NusGM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00381 (rplK) DNA12Variable: No limits set 42942950S ribosomal protein L11M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00382 (rplA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 69969950S ribosomal protein L1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00383 (rplL) DNA11Variable: No limits set 36636650S ribosomal protein L7/L12M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00384 (rpoC) DNA28Variable: No limits set 42154221DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit beta'M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00385 (rpsL) DNA6Variable: No limits set 37537530S ribosomal protein S12M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00386 (rpsG) DNA7Variable: No limits set 46846830S ribosomal protein S7M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00387 (fusA) DNA28Variable: No limits set 21182118Elongation factor GM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00388 (rpsJ) DNA5Variable: No limits set 31231230S ribosomal protein S10M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00389 (rplC) DNA9Variable: No limits set 65165150S ribosomal protein L3M. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00390 (rplD) DNA18Variable: No limits set 60660650S ribosomal protein L4M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00391 (rplW) DNA10Variable: No limits set 30030050S ribosomal protein L23M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00392 (rplB) DNA15Variable: No limits set 82882850S ribosomal protein L2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00393 (rpsS) DNA8Variable: No limits set 27027030S ribosomal protein S19M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00394 (rplV) DNA10Variable: No limits set 33633650S ribosomal protein L22M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00395 (rpsC) DNA11Variable: No limits set 73573530S ribosomal protein S3M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00396 (rplP) DNA10Variable: No limits set 41441450S ribosomal protein L16M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00397 (rpmC) DNA5Variable: No limits set 18618650S ribosomal protein L29M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00398 (rpsQ) DNA5Variable: No limits set 27027030S ribosomal protein S17M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00399 (rplN) DNA10Variable: No limits set 36936950S ribosomal protein L14M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00400 (rplX) DNA3Variable: No limits set 31831850S ribosomal protein L24M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00401 (rplE) DNA16Variable: No limits set 54354350S ribosomal protein L5M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00402 (rpsH) DNA11Variable: No limits set 39939930S ribosomal protein S8M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00403 (rplF) DNA16Variable: No limits set 52852850S ribosomal protein L6M. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00404 (rplR) DNA15Variable: No limits set 36036050S ribosomal protein L18M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00405 (rpsE) DNA12Variable: No limits set 54354330S ribosomal protein S5M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00406 (rpmD) DNA10Variable: No limits set 19219250S ribosomal protein L30M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00407 (rplO) DNA14Variable: No limits set 44444450S ribosomal protein L15M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00408 (secY) DNA18Variable: No limits set 13651365Protein translocase subunit SecYM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00409 (rpsM) DNA10Variable: No limits set 35735730S ribosomal protein S13M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00410 (rpsK) DNA11Variable: No limits set 39339330S ribosomal protein S11M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00411 (rpsD) DNA14Variable: No limits set 62762730S ribosomal protein S4M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00412 (rpoA) DNA14Variable: No limits set 999999DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit alphaM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00413 (rplQ) DNA8Variable: No limits set 38438450S ribosomal protein L17M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00414 (dsbB) DNA7Variable: No limits set 519519Disulfide bond formation protein BM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00415 DNA9Variable: No limits set 471471hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00416 (typA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 18301830GTP-binding protein TypA/BipAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00417 (ppiB) DNA12Variable: No limits set 495495putative peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomeraseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00418 (mdh) DNA14Variable: No limits set 9871011Malate dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00419 DNA12Variable: No limits set 462462hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00420 (oprF) DNA21Variable: No limits set 10891104Outer membrane porin FM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00421 DNA11Variable: No limits set 513516hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00422 (kbl) DNA17Variable: No limits set 120912092-amino-3-ketobutyrate coenzyme A ligaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00423 (sbp) DNA19Variable: No limits set 10171017Sulfate-binding proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00424 (cysT) DNA17Variable: No limits set 810810Sulfate transport system permease protein CysTM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00425 (cysW) DNA21Variable: No limits set 954954Sulfate transport system permease protein CysWM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00426 (cysA_2) DNA22Variable: No limits set 10321032Sulfate/thiosulfate import ATP-binding protein CysAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00427 DNA17Variable: No limits set 717717hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00428 (fecA_2) DNA21Variable: No limits set 23312331Fe(3+) dicitrate transport protein FecAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00429 (pspA) DNA11Variable: No limits set 645645Phosphoserine phosphatase 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00430 (dedD) DNA17Variable: No limits set 10351089Cell division protein DedDM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00431 (cvpA) DNA18Variable: No limits set 747759Colicin V production proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00432 (ppk) DNA23Variable: No limits set 21032103Polyphosphate kinaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00433 (phoB) DNA11Variable: No limits set 690690Phosphate regulon transcriptional regulatory protein PhoBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00434 (tig) DNA20Variable: No limits set 12931293Trigger factorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00435 (clpP) DNA16Variable: No limits set 627627ATP-dependent Clp protease proteolytic subunitM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00436 (clpX) DNA24Variable: No limits set 12871287ATP-dependent Clp protease ATP-binding subunit ClpXM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00437 (lon) DNA25Variable: No limits set 24722472Lon proteaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00438 (hupB) DNA9Variable: No limits set 273273DNA-binding protein HU-betaM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00439 (ppiD) DNA27Variable: No limits set 19711971Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase DM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00440 DNA14Variable: No limits set 657657hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00441 (rnhA) DNA13Variable: No limits set 453453Ribonuclease HIM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00442 (dnaQ) DNA15Variable: No limits set 735735DNA polymerase III subunit epsilonM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00443 (prpC_2) DNA14Variable: No limits set 705705Protein phosphatase PrpCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00444 DNA12Variable: No limits set 405405hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00445 (rbn) DNA15Variable: No limits set 750750Ribonuclease BNM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00446 (moaA) DNA23Variable: No limits set 10321032GTP 3',8-cyclaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00447 (moaC) DNA18Variable: No limits set 498498Cyclic pyranopterin monophosphate synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00448 (moaD) DNA8Variable: No limits set 246246Molybdopterin synthase sulfur carrier subunitM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00449 (moaE) DNA18Variable: No limits set 441441Molybdopterin synthase catalytic subunitM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00450 (ybaB) DNA5Variable: No limits set 321321Nucleoid-associated protein YbaBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00451 DNA15Variable: No limits set 351351Purine nucleoside phosphoramidaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00452 DNA15Variable: No limits set 753759hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00453 (yceD) DNA13Variable: No limits set 462480Large ribosomal RNA subunit accumulation protein YceDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00454 (rpmF) DNA5Variable: No limits set 19519550S ribosomal protein L32M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00455 (fabD_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 945945Malonyl CoA-acyl carrier protein transacylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00456 (fabG_1) DNA16Variable: No limits set 7447443-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase FabGM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00457 (acpP_1) DNA2Variable: No limits set 240240Acyl carrier proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00458 (fabF_1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 123612363-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] synthase 2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00459 (pabB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 13561356Aminodeoxychorismate synthase component 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00460 DNA10Variable: No limits set 354354hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00461 DNA13Variable: No limits set 327327hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00462 (prpR) DNA21Variable: No limits set 15991602Propionate catabolism operon regulatory proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00463 (prpB) DNA20Variable: No limits set 8978972-methylisocitrate lyaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00464 (prpC_1) DNA19Variable: No limits set 115511552-methylcitrate synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00465 (acnD) DNA28Variable: No limits set 259225952-methylcitrate dehydratase (2-methyl-trans-aconitate forming)M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00466 DNA26Variable: No limits set 29882988hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00467 (glpQ_1) DNA19Variable: No limits set 948948Glycerophosphodiester phosphodiesteraseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00468 (pbpC) DNA30Variable: No limits set 23912415Penicillin-binding protein 1CM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00469 DNA12Variable: No limits set 483483PeroxiredoxinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00470 (hspA) DNA14Variable: No limits set 477477Spore protein SP21M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00471 (cbpA) DNA21Variable: No limits set 900900Curved DNA-binding proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00472 (pleD_2) DNA13Variable: No limits set 387387Response regulator PleDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00473 (hflK) DNA17Variable: No limits set 11281128Modulator of FtsH protease HflKM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00474 (hflC) DNA20Variable: No limits set 864864Modulator of FtsH protease HflCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00475 (purA) DNA21Variable: No limits set 12931293Adenylosuccinate synthetaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00476 (yghA_1) DNA21Variable: No limits set 903903putative oxidoreductase YghAM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00477 DNA13Variable: No limits set 306306hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00478 (bluF_1) DNA21Variable: No limits set 747747Blue light- and temperature-regulated antirepressor BluFM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00479 (spoT_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 639639Guanosine-3',5'-bis(diphosphate) 3'-pyrophosphohydrolaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00480 DNA20Variable: No limits set 855855putative oxidoreductase/MSMEI_2347M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00481 (gcvP) DNA24Variable: No limits set 28652934Glycine dehydrogenase (decarboxylating)M. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00482 DNA8Variable: No limits set 405405hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00483 (eptA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 765765hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00484 (mprA_2) DNA18Variable: No limits set 717717Response regulator MprAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00485 (qseC_1) DNA19Variable: No limits set 13171317Sensor protein QseCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00486 DNA12Variable: No limits set 492492hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00487 (minE) DNA5Variable: No limits set 258258Cell division topological specificity factorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00488 (minD) DNA14Variable: No limits set 810810Septum site-determining protein MinDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00489 DNA13Variable: No limits set 600600hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00490 (desK_1) DNA22Variable: No limits set 11971197Sensor histidine kinase DesKM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00491 (degU_2) DNA19Variable: No limits set 642642Transcriptional regulatory protein DegUM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00492 DNA11Variable: No limits set 372372hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00493 (alkA_1) DNA17Variable: No limits set 675675DNA-3-methyladenine glycosylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00494 DNA10Variable: No limits set 285285hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00495 DNA12Variable: No limits set 870870hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00496 DNA18Variable: No limits set 13291332hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00497 (bpt) DNA13Variable: No limits set 756756Aspartate/glutamate leucyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00498 DNA19Variable: No limits set 771771putative enoyl-CoA hydratase echA17M. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00499 DNA11Variable: No limits set 471471hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00500 (uvrA_1) DNA26Variable: No limits set 29642967UvrABC system protein AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00501 (rplU) DNA6Variable: No limits set 32132150S ribosomal protein L21M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00502 (rpmA) DNA9Variable: No limits set 26126150S ribosomal protein L27M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00503 (obg) DNA20Variable: No limits set 10681068GTPase ObgM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00504 (rpsT) DNA5Variable: No limits set 27027030S ribosomal protein S20M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00505 (murJ) DNA22Variable: No limits set 15931593putative lipid II flippase MurJM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00506 (ileS) DNA28Variable: No limits set 27812781Isoleucine--tRNA ligaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00507 (ispH) DNA19Variable: No limits set 9519514-hydroxy-3-methylbut-2-enyl diphosphate reductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00508 (cyoA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 936936Cytochrome bo(3) ubiquinol oxidase subunit 2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00509 (radA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 13921392DNA repair protein RadAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00510 (yhaI) DNA10Variable: No limits set 387387Inner membrane protein YhaIM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00511 (srrA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 792792Transcriptional regulatory protein SrrAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00512 (rsbRA) DNA13Variable: No limits set 843849RsbT co-antagonist protein RsbRAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00513 (rsbT) DNA10Variable: No limits set 396396Serine/threonine-protein kinase RsbTM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00514 (rsbX) DNA20Variable: No limits set 10111014hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00515 DNA20Variable: No limits set 19351956Blue-light-activated proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00516 (trxC) DNA13Variable: No limits set 447447Thioredoxin 2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00517 (ybaA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 366366putative protein YbaAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00518 (bphP_1) DNA21Variable: No limits set 11311131BacteriophytochromeM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00519 (cheB3) DNA14Variable: No limits set 585585Chemotaxis response regulator protein-glutamate methylesterase of group 3 operonM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00520 (barA_2) DNA25Variable: No limits set 31743174Signal transduction histidine-protein kinase BarAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00521 (abf2) DNA20Variable: No limits set 15841602Intracellular exo-alpha-L-arabinofuranosidase 2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00522 (ffh) DNA20Variable: No limits set 13771377Signal recognition particle proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00523 DNA19Variable: No limits set 825825hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00524 (rpsP) DNA9Variable: No limits set 25825830S ribosomal protein S16M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00525 (rimM) DNA14Variable: No limits set 513513Ribosome maturation factor RimMM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00526 (trmD) DNA17Variable: No limits set 759759tRNA (guanine-N(1)-)-methyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00527 (gstB_1) DNA19Variable: No limits set 657657Glutathione S-transferase GST-6.0M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00528 DNA15Variable: No limits set 306306hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00529 (acdA_2) DNA19Variable: No limits set 11821185Acyl-CoA dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00530 (crt_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 786798Short-chain-enoyl-CoA hydrataseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00531 (mmsB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 8888883-hydroxyisobutyrate dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00532 (rpoE_1) DNA17Variable: No limits set 672672ECF RNA polymerase sigma-E factorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00533 (degQ) DNA24Variable: No limits set 15781578Periplasmic pH-dependent serine endoprotease DegQM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00534 (lepA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 17911791Elongation factor 4M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00535 (lepB) DNA13Variable: No limits set 801801Signal peptidase IM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00536 (recO) DNA15Variable: No limits set 723723DNA repair protein RecOM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00537 (rlmD) DNA16Variable: No limits set 1434143423S rRNA (uracil(1939)-C(5))-methyltransferase RlmDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00538 DNA17Variable: No limits set 10111011RenalaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00539 (phrB) DNA23Variable: No limits set 15781578(6-4) photolyaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00540 (hpt) DNA13Variable: No limits set 555555Hypoxanthine-guanine phosphoribosyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00541 (scoF) DNA8Variable: No limits set 207207Cold shock protein ScoFM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00542 (thlA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 645648Acetyl-CoA acetyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00543 DNA21Variable: No limits set 28142847Extracellular serine proteaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00544 (ldh) DNA18Variable: No limits set 11011101Leucine dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00545 (ygjP) DNA14Variable: No limits set 501501UTP pyrophosphataseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00546 DNA9Variable: No limits set 255255hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00547 (ybiI) DNA10Variable: No limits set 267267putative protein YbiIM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00548 DNA13Variable: No limits set 612624hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00549 DNA2Variable: No limits set 186186hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00550 (hscA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 13771377Chaperone protein HscAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00551 DNA10Variable: No limits set 336336hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00552 (ydhP_1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 12121212Inner membrane transport protein YdhPM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00553 DNA15Variable: No limits set 456456hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00554 DNA15Variable: No limits set 606606hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00555 DNA9Variable: No limits set 192195hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00556 DNA20Variable: No limits set 13741374hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00557 (mprF) DNA22Variable: No limits set 25652565Phosphatidylglycerol lysyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00558 (rutC) DNA8Variable: No limits set 348348Putative aminoacrylate peracid reductase RutCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00559 DNA18Variable: No limits set 783783hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00560 (ufaA1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 12811296Tuberculostearic acid methyltransferase UfaA1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00561 DNA19Variable: No limits set 885885hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00562 DNA15Variable: No limits set 999999hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00563 DNA16Variable: No limits set 834834hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00564 DNA10Variable: No limits set 369369hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00565 DNA20Variable: No limits set 789789hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00566 (metG) DNA22Variable: No limits set 20762085Methionine--tRNA ligaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00567 DNA7Variable: No limits set 450450hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00568 (yxlF) DNA17Variable: No limits set 891894putative ABC transporter ATP-binding protein YxlFM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00569 (rocC) DNA23Variable: No limits set 13981404Amino-acid permease RocCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00570 DNA19Variable: No limits set 19381938hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00571 DNA16Variable: No limits set 675675hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00572 (bepA_1) DNA15Variable: No limits set 753756hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00573 (accA) DNA23Variable: No limits set 960960Acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase carboxyl transferase subunit alphaM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00574 (dnaE) DNA25Variable: No limits set 35913591DNA polymerase III subunit alphaM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00575 (fabZ) DNA8Variable: No limits set 4594593-hydroxyacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] dehydratase FabZM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00576 (lpxD_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 10141014UDP-3-O-acylglucosamine N-acyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00577 (bamA) DNA21Variable: No limits set 24542454Outer membrane protein assembly factor BamAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00578 (rseP) DNA21Variable: No limits set 13291347Regulator of sigma-E protease RsePM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00579 (uppS) DNA19Variable: No limits set 759762Ditrans,polycis-undecaprenyl-diphosphate synthase ((2E,6E)-farnesyl-diphosphate specific)M. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00580 (frr) DNA11Variable: No limits set 558558Ribosome-recycling factorM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00581 (pyrH) DNA18Variable: No limits set 723723Uridylate kinaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00582 (dosC_3) DNA19Variable: No limits set 15241524Diguanylate cyclase DosCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00583 (tsf) DNA19Variable: No limits set 879879Elongation factor TsM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00584 DNA20Variable: No limits set 10351041hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00585 (yraJ) DNA28Variable: No limits set 23372352Outer membrane usher protein YraJM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00586 (map_1) DNA16Variable: No limits set 777777Methionine aminopeptidaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00587 (dapE) DNA18Variable: No limits set 11311131Succinyl-diaminopimelate desuccinylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00588 (asnB_1) DNA19Variable: No limits set 16951695Asparagine synthetase B [glutamine-hydrolyzing]M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00589 (fhuA_1) DNA24Variable: No limits set 21392142Ferrichrome outer membrane transporter/phage receptorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00590 (bfr_2) DNA13Variable: No limits set 486486BacterioferritinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00591 (slyA_2) DNA15Variable: No limits set 450450hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00592 (bglB) DNA27Variable: No limits set 22622262Thermostable beta-glucosidase BM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00593 DNA15Variable: No limits set 609609hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00594 DNA9Variable: No limits set 189189hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00595 (gpx1_1) DNA13Variable: No limits set 486486Hydroperoxy fatty acid reductase gpx1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00596 (fpr) DNA12Variable: No limits set 780780Ferredoxin--NADP reductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00597 (gst_2) DNA13Variable: No limits set 636636Glutathione S-transferase GST-4.5M. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00598 DNA13Variable: No limits set 480480hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00599 (acdA_3) DNA21Variable: No limits set 11641164Acyl-CoA dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00600 (asnB_2) DNA27Variable: No limits set 19381941Asparagine synthetase [glutamine-hydrolyzing] 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00601 DNA18Variable: No limits set 5555552-hydroxy-1,4-benzoquinone reductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00602 (dnaB) DNA19Variable: No limits set 14311437Replicative DNA helicaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00603 (phrA) DNA22Variable: No limits set 14191419Deoxyribodipyrimidine photo-lyaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00604 (dmlR_3) DNA18Variable: No limits set 10351035HTH-type transcriptional regulator DmlRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00605 (actIII) DNA18Variable: No limits set 732732Putative ketoacyl reductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00606 (smpB) DNA15Variable: No limits set 504504SsrA-binding proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00607 (bamE) DNA12Variable: No limits set 396396Outer membrane protein assembly factor BamEM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00608 (fur) DNA9Variable: No limits set 411411Ferric uptake regulation proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00609 (recN) DNA21Variable: No limits set 16651665DNA repair protein RecNM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00610 (hrcA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 10531053Heat-inducible transcription repressor HrcAM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00611 (grpE) DNA11Variable: No limits set 519519Protein GrpEM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00612 (tyrA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 11221122T-proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00613 DNA7Variable: No limits set 195195hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00614 DNA20Variable: No limits set 14041404hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00615 (apxIB_1) DNA17Variable: No limits set 16861689Toxin RTX-I translocation ATP-binding proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00616 (oxyR_3) DNA17Variable: No limits set 900900Hydrogen peroxide-inducible genes activatorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00617 (yvdD) DNA13Variable: No limits set 594594LOG family protein YvdDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00618 (sucB) DNA20Variable: No limits set 11941233Dihydrolipoyllysine-residue succinyltransferase component of 2-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase complexM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00619 (sucA) DNA26Variable: No limits set 282928292-oxoglutarate dehydrogenase E1 componentM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00620 DNA18Variable: No limits set 930930hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00621 (fumC) DNA20Variable: No limits set 14041404Fumarate hydratase class IIM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00622 DNA16Variable: No limits set 450450hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00623 DNA13Variable: No limits set 531531hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00624 DNA17Variable: No limits set 987987hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00625 (ytrB) DNA14Variable: No limits set 876876ABC transporter ATP-binding protein YtrBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00626 (ytrA) DNA7Variable: No limits set 363363HTH-type transcriptional repressor YtrAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00627 (gpx1_2) DNA16Variable: No limits set 558558Hydroperoxy fatty acid reductase gpx1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00628 (fkpA) DNA15Variable: No limits set 972972putative FKBP-type peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase FkpAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00629 (tuaD) DNA24Variable: No limits set 13501350UDP-glucose 6-dehydrogenase TuaDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00630 (slyX) DNA9Variable: No limits set 237237Protein SlyXÂM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00631 DNA16Variable: No limits set 735735hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00632 (scrK) DNA17Variable: No limits set 987987FructokinaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00633 (yihS) DNA19Variable: No limits set 12061206Sulfoquinovose isomeraseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00634 DNA10Variable: No limits set 14311431hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00635 (rnr) DNA25Variable: No limits set 25292538Ribonuclease RM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00636 (rlmB) DNA14Variable: No limits set 75075023S rRNA (guanosine-2'-O-)-methyltransferase RlmBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00637 (rnt) DNA18Variable: No limits set 636636Ribonuclease TM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00638 (phoU) DNA15Variable: No limits set 711711Phosphate-specific transport system accessory protein PhoUM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00639 (pstB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 831831Phosphate import ATP-binding protein PstBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00640 (pstA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 870870Phosphate transport system permease protein PstAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00641 (pstC) DNA18Variable: No limits set 975975Phosphate transport system permease protein PstCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00642 (pstS_2) DNA18Variable: No limits set 10891098Phosphate-binding protein PstSM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00643 (pstS_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 10201023Phosphate-binding protein PstSM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00644 (oprP_2) DNA19Variable: No limits set 12511251Porin PM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00645 DNA13Variable: No limits set 405405hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00646 (dauA_2) DNA18Variable: No limits set 15691569C4-dicarboxylic acid transporter DauAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00647 (nth) DNA17Variable: No limits set 711711Endonuclease IIIM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00648 DNA11Variable: No limits set 381381hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00649 (crt_3) DNA22Variable: No limits set 720789Short-chain-enoyl-CoA hydrataseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00650 (mip) DNA13Variable: No limits set 699699Outer membrane protein MIPM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00651 (nudL) DNA18Variable: No limits set 822822putative Nudix hydrolase NudLM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00652 (sseB) DNA19Variable: No limits set 873873Putative thiosulfate sulfurtransferase SseBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00653 DNA18Variable: No limits set 954963hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00654 DNA13Variable: No limits set 528528hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00655 (rlmL) DNA25Variable: No limits set 21362139Ribosomal RNA large subunit methyltransferase K/LM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00656 DNA20Variable: No limits set 957957hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00657 (fdh) DNA13Variable: No limits set 552552hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00658 DNA19Variable: No limits set 687687hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00659 (sbcB) DNA21Variable: No limits set 14461446Exodeoxyribonuclease IM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00660 (kmo) DNA19Variable: No limits set 13681368Kynurenine 3-monooxygenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00661 (kynU) DNA18Variable: No limits set 12721272KynureninaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00662 (nbaC) DNA9Variable: No limits set 5315313-hydroxyanthranilate 3,4-dioxygenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00663 (can) DNA11Variable: No limits set 663663Carbonic anhydrase 2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00664 DNA15Variable: No limits set 537537hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00665 DNA9Variable: No limits set 261261hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00666 DNA17Variable: No limits set 474474hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00667 (nreC_1) DNA15Variable: No limits set 711711Oxygen regulatory protein NreCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00668 DNA14Variable: No limits set 570570hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00669 (paiB) DNA12Variable: No limits set 636636Protease synthase and sporulation protein PAI 2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00670 DNA12Variable: No limits set 327327hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00671 DNA6Variable: No limits set 306306hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00672 (asnS) DNA19Variable: No limits set 13951395Asparagine--tRNA ligaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00673 (sufA) DNA15Variable: No limits set 339339Protein SufAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00674 (rpsF) DNA12Variable: No limits set 43243230S ribosomal protein S6M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00675 (rpsR) DNA9Variable: No limits set 23123730S ribosomal protein S18M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00676 (smc_1) DNA25Variable: No limits set 35043504Chromosome partition protein SmcM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00677 (zipA) DNA18Variable: No limits set 732732Cell division protein ZipAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00678 (epmA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 963963Elongation factor P--(R)-beta-lysine ligaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00679 DNA16Variable: No limits set 684699hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00680 (mtnA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 10651065Methylthioribose-1-phosphate isomeraseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00681 (gyrA) DNA27Variable: No limits set 27002700DNA gyrase subunit AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00682 (hutU) DNA23Variable: No limits set 16681668Urocanate hydrataseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00683 (hutH) DNA21Variable: No limits set 15421542Histidine ammonia-lyaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00684 (hutI) DNA23Variable: No limits set 12061206ImidazolonepropionaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00685 DNA16Variable: No limits set 137113718-oxoguanine deaminaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00686 (yvoA_2) DNA13Variable: No limits set 738738HTH-type transcriptional repressor YvoAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00687 DNA15Variable: No limits set 276276hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00688 (serC) DNA23Variable: No limits set 10861086Phosphoserine aminotransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00689 (pheA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 12091209P-proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00690 (aroA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 132313233-phosphoshikimate 1-carboxyvinyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00691 DNA24Variable: No limits set 11911203putative proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00692 (cpdR_2) DNA10Variable: No limits set 375375Response regulator receiver protein CpdRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00693 DNA18Variable: No limits set 696708hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00694 (ccmF_2) DNA29Variable: No limits set 19891989Cytochrome c-type biogenesis protein CcmFM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00695 (ccmE_2) DNA15Variable: No limits set 471471Cytochrome c-type biogenesis protein CcmEM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00696 (ccmC_2) DNA19Variable: No limits set 759759Heme exporter protein CM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00697 (isp) DNA17Variable: No limits set 13201326Thermophilic serine proteinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00698 DNA22Variable: No limits set 657663hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00699 (rpoE_2) DNA15Variable: No limits set 594594ECF RNA polymerase sigma-E factorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00700 DNA20Variable: No limits set 13441344hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00701 (yodB_2) DNA14Variable: No limits set 621621Cytochrome b561M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00702 (fdtA) DNA14Variable: No limits set 438438TDP-4-oxo-6-deoxy-alpha-D-glucose-3,4-oxoisomeraseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00703 (epsM) DNA16Variable: No limits set 672672Putative acetyltransferase EpsMM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00704 DNA17Variable: No limits set 954954putative proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00705 DNA22Variable: No limits set 933933hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00706 (wzxE) DNA16Variable: No limits set 12541254Lipid III flippaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00707 DNA19Variable: No limits set 11341134hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00708 DNA20Variable: No limits set 84384327-O-demethylrifamycin SV methyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00709 (lexA_2) DNA13Variable: No limits set 642642LexA repressorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00710 (recA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 10351035Protein RecAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00711 (alaS) DNA21Variable: No limits set 26492649Alanine--tRNA ligaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00712 (csrA) DNA7Variable: No limits set 213213Carbon storage regulatorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00713 (yhaJ) DNA15Variable: No limits set 945945HTH-type transcriptional regulator YhaJM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00714 DNA14Variable: No limits set 672672hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00715 DNA6Variable: No limits set 105117hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00716 DNA21Variable: No limits set 13981398PhoH-like proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00717 (bcp) DNA15Variable: No limits set 483483Peroxiredoxin BcpM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00718 DNA12Variable: No limits set 351351hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00719 (gcvR) DNA14Variable: No limits set 576576Glycine cleavage system transcriptional repressorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00720 (dapA_2) DNA16Variable: No limits set 9099094-hydroxy-tetrahydrodipicolinate synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00721 DNA13Variable: No limits set 519519hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00722 (fdxA) DNA10Variable: No limits set 324324Ferredoxin 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00723 (dgoK1) DNA16Variable: No limits set 879879putative 2-dehydro-3-deoxygalactonokinase DgoK1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00724 (araB) DNA19Variable: No limits set 912912L-arabinolactonaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00725 (dgoD) DNA20Variable: No limits set 11491149D-galactonate dehydrataseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00726 (dgoA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 6336332-dehydro-3-deoxy-6-phosphogalactonate aldolaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00727 (gbpR_2) DNA19Variable: No limits set 972972HTH-type transcriptional regulator GbpRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00728 DNA24Variable: No limits set 17371737hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00729 DNA24Variable: No limits set 29042904Alpha-xylosidase BoGH31AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00730 DNA22Variable: No limits set 23642373hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00731 DNA25Variable: No limits set 14941503Xylulose kinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00732 (folE2) DNA17Variable: No limits set 918918GTP cyclohydrolase FolE2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00733 (pcnB) DNA19Variable: No limits set 13681368Poly(A) polymerase IM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00734 (folK_2) DNA15Variable: No limits set 4864862-amino-4-hydroxy-6-hydroxymethyldihydropteridine pyrophosphokinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00735 (panB) DNA15Variable: No limits set 8168163-methyl-2-oxobutanoate hydroxymethyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00736 (panC) DNA18Variable: No limits set 843843Pantothenate synthetaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00737 (panD) DNA10Variable: No limits set 381381Aspartate 1-decarboxylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00738 DNA27Variable: No limits set 26132613Beta-glucosidase BoGH3BM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00739 (sglT) DNA19Variable: No limits set 15631563Sodium/glucose cotransporterM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00740 (cph2_2) DNA24Variable: No limits set 18571869putative signaling proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00741 (man5A) DNA17Variable: No limits set 984987Mannan endo-1,4-beta-mannosidaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00742 (regA) DNA13Variable: No limits set 567567Photosynthetic apparatus regulatory protein RegAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00743 (murB) DNA16Variable: No limits set 10531053UDP-N-acetylenolpyruvoylglucosamine reductaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00744 (pyrD) DNA19Variable: No limits set 10561056Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (quinone)M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00745 DNA21Variable: No limits set 768768putative methyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00746 (gabD) DNA18Variable: No limits set 15331533Succinate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase [NADP(+)]M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00747 (thrA) DNA24Variable: No limits set 25082508Bifunctional aspartokinase/homoserine dehydrogenase 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00748 DNA11Variable: No limits set 315315hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00749 (thrC) DNA19Variable: No limits set 13051305Threonine synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00750 (fixK) DNA21Variable: No limits set 762762Nitrogen fixation regulation protein FixKM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00751 (hisS) DNA15Variable: No limits set 14131437Histidine--tRNA ligaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00752 (trpR) DNA13Variable: No limits set 324327Trp operon repressorM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00753 (hisG) DNA18Variable: No limits set 915915ATP phosphoribosyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00754 (hisD) DNA18Variable: No limits set 12961296Histidinol dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00755 (hisC_2) DNA19Variable: No limits set 10921092Histidinol-phosphate aminotransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00756 (hisB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 11281128Histidine biosynthesis bifunctional protein HisBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00757 (hisH) DNA15Variable: No limits set 603603Imidazole glycerol phosphate synthase subunit HisHM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00758 (hisA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 7357351-(5-phosphoribosyl)-5-[(5-phosphoribosylamino)methylideneamino] imidazole-4-carboxamide isomeraseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00759 (hisF) DNA15Variable: No limits set 777777Imidazole glycerol phosphate synthase subunit HisFM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00760 (mtnC) DNA16Variable: No limits set 699699Enolase-phosphatase E1M. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00761 (mtnD) DNA11Variable: No limits set 567567Acireductone dioxygenaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00762 (mtnB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 654654Methylthioribulose-1-phosphate dehydrataseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00763 (yhdG_3) DNA17Variable: No limits set 14311431putative amino acid permease YhdGM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00764 (yhdG_2) DNA23Variable: No limits set 14731473putative amino acid permease YhdGM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00765 (serA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 12421242D-3-phosphoglycerate dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00766 DNA19Variable: No limits set 14191419putative FAD-linked oxidoreductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00767 (yeiP) DNA12Variable: No limits set 567567Elongation factor P-like proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00768 DNA20Variable: No limits set 771771putative oxidoreductaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00769 DNA7Variable: No limits set 291291hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00770 (feoB) DNA18Variable: No limits set 18601860Fe(2+) transporter FeoBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00771 DNA14Variable: No limits set 501501hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00772 (lysN_1) DNA17Variable: No limits set 120312032-aminoadipate transaminaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00773 (yiiM) DNA17Variable: No limits set 720720Protein YiiMM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00774 (carB) DNA25Variable: No limits set 32403243Carbamoyl-phosphate synthase large chainM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00775 (greA) DNA12Variable: No limits set 477477Transcription elongation factor GreAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00776 DNA19Variable: No limits set 921921hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00777 (recJ) DNA16Variable: No limits set 17371740Single-stranded-DNA-specific exonuclease RecJM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00778 (atoS) DNA22Variable: No limits set 12271233Signal transduction histidine-protein kinase AtoSM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00779 (nreB) DNA26Variable: No limits set 20942094Oxygen sensor histidine kinase NreBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00780 (mcp4) DNA16Variable: No limits set 11911191Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein 4M. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00781 (hflD) DNA13Variable: No limits set 615615High frequency lysogenization protein HflDM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00782 (clpS) DNA13Variable: No limits set 282282ATP-dependent Clp protease adapter protein ClpSM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00783 (trxB_2) DNA17Variable: No limits set 969969Thioredoxin reductaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00784 (ftsK) DNA21Variable: No limits set 23582358DNA translocase FtsKM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00785 (lolA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 672672Outer-membrane lipoprotein carrier proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00786 (rarA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 13111311Replication-associated recombination protein AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00787 (crcB) DNA12Variable: No limits set 402402Putative fluoride ion transporter CrcBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00788 (fadA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 120612063-ketoacyl-CoA thiolaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00789 (yttP) DNA17Variable: No limits set 633633putative HTH-type transcriptional regulator YttPM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00790 (ndk) DNA11Variable: No limits set 426426Nucleoside diphosphate kinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00791 (rlmN) DNA19Variable: No limits set 12061206Dual-specificity RNA methyltransferase RlmNM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00792 (bepA_7) DNA21Variable: No limits set 813813Beta-barrel assembly-enhancing proteaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00793 (rodZ) DNA17Variable: No limits set 858861Cytoskeleton protein RodZM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00794 DNA19Variable: No limits set 639645hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00795 (bamB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 12181218Outer membrane protein assembly factor BamBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00796 (der) DNA21Variable: No limits set 13981398GTPase DerM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00797 (moeA_1) DNA21Variable: No limits set 12211221Molybdopterin molybdenumtransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00798 (moeZ) DNA22Variable: No limits set 11431143putative adenylyltransferase/sulfurtransferase MoeZM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00799 DNA8Variable: No limits set 216216hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00800 DNA18Variable: No limits set 11701170putative zinc-binding alcohol dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00801 DNA12Variable: No limits set 276276hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00802 DNA9Variable: No limits set 363363hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00803 (mntH) DNA20Variable: No limits set 13351335Divalent metal cation transporter MntHM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00804 (mntR) DNA15Variable: No limits set 468468Transcriptional regulator MntRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00805 (tadA_2) DNA15Variable: No limits set 510522tRNA-specific adenosine deaminaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00806 (orn) DNA15Variable: No limits set 585585OligoribonucleaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00807 (mscS) DNA19Variable: No limits set 942993Small-conductance mechanosensitive channelM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00808 (ppsR) DNA19Variable: No limits set 822822Phosphoenolpyruvate synthase regulatory proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00809 DNA16Variable: No limits set 510510hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00810 (mutX) DNA10Variable: No limits set 4894898-oxo-dGTP diphosphataseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00811 (bdhA) DNA14Variable: No limits set 759759D-beta-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00812 (phaE) DNA20Variable: No limits set 11971224Poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) polymerase subunit PhaEM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00813 (phaC) DNA17Variable: No limits set 10771077Poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) polymerase subunit PhaCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00814 DNA7Variable: No limits set 198198hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00815 DNA9Variable: No limits set 228228hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00816 DNA10Variable: No limits set 381381hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00817 DNA9Variable: No limits set 177177hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00818 (eda) DNA19Variable: No limits set 660660KHG/KDPG aldolaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00819 (edd) DNA22Variable: No limits set 19171917Phosphogluconate dehydrataseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00820 (ygfZ) DNA19Variable: No limits set 873873tRNA-modifying protein YgfZM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00821 (sdhC) DNA16Variable: No limits set 396396Succinate dehydrogenase cytochrome b556 subunitM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00822 DNA13Variable: No limits set 387387hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00823 (sdhA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 17911791Succinate dehydrogenase flavoprotein subunitM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00824 (sdhB) DNA18Variable: No limits set 780783Succinate dehydrogenase iron-sulfur subunitM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00825 (sdhE) DNA7Variable: No limits set 249249FAD assembly factor SdhEM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00826 DNA17Variable: No limits set 453453hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00827 (lolC) DNA23Variable: No limits set 12421242Lipoprotein-releasing system transmembrane protein LolCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00828 (lolD_2) DNA15Variable: No limits set 735735Lipoprotein-releasing system ATP-binding protein LolDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00829 (lpxK) DNA18Variable: No limits set 10381038Tetraacyldisaccharide 4'-kinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00830 (kdsB) DNA19Variable: No limits set 7807803-deoxy-manno-octulosonate cytidylyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00831 (pgsA) DNA15Variable: No limits set 633633CDP-diacylglycerol--glycerol-3-phosphate 3-phosphatidyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00832 (wbpA) DNA18Variable: No limits set 12931293UDP-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine 6-dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00833 DNA16Variable: No limits set 12631266hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00834 DNA13Variable: No limits set 366366hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00835 DNA16Variable: No limits set 747747hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00836 (gacA_2) DNA9Variable: No limits set 648648Response regulator GacAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00837 (rluC) DNA19Variable: No limits set 987987Ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase CM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00838 (zupT) DNA20Variable: No limits set 819819Zinc transporter ZupTM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00839 DNA9Variable: No limits set 423423hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00840 DNA9Variable: No limits set 357357Putative pterin-4-alpha-carbinolamine dehydrataseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00841 (nfuA) DNA13Variable: No limits set 636636Fe/S biogenesis protein NfuAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00842 (guaA_1) DNA22Variable: No limits set 15661566GMP synthase [glutamine-hydrolyzing]M. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00843 (guaB_2) DNA17Variable: No limits set 14581458Inosine-5'-monophosphate dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00844 (folD) DNA15Variable: No limits set 912912Bifunctional protein FolD proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00845 (gtaB) DNA15Variable: No limits set 894894UTP--glucose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00846 (pglF) DNA23Variable: No limits set 19081908UDP-N-acetyl-alpha-D-glucosamine C6 dehydrataseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00847 (tagO) DNA18Variable: No limits set 969969putative undecaprenyl-phosphate N-acetylglucosaminyl 1-phosphate transferaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00848 (lapB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 11791179Lipopolysaccharide assembly protein BM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00849 (lapA) DNA14Variable: No limits set 294306Lipopolysaccharide assembly protein AM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00850 (ihfB) DNA10Variable: No limits set 312312Integration host factor subunit betaM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00851 (rpsA) DNA18Variable: No limits set 1686168630S ribosomal protein S1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00852 (cmk) DNA19Variable: No limits set 684684Cytidylate kinaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00853 (aguA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 10351035Agmatine deiminaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00854 DNA18Variable: No limits set 885885N-carbamoyl-D-amino acid hydrolaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00855 (mnaT) DNA19Variable: No limits set 537543L-amino acid N-acyltransferase MnaTM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00856 DNA24Variable: No limits set 31683174hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00857 (rbsR) DNA16Variable: No limits set 10231023Ribose operon repressorM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00858 (bolA_2) DNA12Variable: No limits set 270270DNA-binding transcriptional regulator BolAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00859 (yciI) DNA12Variable: No limits set 300300Protein YciIM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00860 (scpA) DNA13Variable: No limits set 840840Segregation and condensation protein AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00861 (scpB) DNA32Variable: No limits set 12001248Segregation and condensation protein BÂM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00862 (ybdL) DNA21Variable: No limits set 11491149Methionine aminotransferaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00863 (ccmA) DNA13Variable: No limits set 645645Cytochrome c biogenesis ATP-binding export protein CcmAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00864 (ccmF_1) DNA24Variable: No limits set 20462046Cytochrome c-type biogenesis protein CcmFM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00865 (dsbE_1) DNA9Variable: No limits set 603603Thiol:disulfide interchange protein DsbEM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00866 (ccmH_1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 435435Cytochrome c-type biogenesis protein CcmHM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00867 DNA16Variable: No limits set 12031203Serine O-succinyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00868 DNA11Variable: No limits set 615615hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00869 (msbA_1) DNA23Variable: No limits set 16831686Lipid A export ATP-binding/permease protein MsbAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00870 (proA_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 12451245Gamma-glutamyl phosphate reductaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00871 (argC) DNA17Variable: No limits set 951951N-acetyl-gamma-glutamyl-phosphate reductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00872 (argE) DNA18Variable: No limits set 11011101Acetylornithine deacetylaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00873 DNA13Variable: No limits set 453459hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00874 (argG) DNA18Variable: No limits set 12361242Argininosuccinate synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00875 DNA15Variable: No limits set 495495hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00876 (entS_1) DNA21Variable: No limits set 12511260Enterobactin exporter EntSM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00877 (dksA) DNA24Variable: No limits set 10261056RNA polymerase-binding transcription factor DksAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00878 (yidD) DNA7Variable: No limits set 294294Putative membrane protein insertion efficiency factorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00879 (eutB) DNA22Variable: No limits set 14101410Ethanolamine ammonia-lyase heavy chainM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00880 (eutC) DNA19Variable: No limits set 816816Ethanolamine ammonia-lyase light chainM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00881 DNA11Variable: No limits set 291291hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00882 DNA18Variable: No limits set 846846hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00883 (efp) DNA10Variable: No limits set 567567Elongation factor PM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00884 (epmB) DNA19Variable: No limits set 10261029L-lysine 2,3-aminomutaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00885 (phnD2) DNA15Variable: No limits set 921921putative ABC transporter phosphonate/phosphite binding protein PhnD2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00886 (trmJ) DNA20Variable: No limits set 765765tRNA (cytidine/uridine-2'-O-)-methyltransferase TrmJM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00887 (suhB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 834834Inositol-1-monophosphataseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00888 (sodB_2) DNA21Variable: No limits set 612612Superoxide dismutase [Mn/Fe]M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00889 (rnaSA3) DNA16Variable: No limits set 441441Guanyl-specific ribonuclease Sa3M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00890 DNA14Variable: No limits set 426426hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00891 (dbpA_1) DNA21Variable: No limits set 13771377ATP-dependent RNA helicase DbpAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00892 (apt) DNA12Variable: No limits set 561561Adenine phosphoribosyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00893 DNA27Variable: No limits set 15571557hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00894 (yfcG_2) DNA21Variable: No limits set 699699Disulfide-bond oxidoreductase YfcGM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00895 (gluQ) DNA20Variable: No limits set 900900Glutamyl-Q tRNA(Asp) synthetaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00896 (phaB_2) DNA13Variable: No limits set 741741Acetoacetyl-CoA reductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00897 DNA16Variable: No limits set 576576hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00898 (nnr) DNA24Variable: No limits set 14881488Bifunctional NAD(P)H-hydrate repair enzyme NnrM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00899 (queG) DNA18Variable: No limits set 10681074Epoxyqueuosine reductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00900 (xseA) DNA25Variable: No limits set 13381338Exodeoxyribonuclease 7 large subunitM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00901 DNA20Variable: No limits set 12631266hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00902 (pkn1) DNA27Variable: No limits set 20072019Serine/threonine-protein kinase pkn1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00903 (rnd) DNA16Variable: No limits set 10921092Ribonuclease DM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00904 DNA7Variable: No limits set 177177hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00905 (dgcT) DNA18Variable: No limits set 10861086putative diguanylate cyclase DgcTM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00906 DNA15Variable: No limits set 621621Putative 3-methyladenine DNA glycosylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00907 (rhlE_3) DNA34Variable: No limits set 43954401ATP-dependent RNA helicase RhlEM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00908 (sspA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 636636Stringent starvation protein AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00909 (petC) DNA20Variable: No limits set 759759Ammonia monooxygenase gamma subunitM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00910 (fbcH) DNA22Variable: No limits set 12601260Cytochrome b/c1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00911 (slt_2) DNA24Variable: No limits set 984984Soluble lytic murein transglycosylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00912 (miaB) DNA18Variable: No limits set 14551455tRNA-2-methylthio-N(6)-dimethylallyladenosine synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00913 (ybeZ) DNA20Variable: No limits set 984987PhoH-like proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00914 (ybeY) DNA11Variable: No limits set 486486Endoribonuclease YbeYM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00915 DNA8Variable: No limits set 519519hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00916 (corC) DNA14Variable: No limits set 879879Magnesium and cobalt efflux protein CorCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00917 DNA20Variable: No limits set 12841284hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00918 (corA_2) DNA20Variable: No limits set 10021002Cobalt/magnesium transport protein CorAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00919 (sad) DNA24Variable: No limits set 13651371Succinate semialdehyde dehydrogenase [NAD(P)+] SadM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00920 (srpC) DNA20Variable: No limits set 14911491Solvent efflux pump outer membrane protein SrpCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00921 (potF) DNA19Variable: No limits set 11161116Putrescine-binding periplasmic proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00922 (spuC) DNA19Variable: No limits set 13681368Putrescine--pyruvate aminotransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00923 (puuA_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 13861386Gamma-glutamylputrescine synthetase PuuAM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00924 (fdhD) DNA16Variable: No limits set 846846Sulfur carrier protein FdhDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00925 (yhjX) DNA22Variable: No limits set 16801680putative MFS-type transporter YhjXM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00926 DNA20Variable: No limits set 13051305hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00927 (barA_4) DNA25Variable: No limits set 40954095Signal transduction histidine-protein kinase BarAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00928 (rpfG_2) DNA15Variable: No limits set 987987Cyclic di-GMP phosphodiesterase response regulator RpfGM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00929 (gdh) DNA34Variable: No limits set 49985013NAD-specific glutamate dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00930 DNA14Variable: No limits set 570582hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00931 (mepB) DNA33Variable: No limits set 31413177Multidrug/solvent efflux pump membrane transporter MepBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00932 (secF) DNA20Variable: No limits set 969969Protein translocase subunit SecFM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00933 (secD) DNA22Variable: No limits set 18451845Protein translocase subunit SecDM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00934 (yajC) DNA13Variable: No limits set 354354Sec translocon accessory complex subunit YajCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00935 (tgt) DNA19Variable: No limits set 11461146Queuine tRNA-ribosyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00936 (lrp_2) DNA5Variable: No limits set 489489Leucine-responsive regulatory proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00937 (argD) DNA23Variable: No limits set 14971497Acetylornithine/succinyldiaminopimelate aminotransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00938 (phyC) DNA19Variable: No limits set 111911223-phytaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00939 (cirA_6) DNA23Variable: No limits set 24182418Colicin I receptorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00940 (upp) DNA15Variable: No limits set 633633Uracil phosphoribosyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00941 DNA20Variable: No limits set 17611761Xyloglucan-specific endo-beta-1,4-glucanase BoGH9AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00942 (ggt) DNA20Variable: No limits set 17641779Glutathione hydrolase proenzymeM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00943 (fdx) DNA12Variable: No limits set 285285FerredoxinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00944 DNA13Variable: No limits set 498498hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00945 (coaD) DNA9Variable: No limits set 507507Phosphopantetheine adenylyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00946 DNA19Variable: No limits set 18661878hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00947 DNA22Variable: No limits set 18181818hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00948 DNA18Variable: No limits set 12001200putative peptidaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00949 (dapA_1) DNA19Variable: No limits set 9099094-hydroxy-tetrahydrodipicolinate synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00950 (hcnB) DNA22Variable: No limits set 13141320Hydrogen cyanide synthase subunit HcnBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00951 DNA14Variable: No limits set 9399394-hydroxyproline 2-epimeraseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00952 (rhaS_3) DNA16Variable: No limits set 717717HTH-type transcriptional activator RhaSM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00953 (mutY) DNA21Variable: No limits set 10741074Adenine DNA glycosylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00954 DNA12Variable: No limits set 276276putative Fe(2+)-trafficking proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00955 DNA5Variable: No limits set 201201hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00956 DNA12Variable: No limits set 477477hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00957 (dxs) DNA22Variable: No limits set 192019201-deoxy-D-xylulose-5-phosphate synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00958 DNA17Variable: No limits set 11551155hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00959 (attM) DNA16Variable: No limits set 8498494-pyridoxolactonaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00960 (fabH_3) DNA18Variable: No limits set 9999993-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] synthase 3M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00961 DNA20Variable: No limits set 9901014hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00962 DNA15Variable: No limits set 462462hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00963 (tuaB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 14911491Teichuronic acid biosynthesis protein TuaBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00964 (gumI) DNA17Variable: No limits set 10501050GDP-mannose:glycolipid 4-beta-D-mannosyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00965 DNA24Variable: No limits set 13021302hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00966 (ptk) DNA19Variable: No limits set 14251425Tyrosine-protein kinase ptkM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00967 (mlrA) DNA10Variable: No limits set 357357HTH-type transcriptional regulator MlrAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00968 (ihfA) DNA5Variable: No limits set 300300Integration host factor subunit alphaM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00969 (pheT) DNA26Variable: No limits set 23792391Phenylalanine--tRNA ligase beta subunitM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00970 (rplT) DNA10Variable: No limits set 36036050S ribosomal protein L20M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00971 (rpmI) DNA3Variable: No limits set 19819850S ribosomal protein L35M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00972 (infC) DNA9Variable: No limits set 444444Translation initiation factor IF-3M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00973 (thrS) DNA23Variable: No limits set 19051905Threonine--tRNA ligaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00974 (uvrB) DNA26Variable: No limits set 19922022UvrABC system protein BM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00975 (ppnN) DNA19Variable: No limits set 13861386Pyrimidine/purine nucleotide 5'-monophosphate nucleosidaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00976 (oar_2) DNA22Variable: No limits set 32253225Protein oarM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00977 DNA15Variable: No limits set 600600hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00978 (yciK) DNA18Variable: No limits set 744744putative oxidoreductase YciKM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00979 (sodB_1) DNA17Variable: No limits set 579579Superoxide dismutase [Fe]M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00980 (purK) DNA19Variable: No limits set 11461146N5-carboxyaminoimidazole ribonucleotide synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00981 (purE) DNA10Variable: No limits set 504504N5-carboxyaminoimidazole ribonucleotide mutaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00982 (pnp) DNA22Variable: No limits set 21152115Polyribonucleotide nucleotidyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00983 (rpsO) DNA10Variable: No limits set 26126130S ribosomal protein S15M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00984 (rbfA) DNA14Variable: No limits set 393393Ribosome-binding factor AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00985 (infB) DNA25Variable: No limits set 27152715Translation initiation factor IF-2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00986 (rimP) DNA16Variable: No limits set 591591Ribosome maturation factor RimPM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00987 (nuoN) DNA20Variable: No limits set 14611470NADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit NM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00988 (nuoM) DNA21Variable: No limits set 15031503NADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit MM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00989 (nuoL_1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 21452160NADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit LM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00990 DNA10Variable: No limits set 306306NADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit 11M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00991 (nuoJ) DNA20Variable: No limits set 660660NADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit JM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00992 (nuoI) DNA12Variable: No limits set 489489NADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit IM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00993 (nuoH) DNA21Variable: No limits set 10921092NADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit HM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00994 (nqo3) DNA21Variable: No limits set 22352235NADH-quinone oxidoreductase chain 3M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00995 (nuoF) DNA18Variable: No limits set 13351335NADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit FM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT00996 (nqo2) DNA8Variable: No limits set 528528NADH-quinone oxidoreductase chain 2M. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT00997 (nuoD) DNA17Variable: No limits set 13081308NADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit DM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00998 (nqo5) DNA16Variable: No limits set 753753NADH-quinone oxidoreductase chain 5M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT00999 (nuoB) DNA16Variable: No limits set 555555NADH-quinone oxidoreductase subunit BM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01000 (ndhC) DNA8Variable: No limits set 402402NAD(P)H-quinone oxidoreductase subunit 3M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01001 (tpiA) DNA14Variable: No limits set 756756Triosephosphate isomeraseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01002 (isfD) DNA17Variable: No limits set 801801Sulfoacetaldehyde reductaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01003 DNA19Variable: No limits set 873873hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01004 (pdeR) DNA21Variable: No limits set 23672367putative signaling proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01005 DNA16Variable: No limits set 684684hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01006 (efe) DNA19Variable: No limits set 9399392-oxoglutarate-dependent ethylene/succinate-forming enzymeM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01007 (glmM) DNA16Variable: No limits set 13501350Phosphoglucosamine mutaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01008 (accD) DNA17Variable: No limits set 906906Acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase carboxyl transferase subunit betaM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01009 (trpA) DNA18Variable: No limits set 807807Tryptophan synthase alpha chainM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01010 DNA15Variable: No limits set 381381hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01011 (trpB) DNA19Variable: No limits set 12181218Tryptophan synthase beta chainM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01012 (trpF) DNA13Variable: No limits set 669669N-(5'-phosphoribosyl)anthranilate isomeraseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01013 (truA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 774774tRNA pseudouridine synthase AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01014 (asd2) DNA19Variable: No limits set 10261026Aspartate-semialdehyde dehydrogenase 2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01015 (aroC) DNA17Variable: No limits set 11041104Chorismate synthaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01016 (prmB) DNA19Variable: No limits set 92792750S ribosomal protein L3 glutamine methyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01017 DNA18Variable: No limits set 651651hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01018 (psd) DNA18Variable: No limits set 843843Phosphatidylserine decarboxylase proenzymeM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01019 (mltD_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 15841584Membrane-bound lytic murein transglycosylase DM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01020 (nudK) DNA16Variable: No limits set 618621GDP-mannose pyrophosphatase NudKM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01021 (greB) DNA11Variable: No limits set 507507Transcription elongation factor GreBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01022 (clcD) DNA16Variable: No limits set 663663CarboxymethylenebutenolidaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01023 DNA6Variable: No limits set 168168hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01024 DNA8Variable: No limits set 186186hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01025 (dcd) DNA14Variable: No limits set 570570dCTP deaminaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01026 (apbC) DNA12Variable: No limits set 852852Iron-sulfur cluster carrier proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01027 DNA21Variable: No limits set 15961662putative proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01028 (pepO_1) DNA22Variable: No limits set 21422151Neutral endopeptidaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01029 (pepO_2) DNA27Variable: No limits set 20972100Neutral endopeptidaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01030 (garB) DNA19Variable: No limits set 13711371Glutathione amide reductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01031 DNA20Variable: No limits set 12451245hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01032 (mepH_2) DNA19Variable: No limits set 750750Murein DD-endopeptidase MepHM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01033 DNA10Variable: No limits set 492492putative acyl-CoA thioester hydrolaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01034 (dctA2) DNA17Variable: No limits set 13411341C4-dicarboxylate transport protein 2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01035 (phoA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 16981701Alkaline phosphatase HM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01036 (tilS) DNA19Variable: No limits set 12331233tRNA(Ile)-lysidine synthaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01037 (xseB) DNA9Variable: No limits set 252261Exodeoxyribonuclease 7 small subunitM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01038 (ispA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 876876Farnesyl diphosphate synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01039 DNA9Variable: No limits set 393393hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01040 DNA18Variable: No limits set 579582hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01041 (yhdE) DNA19Variable: No limits set 573573Maf-like protein YhdEM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01042 DNA16Variable: No limits set 73573526 kDa periplasmic immunogenic proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01043 (rsfS) DNA10Variable: No limits set 414414Ribosomal silencing factor RsfSM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01044 (holA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 10291029DNA polymerase III subunit deltaM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01045 (ybbN) DNA17Variable: No limits set 858861putative protein YbbNM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01046 DNA9Variable: No limits set 294294hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01047 DNA24Variable: No limits set 18331833Putative multidrug export ATP-binding/permease proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01048 (zur) DNA12Variable: No limits set 507507Zinc uptake regulation proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01049 (gltX) DNA23Variable: No limits set 14041404Glutamate--tRNA ligaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01050 DNA19Variable: No limits set 10921092hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01051 (ramA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 885891(R)-stereoselective amidaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01052 (pka) DNA15Variable: No limits set 543543Protein lysine acetyltransferase PkaM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01053 DNA11Variable: No limits set 330330hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01054 (cheW_4) DNA8Variable: No limits set 516528Chemotaxis protein CheWM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01055 (cheB_3) DNA16Variable: No limits set 11281140Chemotaxis response regulator protein-glutamate methylesteraseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01056 (gpmA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 7507502,3-bisphosphoglycerate-dependent phosphoglycerate mutaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01057 (nfi) DNA14Variable: No limits set 714714Endonuclease VM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01058 DNA15Variable: No limits set 891891Putative quercetin 2,3-dioxygenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01059 DNA8Variable: No limits set 462468hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01060 DNA17Variable: No limits set 858858Putative quercetin 2,3-dioxygenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01061 DNA11Variable: No limits set 225225hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01062 (phlB) DNA15Variable: No limits set 765765Protein PhlBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01063 DNA8Variable: No limits set 216216hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01064 DNA7Variable: No limits set 9696hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01065 (adh) DNA18Variable: No limits set 10081008Alcohol dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01066 DNA15Variable: No limits set 801801hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01067 (murD) DNA20Variable: No limits set 14071407UDP-N-acetylmuramoylalanine--D-glutamate ligaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01068 DNA23Variable: No limits set 13561356hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01069 DNA15Variable: No limits set 600603hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01070 DNA19Variable: No limits set 11311140Twitching mobility proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01071 DNA21Variable: No limits set 693693Pyridoxal phosphate homeostasis proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01072 (proC) DNA17Variable: No limits set 855855Pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01073 DNA7Variable: No limits set 426426hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01074 (lytH_1) DNA17Variable: No limits set 639642L-Ala--D-Glu endopeptidaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01075 DNA8Variable: No limits set 342342hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01076 DNA14Variable: No limits set 543546hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01077 DNA16Variable: No limits set 597597hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01078 DNA9Variable: No limits set 468468hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01079 (sufB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 14581458FeS cluster assembly protein SufBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01080 (sufC) DNA19Variable: No limits set 765765putative ATP-dependent transporter SufCM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01081 (sufS) DNA19Variable: No limits set 12451245Cysteine desulfurase SufSM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01082 (todB) DNA13Variable: No limits set 330330Toluene 1,2-dioxygenase system ferredoxin subunitM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01083 DNA15Variable: No limits set 687687PKHD-type hydroxylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01084 (esiB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 759759Secretory immunoglobulin A-binding protein EsiBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01085 DNA7Variable: No limits set 333333putative proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01086 DNA11Variable: No limits set 273273hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01087 (amgK) DNA19Variable: No limits set 10201020N-acetylmuramate/N-acetylglucosamine kinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01088 DNA20Variable: No limits set 11671167Putative transport proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01089 DNA16Variable: No limits set 11011101hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01090 (purM) DNA17Variable: No limits set 10591059Phosphoribosylformylglycinamidine cyclo-ligaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01091 DNA15Variable: No limits set 459459hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01092 (purN) DNA14Variable: No limits set 669669Phosphoribosylglycinamide formyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01093 DNA16Variable: No limits set 828828hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01094 DNA13Variable: No limits set 684684hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01095 (murA) DNA14Variable: No limits set 12751275UDP-N-acetylglucosamine 1-carboxyvinyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01096 (bolA_1) DNA5Variable: No limits set 228228DNA-binding transcriptional regulator BolAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01097 (kdsD) DNA14Variable: No limits set 10021002Arabinose 5-phosphate isomerase KdsDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01098 (kdsC) DNA17Variable: No limits set 5495493-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonate 8-phosphate phosphatase KdsCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01099 (lptC) DNA12Variable: No limits set 576576Lipopolysaccharide export system protein LptCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01100 (lptB) DNA14Variable: No limits set 720720Lipopolysaccharide export system ATP-binding protein LptBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01101 (rpoN_1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 13981398RNA polymerase sigma-54 factorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01102 (hpf) DNA3Variable: No limits set 318318Ribosome hibernation promoting factorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01103 (ptsN) DNA14Variable: No limits set 459459Nitrogen regulatory proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01104 (hprK_1) DNA12Variable: No limits set 951951HPr kinase/phosphorylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01105 (rapZ) DNA17Variable: No limits set 873873RNase adapter protein RapZM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01106 DNA10Variable: No limits set 393393hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01107 (ptsH) DNA8Variable: No limits set 270276Phosphocarrier protein HPrM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01108 (mgtE) DNA16Variable: No limits set 13621362Magnesium transporter MgtEM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01109 DNA16Variable: No limits set 798798hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01110 (cydB_2) DNA25Variable: No limits set 10171017Cytochrome bd-I ubiquinol oxidase subunit 2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01111 (gabP) DNA20Variable: No limits set 13891389GABA permeaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01112 (laaA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 942942L-amino acid amidaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01113 (rpaR) DNA17Variable: No limits set 765765HTH-type quorum sensing-dependent transcriptional regulator RpaRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01114 (puuP) DNA24Variable: No limits set 13831383Putrescine importer PuuPM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01115 (rebH_1) DNA24Variable: No limits set 15121518Flavin-dependent tryptophan halogenase RebHM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01116 DNA18Variable: No limits set 759759hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01117 DNA19Variable: No limits set 10801083hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01118 DNA16Variable: No limits set 774774hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01119 DNA8Variable: No limits set 417417hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01120 (pdxH) DNA13Variable: No limits set 600600Pyridoxine/pyridoxamine 5'-phosphate oxidaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01121 (aroK) DNA9Variable: No limits set 543543Shikimate kinase 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01122 (aroB) DNA19Variable: No limits set 111311133-dehydroquinate synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01123 DNA9Variable: No limits set 255255hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01124 (hemE) DNA17Variable: No limits set 10651065Uroporphyrinogen decarboxylaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01125 (hsrA_1) DNA21Variable: No limits set 14161428putative transport protein HsrAM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01126 DNA18Variable: No limits set 663663Protein YceIM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01127 (yceI_2) DNA15Variable: No limits set 570570Protein YceIM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01128 DNA13Variable: No limits set 237240hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01129 (sdaA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 13831383L-serine dehydratase 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01130 (metL) DNA20Variable: No limits set 10891089Bifunctional aspartokinase/homoserine dehydrogenase 2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01131 (metB) DNA18Variable: No limits set 12181218Cystathionine gamma-synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01132 (metXS) DNA16Variable: No limits set 10321032Homoserine O-succinyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01133 (mepM_1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 10261026Murein DD-endopeptidase MepMM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01134 (prfC) DNA21Variable: No limits set 16051605Peptide chain release factor 3M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01135 DNA13Variable: No limits set 645645hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01136 DNA27Variable: No limits set 19861992hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01137 (guaB_1) DNA15Variable: No limits set 429438Inosine-5'-monophosphate dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01138 DNA18Variable: No limits set 10471047putative glycosyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01139 (hslO) DNA21Variable: No limits set 89189133 kDa chaperoninM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01140 DNA16Variable: No limits set 834834hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01141 (betI_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 609609HTH-type transcriptional regulator BetIM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01142 DNA18Variable: No limits set 9159242-(acetamidomethylene)succinate hydrolaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01143 (fadE) DNA27Variable: No limits set 24752475Acyl-coenzyme A dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01144 DNA8Variable: No limits set 354354hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01145 DNA10Variable: No limits set 336336hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01146 (nudE) DNA10Variable: No limits set 549549ADP compounds hydrolase NudEM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01147 (rsmE) DNA14Variable: No limits set 735735Ribosomal RNA small subunit methyltransferase EM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01148 (glk_2) DNA20Variable: No limits set 10171017GlucokinaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01149 DNA27Variable: No limits set 16771686hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01150 (yaaH) DNA21Variable: No limits set 10561056Spore germination protein YaaHM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01151 (exoI) DNA30Variable: No limits set 24362451Beta-hexosaminidaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01152 DNA23Variable: No limits set 14581464hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01153 DNA25Variable: No limits set 23432343hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01154 DNA8Variable: No limits set 201201hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01155 (cutC) DNA17Variable: No limits set 732732Copper homeostasis protein CutCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01156 (ydaF_1) DNA13Variable: No limits set 624639Putative ribosomal N-acetyltransferase YdaFM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01157 DNA13Variable: No limits set 477477hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01158 (cheB_1) DNA19Variable: No limits set 12091209Chemotaxis response regulator protein-glutamate methylesteraseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01159 (pctA) DNA24Variable: No limits set 20372037Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein PctAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01160 DNA14Variable: No limits set 531531hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01161 (afsQ1) DNA7Variable: No limits set 363363Transcriptional regulatory protein AfsQ1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01162 (phoP_1) DNA9Variable: No limits set 354354Alkaline phosphatase synthesis transcriptional regulatory protein PhoPM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01163 (gshB) DNA19Variable: No limits set 951960Glutathione synthetaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01164 (dinG_1) DNA24Variable: No limits set 20252025putative ATP-dependent helicase DinGÂM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01165 DNA13Variable: No limits set 525525hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01166 (wbbL_2) DNA23Variable: No limits set 20852103N-acetylglucosaminyl-diphospho-decaprenol L-rhamnosyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01167 (pqqCD) DNA17Variable: No limits set 753753Bifunctional coenzyme PQQ synthesis protein C/DM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01168 (pqqD_1) DNA13Variable: No limits set 279279Coenzyme PQQ synthesis protein DM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01169 (skfB) DNA18Variable: No limits set 11191119Sporulation killing factor maturation protein SkfBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01170 (glk_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 10351035GlucokinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01171 (dps2) DNA11Variable: No limits set 549549DNA protection during starvation protein 2M. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01172 (recQ) DNA21Variable: No limits set 17971797ATP-dependent DNA helicase RecQM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01173 DNA15Variable: No limits set 498498hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01174 DNA16Variable: No limits set 405405Blue-light-activated proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01175 (pdtaR) DNA12Variable: No limits set 360360putative transcriptional regulatory protein pdtaRM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01176 DNA21Variable: No limits set 10081008Blue-light-activated histidine kinaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01177 (queC) DNA14Variable: No limits set 6756757-cyano-7-deazaguanine synthaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01178 (queE) DNA18Variable: No limits set 6846847-carboxy-7-deazaguanine synthaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01179 (cpoB) DNA18Variable: No limits set 819819Cell division coordinator CpoBM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01180 (pal) DNA11Variable: No limits set 519519Peptidoglycan-associated lipoproteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01181 (tolB_1) DNA17Variable: No limits set 13201320Protein TolBM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01182 (iga) DNA21Variable: No limits set 10411044IgA-specific serine endopeptidase autotransporterM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01183 (exbD_1) DNA12Variable: No limits set 450456Biopolymer transport protein ExbDM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01184 (tolQ_1) DNA16Variable: No limits set 780780Protein TolQM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01185 (ybgC) DNA18Variable: No limits set 459459Acyl-CoA thioesterase YbgCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01186 (kup) DNA23Variable: No limits set 19051905Low affinity potassium transport system protein kupM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01187 (ruvA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 492492Holliday junction ATP-dependent DNA helicase RuvAM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01188 (pmpR) DNA17Variable: No limits set 729729Transcriptional regulatory protein PmpRM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01189 (paiA) DNA12Variable: No limits set 528528Spermidine/spermine N(1)-acetyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01190 (aspS) DNA19Variable: No limits set 17671767Aspartate--tRNA ligaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01191 DNA14Variable: No limits set 294294hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01192 (btuB_14) DNA20Variable: No limits set 24092418Vitamin B12 transporter BtuBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01193 DNA13Variable: No limits set 426426hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01194 (pfeA_1) DNA26Variable: No limits set 23882388Ferric enterobactin receptorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01195 (pfeA_2) DNA25Variable: No limits set 24002418Ferric enterobactin receptorM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01196 DNA22Variable: No limits set 11911194Cytochrome P450 CYP107DY1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01197 (fecA_3) DNA26Variable: No limits set 21422142Fe(3+) dicitrate transport protein FecAM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01198 (ddaF) DNA20Variable: No limits set 12271227Dapdiamide A synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01199 (iucC) DNA23Variable: No limits set 18031803Aerobactin synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01200 (mdtG) DNA17Variable: No limits set 11971197Multidrug resistance protein MdtGM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01201 (iucA) DNA21Variable: No limits set 17701770N(2)-citryl-N(6)-acetyl-N(6)-hydroxylysine synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01202 (btrK) DNA14Variable: No limits set 11971197L-glutamyl-[BtrI acyl-carrier protein] decarboxylaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01203 (btuB_15) DNA23Variable: No limits set 18781878Vitamin B12 transporter BtuBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01204 (ssuC_3) DNA16Variable: No limits set 795795Putative aliphatic sulfonates transport permease protein SsuCM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01205 (otsB) DNA22Variable: No limits set 759759Trehalose-6-phosphate phosphataseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01206 (otsA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 13681368Trehalose-6-phosphate synthaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01207 (tsr_12) DNA23Variable: No limits set 18451869Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein IM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01208 DNA15Variable: No limits set 435435hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01209 (yfiH) DNA19Variable: No limits set 807813Polyphenol oxidaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01210 (rluD) DNA17Variable: No limits set 996996Ribosomal large subunit pseudouridine synthase DM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01211 (bamD) DNA14Variable: No limits set 882882Outer membrane protein assembly factor BamDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01212 (sucC) DNA16Variable: No limits set 11701170Succinate--CoA ligase [ADP-forming] subunit betaM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01213 (outO) DNA21Variable: No limits set 864864Type 4 prepilin-like proteins leader peptide-processing enzymeM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01214 (glgX_2) DNA25Variable: No limits set 21332133Glycogen operon protein GlgXÂM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01215 (thiG) DNA15Variable: No limits set 795795Thiazole synthaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01216 (trmB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 18631863putative transporterM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01217 (mscL) DNA12Variable: No limits set 432432Large-conductance mechanosensitive channelM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01218 (srpA_1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 10681071Solvent efflux pump periplasmic linker SrpAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01219 (cysNC) DNA19Variable: No limits set 19771977Bifunctional enzyme CysN/CysCM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01220 (cysD) DNA17Variable: No limits set 909909Sulfate adenylyltransferase subunit 2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01221 (cysJ_2) DNA27Variable: No limits set 18481848Sulfite reductase [NADPH] flavoprotein alpha-componentM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01222 (cysI) DNA20Variable: No limits set 17071707Sulfite reductase [NADPH] hemoprotein beta-componentM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01223 (cysH_1) DNA16Variable: No limits set 726726Phosphoadenosine phosphosulfate reductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01224 (barA_1) DNA16Variable: No limits set 12361236Signal transduction histidine-protein kinase BarAM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01225 DNA12Variable: No limits set 282282hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01226 (cysB_2) DNA20Variable: No limits set 984987HTH-type transcriptional regulator CysBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01227 (dcsD) DNA18Variable: No limits set 960960O-ureido-L-serine synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01228 DNA15Variable: No limits set 507507hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01229 (ymdB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 540540O-acetyl-ADP-ribose deacetylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01230 (fda) DNA16Variable: No limits set 10051005Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase class 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01231 (pykA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 14671467Pyruvate kinase IIM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01232 DNA16Variable: No limits set 633645putative proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01233 (pgk) DNA17Variable: No limits set 11761176Phosphoglycerate kinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01234 (gapA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 10021002Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01235 (ycf3) DNA20Variable: No limits set 18061839hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01236 DNA15Variable: No limits set 462468hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01237 DNA18Variable: No limits set 930936putative proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01238 DNA16Variable: No limits set 10201020hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01239 DNA14Variable: No limits set 534534hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01240 DNA13Variable: No limits set 666666hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01241 (ftsA_1) DNA16Variable: No limits set 10591059Cell division protein FtsAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01242 (mrcA) DNA22Variable: No limits set 24272427Penicillin-binding protein 1AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01243 DNA11Variable: No limits set 651651hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01244 (gltA) DNA21Variable: No limits set 12901293Citrate synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01245 (rpmE2) DNA7Variable: No limits set 27927950S ribosomal protein L31 type BM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01246 (rihA_2) DNA18Variable: No limits set 939939Pyrimidine-specific ribonucleoside hydrolase RihAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01247 (recG) DNA21Variable: No limits set 21542154ATP-dependent DNA helicase RecGM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01248 (spoT_2) DNA22Variable: No limits set 21722172Bifunctional (p)ppGpp synthase/hydrolase SpoTM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01249 (rpoZ) DNA7Variable: No limits set 300300DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit omegaM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01250 (rph) DNA15Variable: No limits set 726726Ribonuclease PHM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01251 DNA9Variable: No limits set 393393hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01252 (rdgB) DNA15Variable: No limits set 600600dITP/XTP pyrophosphataseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01253 DNA11Variable: No limits set 543543hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01254 DNA5Variable: No limits set 222222hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01255 (zapA) DNA10Variable: No limits set 300300Cell division protein ZapAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01256 DNA21Variable: No limits set 5915915-formyltetrahydrofolate cyclo-ligaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01257 DNA8Variable: No limits set 471477hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01258 (rpiA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 648648Ribose-5-phosphate isomerase AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01259 DNA14Variable: No limits set 432450hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01260 (rubA2) DNA11Variable: No limits set 240240Rubredoxin-2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01261 (hemL_1) DNA23Variable: No limits set 12901290Glutamate-1-semialdehyde 2,1-aminomutaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01262 (ridA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 5045042-iminobutanoate/2-iminopropanoate deaminaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01263 (adhB) DNA13Variable: No limits set 426426Alcohol dehydrogenase (quinone), cytochrome c subunitM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01264 (rebO) DNA23Variable: No limits set 16081608Flavin-dependent L-tryptophan oxidase RebOM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01265 DNA15Variable: No limits set 873873Cyclic nucleotide-gated potassium channelM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01266 DNA14Variable: No limits set 597597hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01267 (mpl) DNA23Variable: No limits set 13171320UDP-N-acetylmuramate--L-alanyl-gamma-D-glutamyl-meso-2,6-diaminoheptandioate ligaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01268 (adk) DNA8Variable: No limits set 564564Adenylate kinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01269 (pfp) DNA18Variable: No limits set 12571257Pyrophosphate--fructose 6-phosphate 1-phosphotransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01270 DNA16Variable: No limits set 525525hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01271 (ppa) DNA12Variable: No limits set 537537Inorganic pyrophosphataseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01272 DNA19Variable: No limits set 11491149hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01273 (thiC) DNA20Variable: No limits set 18781878Phosphomethylpyrimidine synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01274 (btuB_2) DNA23Variable: No limits set 27992808Vitamin B12 transporter BtuBM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01275 (tar_1) DNA19Variable: No limits set 18391839Methyl-accepting chemotaxis protein IIM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01276 (ilvC) DNA20Variable: No limits set 10021002Ketol-acid reductoisomerase (NADP(+))M. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01277 (tdcB) DNA18Variable: No limits set 10711071L-threonine dehydratase catabolic TdcBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01278 (leuA) DNA23Variable: No limits set 156315632-isopropylmalate synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01279 (leuB) DNA18Variable: No limits set 107410743-isopropylmalate dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01280 (leuD1) DNA15Variable: No limits set 6486483-isopropylmalate dehydratase small subunit 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01281 (cysB_1) DNA17Variable: No limits set 876885HTH-type transcriptional regulator CysBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01282 (mce3R) DNA13Variable: No limits set 654663Transcriptional repressor Mce3RM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01283 (pcm_1) DNA17Variable: No limits set 657657Protein-L-isoaspartate O-methyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01284 (tolC) DNA16Variable: No limits set 13831383Outer membrane protein TolCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01285 (waaA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 131713173-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonic acid transferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01286 (lpxL) DNA17Variable: No limits set 921921Lipid A biosynthesis lauroyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01287 DNA17Variable: No limits set 13321332hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01288 (bshA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 11131113N-acetyl-alpha-D-glucosaminyl L-malate synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01289 DNA2Variable: No limits set 198198hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01290 (maeB) DNA20Variable: No limits set 23102310NADP-dependent malic enzymeM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01291 (dctA) DNA21Variable: No limits set 13741374C4-dicarboxylate transport proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01292 (oprP_1) DNA14Variable: No limits set 11731173Porin PM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01293 (dctB) DNA30Variable: No limits set 26432652C4-dicarboxylate transport sensor protein DctBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01294 (ais) DNA20Variable: No limits set 780780Aconitate isomeraseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01295 (oxyR_1) DNA21Variable: No limits set 903903Hydrogen peroxide-inducible genes activatorM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01296 (tctD) DNA13Variable: No limits set 702702Transcriptional regulatory protein tctDM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01297 (oprO) DNA23Variable: No limits set 11941194Porin OM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01298 (citN) DNA18Variable: No limits set 13291329Citrate transporterM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01299 (phaB_1) DNA15Variable: No limits set 741741Acetoacetyl-CoA reductaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01300 (cytR_1) DNA21Variable: No limits set 10321032HTH-type transcriptional repressor CytRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01301 (pfeA_3) DNA26Variable: No limits set 24362469Ferric enterobactin receptorM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01302 (ams) DNA15Variable: No limits set 19351935AmylosucraseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01303 (hchA) DNA15Variable: No limits set 681681Molecular chaperone Hsp31 and glyoxalase 3M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01304 DNA19Variable: No limits set 12631263hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01305 (rsgA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 10921092Small ribosomal subunit biogenesis GTPase RsgAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01306 (alaA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 12721272Glutamate-pyruvate aminotransferase AlaAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01307 (ubiG_1) DNA13Variable: No limits set 696696Ubiquinone biosynthesis O-methyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01308 (pgdA_1) DNA18Variable: No limits set 777777Peptidoglycan-N-acetylglucosamine deacetylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01309 (grxD_1) DNA16Variable: No limits set 927927Glutaredoxin 4M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01310 DNA14Variable: No limits set 561561hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01311 DNA18Variable: No limits set 945945DegV domain-containing proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01312 (def_1) DNA11Variable: No limits set 516516Peptide deformylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01313 (arsC) DNA12Variable: No limits set 423423Arsenate reductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01314 (wbbL_1) DNA17Variable: No limits set 840840Rhamnosyltransferase WbbLM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01315 (srkA) DNA18Variable: No limits set 11311131Stress response kinase AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01316 (fatA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 801801Ferric-anguibactin receptor FatAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01317 (phnR) DNA22Variable: No limits set 729729Putative transcriptional regulator of 2-aminoethylphosphonate degradation operonsM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01318 DNA19Variable: No limits set 11221122hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01319 (gspK_1) DNA15Variable: No limits set 852852Putative type II secretion system protein KM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01320 DNA12Variable: No limits set 417417hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01321 DNA16Variable: No limits set 510510hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01322 (xcpT_1) DNA7Variable: No limits set 432432Type II secretion system protein GM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01323 (gspF) DNA23Variable: No limits set 12181218Putative type II secretion system protein FM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01324 (xpsE) DNA20Variable: No limits set 17281728Type II secretion system protein EM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01325 (bprV_2) DNA25Variable: No limits set 18841884Extracellular basic proteaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01326 (xerD) DNA22Variable: No limits set 972972Tyrosine recombinase XerDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01327 DNA20Variable: No limits set 468468hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01328 DNA7Variable: No limits set 300300hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01329 (lptG) DNA20Variable: No limits set 11071107Lipopolysaccharide export system permease protein LptGM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01330 (lptF) DNA20Variable: No limits set 10831083Lipopolysaccharide export system permease protein LptFM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01331 DNA11Variable: No limits set 363363hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01332 (holC) DNA10Variable: No limits set 426426DNA polymerase III subunit chiM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01333 (rimI) DNA11Variable: No limits set 441441Ribosomal-protein-alanine acetyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01334 DNA12Variable: No limits set 456462hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01335 DNA20Variable: No limits set 12601260hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01336 (mlaE_1) DNA9Variable: No limits set 12301230putative phospholipid ABC transporter permease protein MlaEM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01337 (mkl) DNA17Variable: No limits set 837843putative ribonucleotide transport ATP-binding protein mklM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01338 DNA17Variable: No limits set 927927hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01339 DNA15Variable: No limits set 645645hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01340 DNA22Variable: No limits set 16501650Electron transfer flavoprotein-ubiquinone oxidoreductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01341 (scoB) DNA16Variable: No limits set 630633putative succinyl-CoA:3-ketoacid coenzyme A transferase subunit BM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01342 (algC_1) DNA19Variable: No limits set 13471347Phosphomannomutase/phosphoglucomutaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01343 (algA) DNA25Variable: No limits set 14041404Alginate biosynthesis protein AlgAM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01344 (ugd) DNA18Variable: No limits set 11671167UDP-glucose 6-dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01345 (etfB) DNA21Variable: No limits set 747747Electron transfer flavoprotein subunit betaM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01346 (etfA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 945945Electron transfer flavoprotein subunit alphaM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01347 (metC) DNA16Variable: No limits set 11881197Cystathionine beta-lyaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01348 (cbs) DNA20Variable: No limits set 13711371Putative cystathionine beta-synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01349 DNA4Variable: No limits set 219219hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01350 DNA20Variable: No limits set 891891hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01351 DNA13Variable: No limits set 384384hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01352 (pilT_1) DNA21Variable: No limits set 11341134Twitching mobility proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01353 (nagL) DNA20Variable: No limits set 663663Maleylpyruvate isomeraseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01354 (bioD1) DNA15Variable: No limits set 675675ATP-dependent dethiobiotin synthetase BioD 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01355 (msrC) DNA15Variable: No limits set 483483Free methionine-R-sulfoxide reductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01356 (besA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 963975Ferri-bacillibactin esterase BesAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01357 (cbbZC) DNA18Variable: No limits set 651651Phosphoglycolate phosphatase, chromosomalM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01358 (copA) DNA23Variable: No limits set 17821782Copper resistance protein AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01359 (gloA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 525525Lactoylglutathione lyaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01360 (cwlH) DNA20Variable: No limits set 18871899hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01361 (glmS_1) DNA23Variable: No limits set 18301830Glutamine--fructose-6-phosphate aminotransferase [isomerizing]M. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01362 (macA) DNA24Variable: No limits set 12721278Macrolide export protein MacAM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01363 (yknY_1) DNA14Variable: No limits set 720720putative ABC transporter ATP-binding protein YknYM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01364 (glmU) DNA19Variable: No limits set 13711371Bifunctional protein GlmUM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01365 DNA9Variable: No limits set 384384hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01366 (aroQ_1) DNA17Variable: No limits set 570570Monofunctional chorismate mutaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01367 (atpC) DNA13Variable: No limits set 423423ATP synthase epsilon chainM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01368 (atpD1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 14071407ATP synthase subunit beta 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01369 (atpG) DNA17Variable: No limits set 864864ATP synthase gamma chainM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01370 (atpA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 15481548ATP synthase subunit alphaM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01371 (atpH) DNA14Variable: No limits set 528528ATP synthase subunit deltaM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01372 (atpF) DNA10Variable: No limits set 471471ATP synthase subunit bM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01373 (atpB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 801801ATP synthase subunit aM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01374 DNA9Variable: No limits set 366366hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01375 DNA19Variable: No limits set 813813hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01376 (ompW_3) DNA18Variable: No limits set 687687Outer membrane protein WM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01377 DNA20Variable: No limits set 558558hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01378 (metQ) DNA24Variable: No limits set 801810Membrane lipoprotein TpN32M. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01379 DNA18Variable: No limits set 486486hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01380 DNA17Variable: No limits set 462462hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01381 (rpfC_1) DNA21Variable: No limits set 17371737Sensory/regulatory protein RpfCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01382 DNA16Variable: No limits set 561561hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01383 (rsmC) DNA23Variable: No limits set 10681068Ribosomal RNA small subunit methyltransferase CM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01384 DNA21Variable: No limits set 13381338hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01385 (evgS) DNA25Variable: No limits set 19471947Sensor protein EvgSM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01386 DNA13Variable: No limits set 291291hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01387 DNA19Variable: No limits set 444447hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01388 DNA16Variable: No limits set 576576hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01389 (alr) DNA21Variable: No limits set 11011101Alanine racemaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01390 (dadA1_1) DNA20Variable: No limits set 12901290D-amino acid dehydrogenase 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01391 (motA) DNA13Variable: No limits set 855855Motility protein AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01392 DNA15Variable: No limits set 552552hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01393 DNA4Variable: No limits set 264264hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01394 (nhaK) DNA22Variable: No limits set 16381638Sodium, potassium, lithium and rubidium/H(+) antiporterM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01395 DNA16Variable: No limits set 558558Immunogenic protein MPB70M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01396 (udg) DNA25Variable: No limits set 14371437Type-4 uracil-DNA glycosylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01397 DNA20Variable: No limits set 12451245hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01398 (ygiD) DNA16Variable: No limits set 8198194,5-DOPA dioxygenase extradiolM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01399 (catD_4) DNA13Variable: No limits set 411411Putative oxidoreductase CatDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01400 (dmlR_6) DNA19Variable: No limits set 894897HTH-type transcriptional regulator DmlRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01401 (fldP) DNA14Variable: No limits set 570570Flavodoxin FldPM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01402 DNA19Variable: No limits set 927927hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01403 DNA10Variable: No limits set 600600hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01404 (yveA_2) DNA15Variable: No limits set 15961596Aspartate-proton symporterM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01405 (btsR_2) DNA22Variable: No limits set 777777Transcriptional regulatory protein BtsRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01406 (yciF) DNA14Variable: No limits set 507507Protein YciFM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01407 (ydbD) DNA21Variable: No limits set 900900putative manganese catalaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01408 (cydB_3) DNA21Variable: No limits set 10231023Cytochrome bd-I ubiquinol oxidase subunit 2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01409 DNA7Variable: No limits set 186186hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01410 (yghA_2) DNA22Variable: No limits set 867867putative oxidoreductase YghAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01411 (galE_2) DNA28Variable: No limits set 11701182UDP-glucose 4-epimeraseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01412 DNA13Variable: No limits set 183183hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01413 DNA7Variable: No limits set 351351hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01414 DNA9Variable: No limits set 213213hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01415 DNA21Variable: No limits set 738738hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01416 DNA4Variable: No limits set 13591359hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01417 (bfrD_2) DNA30Variable: No limits set 21422148putative TonB-dependent receptor BfrDM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01418 (ecsA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 723723ABC-type transporter ATP-binding protein EcsAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01419 (rpoD) DNA22Variable: No limits set 18661878RNA polymerase sigma factor RpoDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01420 (lpxP) DNA21Variable: No limits set 912915Lipid A biosynthesis palmitoleoyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01421 (yncA) DNA12Variable: No limits set 522522L-methionine sulfoximine/L-methionine sulfone acetyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01422 (ribA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 11341134GTP cyclohydrolase-2M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01423 DNA15Variable: No limits set 543543hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01424 DNA24Variable: No limits set 10561056hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01425 (arnT_2) DNA22Variable: No limits set 17221722Undecaprenyl phosphate-alpha-4-amino-4-deoxy-L-arabinose arabinosyl transferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01426 (fmt) DNA19Variable: No limits set 924924Methionyl-tRNA formyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01427 (def_2) DNA10Variable: No limits set 513513Peptide deformylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01428 DNA18Variable: No limits set 11371137hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01429 (topA) DNA25Variable: No limits set 24452493DNA topoisomerase 1M. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01430 (tsaC) DNA19Variable: No limits set 564564Threonylcarbamoyl-AMP synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01431 DNA17Variable: No limits set 660678hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01432 (fabG_6) DNA15Variable: No limits set 7777773-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] reductase FabGM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01433 (sppA) DNA25Variable: No limits set 19021902Protease 4M. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01434 (norM) DNA20Variable: No limits set 13771377Multidrug resistance protein NorMM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01435 DNA17Variable: No limits set 801807hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01436 (yjlD) DNA18Variable: No limits set 12931293NADH dehydrogenase-like protein YjlDM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01437 DNA14Variable: No limits set 615615hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01438 (rpoH) DNA19Variable: No limits set 885885RNA polymerase sigma factor RpoHM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01439 (ung) DNA18Variable: No limits set 723726Uracil-DNA glycosylaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01440 (tmoS_1) DNA15Variable: No limits set 843843Sensor histidine kinase TmoSM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01441 (ftsX) DNA18Variable: No limits set 951951Cell division protein FtsXM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01442 (ftsE) DNA14Variable: No limits set 687687Cell division ATP-binding protein FtsEM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01443 (queF) DNA18Variable: No limits set 816816NADPH-dependent 7-cyano-7-deazaguanine reductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01444 (yxeP) DNA21Variable: No limits set 13051308putative hydrolase YxePM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01445 (mdtB_2) DNA29Variable: No limits set 32493252Multidrug resistance protein MdtBM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01446 DNA19Variable: No limits set 13681368putative proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01447 DNA16Variable: No limits set 753753hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01448 DNA16Variable: No limits set 432435hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01449 DNA17Variable: No limits set 378378hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01450 DNA16Variable: No limits set 777777hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01451 (steT_2) DNA22Variable: No limits set 13171317Serine/threonine exchanger SteTM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01452 DNA13Variable: No limits set 333333hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01453 (yliI_1) DNA19Variable: No limits set 11791179Aldose sugar dehydrogenase YliIM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01454 DNA24Variable: No limits set 21722172Beta-glucosidase BoGH3BM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01455 (folB) DNA9Variable: No limits set 357357Dihydroneopterin aldolaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01456 (rpsU) DNA3Variable: No limits set 21621630S ribosomal protein S21M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01457 (yqeY) DNA9Variable: No limits set 447447putative protein YqeYM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01458 (dnaG) DNA20Variable: No limits set 17491749DNA primaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01459 (ctaB) DNA17Variable: No limits set 897897Protoheme IX farnesyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01460 (ctaA) DNA19Variable: No limits set 11641164Heme A synthaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01461 DNA2Variable: No limits set 219219hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01462 (ctaE) DNA20Variable: No limits set 876876Cytochrome c oxidase subunit 3M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01463 (ctaG) DNA13Variable: No limits set 597597Cytochrome c oxidase assembly protein CtaGM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01464 DNA9Variable: No limits set 174174hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01465 (ctaD) DNA18Variable: No limits set 16051605Cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01466 (putA) DNA25Variable: No limits set 32013201Bifunctional protein PutAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01467 (mepM_4) DNA22Variable: No limits set 14071419Murein DD-endopeptidase MepMM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01468 (anmK) DNA22Variable: No limits set 11341146Anhydro-N-acetylmuramic acid kinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01469 DNA5Variable: No limits set 228228hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01470 (exoA) DNA14Variable: No limits set 801801ExodeoxyribonucleaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01471 (pyrE) DNA19Variable: No limits set 660660Orotate phosphoribosyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01472 (soj_3) DNA12Variable: No limits set 798798Sporulation initiation inhibitor protein SojM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01473 (parB) DNA23Variable: No limits set 927930putative chromosome-partitioning protein ParBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01474 DNA7Variable: No limits set 309309hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01475 (rgtE) DNA13Variable: No limits set 723723Dodecaprenyl-phosphate galacturonate synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01476 DNA11Variable: No limits set 342342hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01477 (algC_2) DNA22Variable: No limits set 23462346Phosphomannomutase/phosphoglucomutaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01478 (dut) DNA13Variable: No limits set 468468Deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01479 (coaBC) DNA16Variable: No limits set 12751275Coenzyme A biosynthesis bifunctional protein CoaBCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01480 DNA19Variable: No limits set 732732hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01481 (sdh) DNA13Variable: No limits set 756756Serine 3-dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01482 (speA) DNA21Variable: No limits set 18871893Biosynthetic arginine decarboxylaseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01483 (speE) DNA18Variable: No limits set 858858Polyamine aminopropyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01484 DNA17Variable: No limits set 657657hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01485 (nagJ) DNA23Variable: No limits set 19862001O-GlcNAcase NagJM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01486 (yqiC) DNA9Variable: No limits set 279282putative protein YqiCM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01487 DNA4Variable: No limits set 177177hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01488 (fabR) DNA14Variable: No limits set 648648HTH-type transcriptional repressor FabRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01489 (qmcA_2) DNA16Variable: No limits set 11251125hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01490 DNA14Variable: No limits set 798801hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01491 (menH_2) DNA18Variable: No limits set 870870hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01492 DNA22Variable: No limits set 10951095hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01493 DNA7Variable: No limits set 165165hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01494 DNA10Variable: No limits set 282282hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01495 DNA11Variable: No limits set 276276hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01496 DNA16Variable: No limits set 594594hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01497 (qseB) DNA14Variable: No limits set 666666Transcriptional regulatory protein QseBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01498 DNA12Variable: No limits set 288291hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01499 (degP) DNA23Variable: No limits set 14371437Periplasmic serine endoprotease DegPM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01500 DNA13Variable: No limits set 486486hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01501 (tqsA) DNA18Variable: No limits set 11071107AI-2 transport protein TqsAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01502 (pepA_2) DNA21Variable: No limits set 13711371Cytosol aminopeptidaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01503 (macB_2) DNA19Variable: No limits set 11611161Macrolide export ATP-binding/permease protein MacBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01504 (pqsE) DNA19Variable: No limits set 9459452-aminobenzoylacetyl-CoA thioesteraseM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01505 (trpS) DNA18Variable: No limits set 12901290Tryptophan--tRNA ligaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01506 DNA7Variable: No limits set 210210hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01507 DNA5Variable: No limits set 135135hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01508 DNA3Variable: No limits set 153153hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01509 (rocF) DNA20Variable: No limits set 924924ArginaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01510 DNA12Variable: No limits set 453453hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01511 DNA11Variable: No limits set 360360hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01512 DNA20Variable: No limits set 894897hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01513 (tmk) DNA13Variable: No limits set 684684Thymidylate kinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01514 (mtfA) DNA14Variable: No limits set 756756Protein MtfAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01515 (phoQ) DNA18Variable: No limits set 14161416Sensor protein PhoQM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01516 DNA11Variable: No limits set 303303hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01517 (dusA) DNA14Variable: No limits set 10051005tRNA-dihydrouridine(20/20a) synthaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01518 DNA7Variable: No limits set 225225hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01519 DNA16Variable: No limits set 570594hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01520 (katB) DNA20Variable: No limits set 11821182CatalaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01521 (dinG_2) DNA22Variable: No limits set 21362136putative ATP-dependent helicase DinGM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01522 DNA12Variable: No limits set 237237hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01523 DNA13Variable: No limits set 375375hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01524 (aroE) DNA19Variable: No limits set 852852Shikimate dehydrogenase (NADP(+))M. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01525 (tolB_2) DNA16Variable: No limits set 882882Protein TolBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01526 (hemB) DNA18Variable: No limits set 990993Delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydrataseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01527 DNA11Variable: No limits set 249249hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01528 DNA15Variable: No limits set 702702hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01529 (tonB) DNA19Variable: No limits set 9931017Protein TonBM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01530 (natB) DNA19Variable: No limits set 11881212ABC transporter permease protein NatBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01531 DNA8Variable: No limits set 201201hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01532 DNA16Variable: No limits set 588588hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01533 (xynB_1) DNA24Variable: No limits set 15631563Beta-xylosidaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01534 (frmR_1) DNA9Variable: No limits set 273273Transcriptional repressor FrmRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01535 (czcD_2) DNA58Variable: No limits set 9931092Cadmium, cobalt and zinc/H(+)-K(+) antiporterM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01536 DNA12Variable: No limits set 549549hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01537 DNA14Variable: No limits set 402402putative acyl-CoA thioester hydrolaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01538 (nrdB) DNA15Variable: No limits set 10441044Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase subunit betaM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01539 (nrdE) DNA19Variable: No limits set 24992511Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase 2 subunit alphaM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01540 DNA22Variable: No limits set 17731773TrehalaseM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01541 (ycgL) DNA7Variable: No limits set 261261Protein YcgLM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01542 (fabF_2) DNA18Variable: No limits set 120012003-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] synthase 2M. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01543 DNA11Variable: No limits set 747747hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01544 (acpP_2) DNA4Variable: No limits set 270270Acyl carrier proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01545 (mnmC) DNA18Variable: No limits set 13861386tRNA 5-methylaminomethyl-2-thiouridine biosynthesis bifunctional protein MnmCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01546 DNA19Variable: No limits set 717717hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01547 (hemF) DNA18Variable: No limits set 900900Oxygen-dependent coproporphyrinogen-III oxidaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01548 (polA_2) DNA25Variable: No limits set 28052805DNA polymerase IM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01549 (shlB_2) DNA18Variable: No limits set 16771677Hemolysin transporter protein ShlBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01550 (motB_3) DNA21Variable: No limits set 12601260Motility protein BM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01551 DNA19Variable: No limits set 13321335hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01552 (bioC_3) DNA21Variable: No limits set 13231332Malonyl-[acyl-carrier protein] O-methyltransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01553 DNA9Variable: No limits set 288288hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01554 DNA9Variable: No limits set 540540hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01555 DNA23Variable: No limits set 10411041hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01556 DNA18Variable: No limits set 504510hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01557 (rpmB) DNA7Variable: No limits set 23723750S ribosomal protein L28M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01558 (czcB_1) DNA22Variable: No limits set 12721284Cobalt-zinc-cadmium resistance protein CzcBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01559 (rsmG) DNA14Variable: No limits set 639639Ribosomal RNA small subunit methyltransferase GM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01560 DNA9Variable: No limits set 252252hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01561 DNA15Variable: No limits set 438438hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01562 (xthA_2) DNA15Variable: No limits set 780780Exodeoxyribonuclease IIIM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01563 (actP) DNA22Variable: No limits set 17281728Cation/acetate symporter ActPM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01564 DNA19Variable: No limits set 13771383hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01565 (acsA) DNA21Variable: No limits set 19441944Acetyl-coenzyme A synthetaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01566 DNA6Variable: No limits set 204204hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01567 (pld1_1) DNA21Variable: No limits set 10081011Pyridoxal 4-dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01568 DNA17Variable: No limits set 7717712-keto-3-deoxy-L-fuconate dehydrogenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01569 DNA15Variable: No limits set 858858Ureidoglycolate lyaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01570 DNA17Variable: No limits set 13231323L-fuconate dehydrataseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01571 (kdgR_2) DNA18Variable: No limits set 750750Transcriptional regulator KdgRM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01572 DNA26Variable: No limits set 24002400Cellobionic acid phosphorylaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01573 DNA18Variable: No limits set 585585GluconokinaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01574 (glyQ) DNA19Variable: No limits set 909909Glycine--tRNA ligase alpha subunitM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01575 (epsE_2) DNA18Variable: No limits set 18151815Type II secretion system protein EM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01576 (guaA_2) DNA18Variable: No limits set 753753GMP synthase [glutamine-hydrolyzing]M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01577 DNA18Variable: No limits set 900900hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01578 (tatC) DNA15Variable: No limits set 738738Sec-independent protein translocase protein TatCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01579 (tatB) DNA16Variable: No limits set 627627Sec-independent protein translocase protein TatBM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01580 (tatA) DNA5Variable: No limits set 228228Sec-independent protein translocase protein TatAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01581 (hemH) DNA21Variable: No limits set 966966FerrochelataseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01582 DNA21Variable: No limits set 786786hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01583 (rdgC) DNA18Variable: No limits set 906906Recombination-associated protein RdgCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01584 (ttcA) DNA18Variable: No limits set 918921tRNA-cytidine(32) 2-sulfurtransferaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01585 (degA) DNA17Variable: No limits set 10681074HTH-type transcriptional regulator DegAM. Enright2020-02-08
XCIT01586 DNA25Variable: No limits set 16921695Non-reducing end alpha-L-arabinofuranosidase BoGH43AM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01587 (por) DNA22Variable: No limits set 14731473Polyol:NADP oxidoreductaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01588 (nanM) DNA20Variable: No limits set 10231023N-acetylneuraminate epimeraseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01589 (slmA) DNA15Variable: No limits set 747747Nucleoid occlusion factor SlmAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01590 (ccpA) DNA22Variable: No limits set 10471053Catabolite control protein AM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01591 (oar_7) DNA22Variable: No limits set 30393039Protein oarM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01592 (oar_8) DNA33Variable: No limits set 30363036Protein oarM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01593 (hel) DNA20Variable: No limits set 10111017Lipoprotein EM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01594 DNA11Variable: No limits set 537537hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01595 (rep) DNA19Variable: No limits set 19771977ATP-dependent DNA helicase RepM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01596 (bphO) DNA17Variable: No limits set 594594Heme oxygenaseM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01597 (tetA) DNA16Variable: No limits set 12661266Tetracycline resistance protein, class CM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01598 DNA16Variable: No limits set 702702hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01599 DNA21Variable: No limits set 14701470putative protein/MSMEI_1241M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01600 (folE) DNA13Variable: No limits set 603603GTP cyclohydrolase 1M. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01601 DNA11Variable: No limits set 453453Transcriptional regulator SlyAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01602 (aaeX) DNA10Variable: No limits set 210210Protein AaeXM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01603 (oprM_6) DNA23Variable: No limits set 14371461Outer membrane protein OprMM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01604 (recC) DNA29Variable: No limits set 33873405RecBCD enzyme subunit RecCM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01605 (mlaF) DNA17Variable: No limits set 795795putative phospholipid import ATP-binding protein MlaFM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01606 (mlaE_2) DNA17Variable: No limits set 750750putative phospholipid ABC transporter permease protein MlaEM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01607 (mlaC) DNA12Variable: No limits set 663663putative phospholipid-binding protein MlaCM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01608 DNA9Variable: No limits set 291291hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01609 (mlaA) DNA20Variable: No limits set 10561056putative phospholipid-binding lipoprotein MlaAM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01610 DNA20Variable: No limits set 15601581hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01611 DNA9Variable: No limits set 231231hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01612 DNA15Variable: No limits set 381381hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01613 (rlmI) DNA14Variable: No limits set 11671167Ribosomal RNA large subunit methyltransferase IM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01614 (alx) DNA19Variable: No limits set 957957Putative membrane-bound redox modulator AlxM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01615 DNA8Variable: No limits set 11251125hypothetical proteinM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01616 (glpQ_2) DNA16Variable: No limits set 10951098Glycerophosphodiester phosphodiesterase, periplasmicM. Enright2020-02-09
XCIT01617 (rnpA) DNA14Variable: No limits set 285288Ribonuclease P protein componentM. Enright2020-02-07
XCIT01618 (rpmH) DNA7Variable: No limits set 14114150S ribosomal protein L34M. Enright2020-02-07