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XCIT00001 (dnaA)
XCIT00002 (dnaN)
XCIT00003 (recF)
XCIT00004 (gyrB)
XCIT00005 (tolQ_2)
XCIT00006 (exbD_4)
XCIT00007 (exbD_2)
XCIT00008 (pdxJ)
XCIT00009 (group_22352)
XCIT00010 (ywiE_1)
XCIT00011 (ghrB_1)
XCIT00012 (envC)
XCIT00013 (group_4625)
XCIT00014 (egl_4)
XCIT00015 (egl_2)
XCIT00016 (yahK)
XCIT00017 (gltD)
XCIT00018 (gltB)
XCIT00019 (group_5416)
XCIT00020 (group_7730)
XCIT00021 (group_22525)
XCIT00022 (group_2044)
XCIT00023 (nagK_1)
XCIT00024 (group_2167)
XCIT00025 (gmm)
XCIT00026 (trxA_3)
XCIT00027 (group_5406)
XCIT00028 (group_22518)
XCIT00029 (group_4610)
XCIT00030 (group_10148)
XCIT00031 (nirQ)
XCIT00032 (group_4609)
XCIT00033 (tldD_2)
XCIT00034 (fbp_1)
XCIT00035 (hemR)
XCIT00036 (fabV)
XCIT00037 (kdgK_2)
XCIT00038 (group_7711)
XCIT00039 (glgE2)
XCIT00040 (pld1_2)
XCIT00041 (pnbA_2)
XCIT00042 (mhpD)
XCIT00043 (group_2618)
XCIT00044 (kduD)
XCIT00045 (group_22256)
XCIT00046 (decR)
XCIT00047 (fpvA)
XCIT00048 (group_7705)
XCIT00049 (ylmA)
XCIT00050 (group_4596)
XCIT00051 (opuCA)
XCIT00052 (egtD)
XCIT00053 (group_9276)
XCIT00054 (group_9275)
XCIT00055 (group_6397)
XCIT00056 (group_9274)
XCIT00057 (clsC_1)
XCIT00058 (group_4594)
XCIT00059 (glnA)
XCIT00060 (glnK)
XCIT00061 (amtB)
XCIT00062 (glnL)
XCIT00063 (glnG_1)
XCIT00064 (yojM_2)
XCIT00065 (group_9269)
XCIT00066 (hemD)
XCIT00067 (group_5926)
XCIT00068 (group_22272)
XCIT00069 (secB)
XCIT00070 (gpsA)
XCIT00071 (group_9264)
XCIT00072 (group_4589)
XCIT00073 (trmL)
XCIT00074 (group_22521)
XCIT00075 (fabH2)
XCIT00076 (dhaA)
XCIT00077 (group_6394)
XCIT00078 (tycC_1)
XCIT00079 (oleD_1)
XCIT00080 (group_21588)
XCIT00081 (group_7690)
XCIT00082 (ubiB_1)
XCIT00083 (truC)
XCIT00084 (group_3462)
XCIT00085 (plsC_2)
XCIT00086 (iaaA)
XCIT00087 (dcp_1)
XCIT00088 (group_5392)
XCIT00089 (cmpR)
XCIT00090 (aceB)
XCIT00091 (aceA)
XCIT00092 (dosC_1)
XCIT00093 (accA1_1)
XCIT00094 (pccB)
XCIT00095 (acdA_1)
XCIT00096 (kstR)
XCIT00097 (group_21610)
XCIT00098 (group_9255)
XCIT00099 (group_4008)
XCIT00100 (group_9253)
XCIT00101 (group_22339)
XCIT00102 (group_6389)
XCIT00103 (group_5390)
XCIT00104 (ohrR)
XCIT00105 (ohrA)
XCIT00106 (bpoC)
XCIT00107 (group_4006)
XCIT00108 (group_9251)
XCIT00109 (curA)
XCIT00110 (tas)
XCIT00111 (group_9248)
XCIT00112 (group_5168)
XCIT00113 (pucL)
XCIT00114 (group_4584)
XCIT00115 (pucG)
XCIT00116 (group_6380)
XCIT00117 (hpxW)
XCIT00118 (rihB)
XCIT00119 (group_10130)
XCIT00120 (tatD)
XCIT00121 (ynfM)
XCIT00122 (cobB)
XCIT00123 (namA)
XCIT00124 (Hgd)
XCIT00125 (group_9242)
XCIT00126 (queH)
XCIT00127 (msuE_1)
XCIT00128 (group_7677)
XCIT00129 (qorB)
XCIT00130 (yybR)
XCIT00131 (ilvD)
XCIT00132 (yrdA)
XCIT00133 (group_8353)
XCIT00134 (btr_1)
XCIT00135 (group_7013)
XCIT00136 (glpK)
XCIT00137 (pobB)
XCIT00138 (pcaF)
XCIT00139 (pcaH)
XCIT00140 (group_9972)
XCIT00141 (menH_1)
XCIT00142 (pcaR)
XCIT00143 (group_22380)
XCIT00144 (group_8351)
XCIT00145 (mnmG)
XCIT00146 (group_5913)
XCIT00147 (group_4402)
XCIT00148 (bioC_1)
XCIT00149 (bioB)
XCIT00150 (group_7007)
XCIT00151 (group_22327)
XCIT00152 (fliP_1)
XCIT00153 (yscU)
XCIT00154 (group_5906)
XCIT00155 (group_8347)
XCIT00156 (nolT)
XCIT00157 (yscN)
XCIT00158 (spaR)
XCIT00159 (yscC)
XCIT00160 (group_9223)
XCIT00161 (mdoB)
XCIT00162 (yedI)
XCIT00163 (treZ)
XCIT00164 (malQ)
XCIT00165 (group_8341)
XCIT00166 (glgX_1)
XCIT00167 (ycdF)
XCIT00168 (norW)
XCIT00169 (group_9962)
XCIT00170 (group_7002)
XCIT00171 (pdhC)
XCIT00172 (group_8337)
XCIT00173 (pdhB)
XCIT00174 (pdhA)
XCIT00175 (kynA)
XCIT00176 (dtpB)
XCIT00177 (group_9960)
XCIT00178 (hosA)
XCIT00179 (hpd)
XCIT00180 (mrpG)
XCIT00181 (mrpF)
XCIT00182 (mnhE1)
XCIT00183 (mrpD)
XCIT00184 (mnhC1)
XCIT00185 (oleD_2)
XCIT00186 (purC)
XCIT00187 (djlA)
XCIT00188 (rpe)
XCIT00189 (group_8332)
XCIT00190 (trpC)
XCIT00191 (group_9956)
XCIT00192 (speD)
XCIT00193 (sugE)
XCIT00194 (coq7)
XCIT00195 (rplM)
XCIT00196 (rpsI)
XCIT00197 (rppH)
XCIT00198 (bfr_1)
XCIT00199 (mtrA)
XCIT00200 (erpA)
XCIT00201 (group_8329)
XCIT00202 (oxyR_4)
XCIT00203 (group_2814)
XCIT00204 (group_6991)
XCIT00205 (purH)
XCIT00206 (accC)
XCIT00207 (accB)
XCIT00208 (aroQ1)
XCIT00209 (dsbD_2)
XCIT00210 (bsn)
XCIT00211 (groL)
XCIT00212 (group_5884)
XCIT00213 (group_9946)
XCIT00214 (pcp_3)
XCIT00215 (group_3251)
XCIT00216 (rutE)
XCIT00217 (yceI_3)
XCIT00218 (madA)
XCIT00219 (mdcC)
XCIT00220 (madC)
XCIT00221 (aceE)
XCIT00222 (rclR)
XCIT00223 (group_22355)
XCIT00224 (group_5877)
XCIT00225 (cycA)
XCIT00226 (group_4388)
XCIT00227 (treA)
XCIT00228 (group_2879)
XCIT00229 (group_8317)
XCIT00230 (group_6970)
XCIT00231 (group_6968)
XCIT00232 (opgH)
XCIT00233 (btsR_1)
XCIT00234 (hemC)
XCIT00235 (group_6966)
XCIT00236 (aspC_1)
XCIT00237 (ybaN)
XCIT00238 (dcsC)
XCIT00239 (hslV)
XCIT00240 (tadA_1)
XCIT00241 (group_2458)
XCIT00242 (ubiE)
XCIT00243 (gph_1)
XCIT00244 (frmA_1)
XCIT00245 (mrdA)
XCIT00246 (dacC)
XCIT00247 (group_22330)
XCIT00248 (lipB)
XCIT00249 (prc)
XCIT00250 (group_5856)
XCIT00251 (group_9930)
XCIT00252 (group_2808)
XCIT00253 (group_7144)
XCIT00254 (group_22425)
XCIT00255 (osmY)
XCIT00256 (cckA_1)
XCIT00257 (folK_1)
XCIT00258 (fabG_3)
XCIT00259 (group_6957)
XCIT00260 (group_5853)
XCIT00261 (group_10555)
XCIT00262 (group_4377)
XCIT00263 (pulD)
XCIT00264 (epsE_1)
XCIT00265 (epsF_1)
XCIT00266 (group_4370)
XCIT00267 (group_1555)
XCIT00268 (yvoA_1)
XCIT00269 (fucP_1)
XCIT00270 (cytR_2)
XCIT00271 (glmS_2)
XCIT00272 (agaAII)
XCIT00273 (cca)
XCIT00274 (betB)
XCIT00275 (group_9915)
XCIT00276 (cc4)
XCIT00277 (egtA)
XCIT00278 (ompR)
XCIT00279 (frmA_2)
XCIT00280 (gfa)
XCIT00281 (frmB)
XCIT00282 (yddE_2)
XCIT00283 (glyA)
XCIT00284 (nrdR)
XCIT00285 (group_8301)
XCIT00286 (ribD)
XCIT00287 (ribH)
XCIT00288 (nusB)
XCIT00289 (thiL)
XCIT00290 (kdpB)
XCIT00291 (rsmI)
XCIT00292 (murF)
XCIT00293 (murC)
XCIT00294 (ddlB)
XCIT00295 (ftsA_2)
XCIT00296 (lpxC)
XCIT00297 (group_9907)
XCIT00298 (secA)
XCIT00299 (group_6950)
XCIT00300 (araA)
XCIT00301 (tam_2)
XCIT00302 (group_6946)
XCIT00303 (group_4368)
XCIT00304 (ahcY)
XCIT00305 (ppc)
XCIT00306 (group_8289)
XCIT00307 (group_11047)
XCIT00308 (btuB_5)
XCIT00309 (rebM)
XCIT00310 (dus)
XCIT00311 (rbsK)
XCIT00312 (nupX)
XCIT00313 (gpr_1)
XCIT00314 (group_22502)
XCIT00315 (group_22484)
XCIT00316 (cmpD)
XCIT00317 (group_9901)
XCIT00318 (tauD)
XCIT00319 (group_8284)
XCIT00320 (lolD_1)
XCIT00321 (tesA)
XCIT00322 (mprA_1)
XCIT00323 (cusS)
XCIT00324 (dgkA)
XCIT00325 (lemA)
XCIT00326 (zraR_1)
XCIT00327 (soxC_2)
XCIT00328 (ssuC_2)
XCIT00329 (ssuA_1)
XCIT00330 (ssuD)
XCIT00331 (soxC_1)
XCIT00332 (gsiC)
XCIT00333 (apaG)
XCIT00334 (pdxA)
XCIT00335 (surA)
XCIT00336 (ubiH)
XCIT00337 (group_4362)
XCIT00338 (rspR)
XCIT00339 (ligB_2)
XCIT00340 (galA)
XCIT00341 (gbpR_1)
XCIT00342 (group_9891)
XCIT00343 (slyA_1)
XCIT00344 (group_5835)
XCIT00345 (group_9890)
XCIT00346 (gnl_1)
XCIT00347 (gfo)
XCIT00348 (guaD)
XCIT00349 (group_7148)
XCIT00350 (ytfF)
XCIT00351 (glnS)
XCIT00352 (vraR)
XCIT00353 (msrA)
XCIT00354 (ydeA)
XCIT00355 (tal)
XCIT00356 (rnk)
XCIT00357 (ahpF)
XCIT00358 (ahpC)
XCIT00359 (prmC_1)
XCIT00360 (pip_2)
XCIT00361 (group_4359)
XCIT00362 (act)
XCIT00363 (polA_1)
XCIT00364 (ydjA)
XCIT00365 (group_22285)
XCIT00366 (sufT)
XCIT00367 (ilvE)
XCIT00368 (bprV_3)
XCIT00369 (ybaK)
XCIT00370 (ansA)
XCIT00371 (group_9880)
XCIT00372 (resA)
XCIT00373 (prfA)
XCIT00374 (hemA)
XCIT00375 (ispE)
XCIT00376 (prs)
XCIT00377 (rplY)
XCIT00378 (ychF)
XCIT00379 (secE)
XCIT00380 (nusG)
XCIT00381 (rplK)
XCIT00382 (rplA)
XCIT00383 (rplL)
XCIT00384 (rpoC)
XCIT00385 (rpsL)
XCIT00386 (rpsG)
XCIT00387 (fusA)
XCIT00388 (rpsJ)
XCIT00389 (rplC)
XCIT00390 (rplD)
XCIT00391 (rplW)
XCIT00392 (rplB)
XCIT00393 (rpsS)
XCIT00394 (rplV)
XCIT00395 (rpsC)
XCIT00396 (rplP)
XCIT00397 (rpmC)
XCIT00398 (rpsQ)
XCIT00399 (rplN)
XCIT00400 (rplX)
XCIT00401 (rplE)
XCIT00402 (rpsH)
XCIT00403 (rplF)
XCIT00404 (rplR)
XCIT00405 (rpsE)
XCIT00406 (rpmD)
XCIT00407 (rplO)
XCIT00408 (secY)
XCIT00409 (rpsM)
XCIT00410 (rpsK)
XCIT00411 (rpsD)
XCIT00412 (rpoA)
XCIT00413 (rplQ)
XCIT00414 (dsbB)
XCIT00415 (group_21608)
XCIT00416 (typA)
XCIT00417 (ppiB)
XCIT00418 (mdh)
XCIT00419 (group_9868)
XCIT00420 (oprF)
XCIT00421 (group_22400)
XCIT00422 (kbl)
XCIT00423 (sbp)
XCIT00424 (cysT)
XCIT00425 (cysW)
XCIT00426 (cysA_2)
XCIT00427 (group_9866)
XCIT00428 (fecA_2)
XCIT00429 (pspA)
XCIT00430 (dedD)
XCIT00431 (cvpA)
XCIT00432 (ppk)
XCIT00433 (phoB)
XCIT00434 (tig)
XCIT00435 (clpP)
XCIT00436 (clpX)
XCIT00437 (lon)
XCIT00438 (hupB)
XCIT00439 (ppiD)
XCIT00440 (group_5813)
XCIT00441 (rnhA)
XCIT00442 (dnaQ)
XCIT00443 (prpC_2)
XCIT00444 (group_22177)
XCIT00445 (rbn)
XCIT00446 (moaA)
XCIT00447 (moaC)
XCIT00448 (moaD)
XCIT00449 (moaE)
XCIT00450 (ybaB)
XCIT00451 (group_22514)
XCIT00452 (group_5811)
XCIT00453 (yceD)
XCIT00454 (rpmF)
XCIT00455 (fabD_1)
XCIT00456 (fabG_1)
XCIT00457 (acpP_1)
XCIT00458 (fabF_1)
XCIT00459 (pabB)
XCIT00460 (group_22200)
XCIT00461 (group_5809)
XCIT00462 (prpR)
XCIT00463 (prpB)
XCIT00464 (prpC_1)
XCIT00465 (acnD)
XCIT00466 (group_5003)
XCIT00467 (glpQ_1)
XCIT00468 (pbpC)
XCIT00469 (group_22344)
XCIT00470 (hspA)
XCIT00471 (cbpA)
XCIT00472 (pleD_2)
XCIT00473 (hflK)
XCIT00474 (hflC)
XCIT00475 (purA)
XCIT00476 (yghA_1)
XCIT00477 (group_8245)
XCIT00478 (bluF_1)
XCIT00479 (spoT_1)
XCIT00480 (group_6876)
XCIT00481 (gcvP)
XCIT00482 (group_21623)
XCIT00483 (eptA)
XCIT00484 (mprA_2)
XCIT00485 (qseC_1)
XCIT00486 (group_5802)
XCIT00487 (minE)
XCIT00488 (minD)
XCIT00489 (group_6875)
XCIT00490 (desK_1)
XCIT00491 (degU_2)
XCIT00492 (group_9832)
XCIT00493 (alkA_1)
XCIT00494 (group_9830)
XCIT00495 (group_9829)
XCIT00496 (group_8578)
XCIT00497 (bpt)
XCIT00498 (group_5800)
XCIT00499 (group_9826)
XCIT00500 (uvrA_1)
XCIT00501 (rplU)
XCIT00502 (rpmA)
XCIT00503 (obg)
XCIT00504 (rpsT)
XCIT00505 (murJ)
XCIT00506 (ileS)
XCIT00507 (ispH)
XCIT00508 (cyoA)
XCIT00509 (radA)
XCIT00510 (yhaI)
XCIT00511 (srrA)
XCIT00512 (rsbRA)
XCIT00513 (rsbT)
XCIT00514 (rsbX)
XCIT00515 (group_9819)
XCIT00516 (trxC)
XCIT00517 (ybaA)
XCIT00518 (bphP_1)
XCIT00519 (cheB3)
XCIT00520 (barA_2)
XCIT00521 (abf2)
XCIT00522 (ffh)
XCIT00523 (group_2775)
XCIT00524 (rpsP)
XCIT00525 (rimM)
XCIT00526 (trmD)
XCIT00527 (gstB_1)
XCIT00528 (group_8228)
XCIT00529 (acdA_2)
XCIT00530 (crt_1)
XCIT00531 (mmsB)
XCIT00532 (rpoE_1)
XCIT00533 (degQ)
XCIT00534 (lepA)
XCIT00535 (lepB)
XCIT00536 (recO)
XCIT00537 (rlmD)
XCIT00538 (group_5784)
XCIT00539 (phrB)
XCIT00540 (hpt)
XCIT00541 (scoF)
XCIT00542 (thlA)
XCIT00543 (group_5165)
XCIT00544 (ldh)
XCIT00545 (ygjP)
XCIT00546 (group_8217)
XCIT00547 (ybiI)
XCIT00548 (group_4986)
XCIT00549 (group_22438)
XCIT00550 (hscA)
XCIT00551 (group_22513)
XCIT00552 (ydhP_1)
XCIT00553 (group_22249)
XCIT00554 (group_2495)
XCIT00555 (group_6834)
XCIT00556 (group_8216)
XCIT00557 (mprF)
XCIT00558 (rutC)
XCIT00559 (group_8215)
XCIT00560 (ufaA1)
XCIT00561 (group_9803)
XCIT00562 (group_8213)
XCIT00563 (group_8212)
XCIT00564 (group_8211)
XCIT00565 (group_8210)
XCIT00566 (metG)
XCIT00567 (group_8209)
XCIT00568 (yxlF)
XCIT00569 (rocC)
XCIT00570 (group_9797)
XCIT00571 (group_21668)
XCIT00572 (bepA_1)
XCIT00573 (accA)
XCIT00574 (dnaE)
XCIT00575 (fabZ)
XCIT00576 (lpxD_1)
XCIT00577 (bamA)
XCIT00578 (rseP)
XCIT00579 (uppS)
XCIT00580 (frr)
XCIT00581 (pyrH)
XCIT00582 (dosC_3)
XCIT00583 (tsf)
XCIT00584 (group_6304)
XCIT00585 (yraJ)
XCIT00586 (map_1)
XCIT00587 (dapE)
XCIT00588 (asnB_1)
XCIT00589 (fhuA_1)
XCIT00590 (bfr_2)
XCIT00591 (slyA_2)
XCIT00592 (bglB)
XCIT00593 (group_21652)
XCIT00594 (group_22528)
XCIT00595 (gpx1_1)
XCIT00596 (fpr)
XCIT00597 (gst_2)
XCIT00598 (group_9782)
XCIT00599 (acdA_3)
XCIT00600 (asnB_2)
XCIT00601 (group_4977)
XCIT00602 (dnaB)
XCIT00603 (phrA)
XCIT00604 (dmlR_3)
XCIT00605 (actIII)
XCIT00606 (smpB)
XCIT00607 (bamE)
XCIT00608 (fur)
XCIT00609 (recN)
XCIT00610 (hrcA)
XCIT00611 (grpE)
XCIT00612 (tyrA)
XCIT00613 (group_9774)
XCIT00614 (group_9773)
XCIT00615 (apxIB_1)
XCIT00616 (oxyR_3)
XCIT00617 (yvdD)
XCIT00618 (sucB)
XCIT00619 (sucA)
XCIT00620 (group_4976)
XCIT00621 (fumC)
XCIT00622 (group_8195)
XCIT00623 (group_6807)
XCIT00624 (group_21597)
XCIT00625 (ytrB)
XCIT00626 (ytrA)
XCIT00627 (gpx1_2)
XCIT00628 (fkpA)
XCIT00629 (tuaD)
XCIT00630 (slyX)
XCIT00631 (group_8194)
XCIT00632 (scrK)
XCIT00633 (yihS)
XCIT00634 (group_4302)
XCIT00635 (rnr)
XCIT00636 (rlmB)
XCIT00637 (rnt)
XCIT00638 (phoU)
XCIT00639 (pstB)
XCIT00640 (pstA)
XCIT00641 (pstC)
XCIT00642 (pstS_2)
XCIT00643 (pstS_1)
XCIT00644 (oprP_2)
XCIT00645 (group_4301)
XCIT00646 (dauA_2)
XCIT00647 (nth)
XCIT00648 (group_6804)
XCIT00649 (crt_3)
XCIT00650 (mip)
XCIT00651 (nudL)
XCIT00652 (sseB)
XCIT00653 (group_8534)
XCIT00654 (group_9754)
XCIT00655 (rlmL)
XCIT00656 (group_8190)
XCIT00657 (fdh)
XCIT00658 (group_22420)
XCIT00659 (sbcB)
XCIT00660 (kmo)
XCIT00661 (kynU)
XCIT00662 (nbaC)
XCIT00663 (can)
XCIT00664 (group_9748)
XCIT00665 (group_5760)
XCIT00666 (group_8182)
XCIT00667 (nreC_1)
XCIT00668 (group_5759)
XCIT00669 (paiB)
XCIT00670 (group_9747)
XCIT00671 (group_22431)
XCIT00672 (asnS)
XCIT00673 (sufA)
XCIT00674 (rpsF)
XCIT00675 (rpsR)
XCIT00676 (smc_1)
XCIT00677 (zipA)
XCIT00678 (epmA)
XCIT00679 (group_9742)
XCIT00680 (mtnA)
XCIT00681 (gyrA)
XCIT00682 (hutU)
XCIT00683 (hutH)
XCIT00684 (hutI)
XCIT00685 (group_8174)
XCIT00686 (yvoA_2)
XCIT00687 (group_8173)
XCIT00688 (serC)
XCIT00689 (pheA)
XCIT00690 (aroA)
XCIT00691 (group_8171)
XCIT00692 (cpdR_2)
XCIT00693 (group_3200)
XCIT00694 (ccmF_2)
XCIT00695 (ccmE_2)
XCIT00696 (ccmC_2)
XCIT00697 (isp)
XCIT00698 (group_9732)
XCIT00699 (rpoE_2)
XCIT00700 (group_8167)
XCIT00701 (yodB_2)
XCIT00702 (fdtA)
XCIT00703 (epsM)
XCIT00704 (group_6793)
XCIT00705 (group_8166)
XCIT00706 (wzxE)
XCIT00707 (group_6790)
XCIT00708 (group_9729)
XCIT00709 (lexA_2)
XCIT00710 (recA)
XCIT00711 (alaS)
XCIT00712 (csrA)
XCIT00713 (yhaJ)
XCIT00714 (group_6787)
XCIT00715 (group_5742)
XCIT00716 (group_21664)
XCIT00717 (bcp)
XCIT00718 (group_22435)
XCIT00719 (gcvR)
XCIT00720 (dapA_2)
XCIT00721 (group_22377)
XCIT00722 (fdxA)
XCIT00723 (dgoK1)
XCIT00724 (araB)
XCIT00725 (dgoD)
XCIT00726 (dgoA)
XCIT00727 (gbpR_2)
XCIT00728 (group_6783)
XCIT00729 (group_6782)
XCIT00730 (group_3658)
XCIT00731 (group_7308)
XCIT00732 (folE2)
XCIT00733 (pcnB)
XCIT00734 (folK_2)
XCIT00735 (panB)
XCIT00736 (panC)
XCIT00737 (panD)
XCIT00738 (group_22372)
XCIT00739 (sglT)
XCIT00740 (cph2_2)
XCIT00741 (man5A)
XCIT00742 (regA)
XCIT00743 (murB)
XCIT00744 (pyrD)
XCIT00745 (group_5738)
XCIT00746 (gabD)
XCIT00747 (thrA)
XCIT00748 (group_4954)
XCIT00749 (thrC)
XCIT00750 (fixK)
XCIT00751 (hisS)
XCIT00752 (trpR)
XCIT00753 (hisG)
XCIT00754 (hisD)
XCIT00755 (hisC_2)
XCIT00756 (hisB)
XCIT00757 (hisH)
XCIT00758 (hisA)
XCIT00759 (hisF)
XCIT00760 (mtnC)
XCIT00761 (mtnD)
XCIT00762 (mtnB)
XCIT00763 (yhdG_3)
XCIT00764 (yhdG_2)
XCIT00765 (serA)
XCIT00766 (group_5724)
XCIT00767 (yeiP)
XCIT00768 (group_6768)
XCIT00769 (group_21593)
XCIT00770 (feoB)
XCIT00771 (group_4949)
XCIT00772 (lysN_1)
XCIT00773 (yiiM)
XCIT00774 (carB)
XCIT00775 (greA)
XCIT00776 (group_4948)
XCIT00777 (recJ)
XCIT00778 (atoS)
XCIT00779 (nreB)
XCIT00780 (mcp4)
XCIT00781 (hflD)
XCIT00782 (clpS)
XCIT00783 (trxB_2)
XCIT00784 (ftsK)
XCIT00785 (lolA)
XCIT00786 (rarA)
XCIT00787 (crcB)
XCIT00788 (fadA)
XCIT00789 (yttP)
XCIT00790 (ndk)
XCIT00791 (rlmN)
XCIT00792 (bepA_7)
XCIT00793 (rodZ)
XCIT00794 (group_22408)
XCIT00795 (bamB)
XCIT00796 (der)
XCIT00797 (moeA_1)
XCIT00798 (moeZ)
XCIT00799 (group_8094)
XCIT00800 (group_9652)
XCIT00801 (group_4931)
XCIT00802 (group_8092)
XCIT00803 (mntH)
XCIT00804 (mntR)
XCIT00805 (tadA_2)
XCIT00806 (orn)
XCIT00807 (mscS)
XCIT00808 (ppsR)
XCIT00809 (group_22538)
XCIT00810 (mutX)
XCIT00811 (bdhA)
XCIT00812 (phaE)
XCIT00813 (phaC)
XCIT00814 (group_9645)
XCIT00815 (group_9647)
XCIT00816 (group_22548)
XCIT00817 (group_8078)
XCIT00818 (eda)
XCIT00819 (edd)
XCIT00820 (ygfZ)
XCIT00821 (sdhC)
XCIT00822 (group_22429)
XCIT00823 (sdhA)
XCIT00824 (sdhB)
XCIT00825 (sdhE)
XCIT00826 (group_8083)
XCIT00827 (lolC)
XCIT00828 (lolD_2)
XCIT00829 (lpxK)
XCIT00830 (kdsB)
XCIT00831 (pgsA)
XCIT00832 (wbpA)
XCIT00833 (group_5707)
XCIT00834 (group_8085)
XCIT00835 (group_8541)
XCIT00836 (gacA_2)
XCIT00837 (rluC)
XCIT00838 (zupT)
XCIT00839 (group_8087)
XCIT00840 (group_21661)
XCIT00841 (nfuA)
XCIT00842 (guaA_1)
XCIT00843 (guaB_2)
XCIT00844 (folD)
XCIT00845 (gtaB)
XCIT00846 (pglF)
XCIT00847 (tagO)
XCIT00848 (lapB)
XCIT00849 (lapA)
XCIT00850 (ihfB)
XCIT00851 (rpsA)
XCIT00852 (cmk)
XCIT00853 (aguA)
XCIT00854 (group_9635)
XCIT00855 (mnaT)
XCIT00856 (group_7598)
XCIT00857 (rbsR)
XCIT00858 (bolA_2)
XCIT00859 (yciI)
XCIT00860 (scpA)
XCIT00861 (scpB)
XCIT00862 (ybdL)
XCIT00863 (ccmA)
XCIT00864 (ccmF_1)
XCIT00865 (dsbE_1)
XCIT00866 (ccmH_1)
XCIT00867 (group_8068)
XCIT00868 (group_5683)
XCIT00869 (msbA_1)
XCIT00870 (proA_1)
XCIT00871 (argC)
XCIT00872 (argE)
XCIT00873 (group_6722)
XCIT00874 (argG)
XCIT00875 (group_5680)
XCIT00876 (entS_1)
XCIT00877 (dksA)
XCIT00878 (yidD)
XCIT00879 (eutB)
XCIT00880 (eutC)
XCIT00881 (group_6719)
XCIT00882 (group_4891)
XCIT00883 (efp)
XCIT00884 (epmB)
XCIT00885 (phnD2)
XCIT00886 (trmJ)
XCIT00887 (suhB)
XCIT00888 (sodB_2)
XCIT00889 (rnaSA3)
XCIT00890 (group_9620)
XCIT00891 (dbpA_1)
XCIT00892 (apt)
XCIT00893 (group_2731)
XCIT00894 (yfcG_2)
XCIT00895 (gluQ)
XCIT00896 (phaB_2)
XCIT00897 (group_8051)
XCIT00898 (nnr)
XCIT00899 (queG)
XCIT00900 (xseA)
XCIT00901 (group_10209)
XCIT00902 (pkn1)
XCIT00903 (rnd)
XCIT00904 (group_6708)
XCIT00905 (dgcT)
XCIT00906 (group_8048)
XCIT00907 (rhlE_3)
XCIT00908 (sspA)
XCIT00909 (petC)
XCIT00910 (fbcH)
XCIT00911 (slt_2)
XCIT00912 (miaB)
XCIT00913 (ybeZ)
XCIT00914 (ybeY)
XCIT00915 (group_22474)
XCIT00916 (corC)
XCIT00917 (group_8046)
XCIT00918 (corA_2)
XCIT00919 (sad)
XCIT00920 (srpC)
XCIT00921 (potF)
XCIT00922 (spuC)
XCIT00923 (puuA_1)
XCIT00924 (fdhD)
XCIT00925 (yhjX)
XCIT00926 (group_9611)
XCIT00927 (barA_4)
XCIT00928 (rpfG_2)
XCIT00929 (gdh)
XCIT00930 (group_8040)
XCIT00931 (mepB)
XCIT00932 (secF)
XCIT00933 (secD)
XCIT00934 (yajC)
XCIT00935 (tgt)
XCIT00936 (lrp_2)
XCIT00937 (argD)
XCIT00938 (phyC)
XCIT00939 (cirA_6)
XCIT00940 (upp)
XCIT00941 (group_4236)
XCIT00942 (ggt)
XCIT00943 (fdx)
XCIT00944 (group_21607)
XCIT00945 (coaD)
XCIT00946 (group_4232)
XCIT00947 (group_9605)
XCIT00948 (group_5644)
XCIT00949 (dapA_1)
XCIT00950 (hcnB)
XCIT00951 (group_22444)
XCIT00952 (rhaS_3)
XCIT00953 (mutY)
XCIT00954 (group_8033)
XCIT00955 (group_22454)
XCIT00956 (group_6691)
XCIT00957 (dxs)
XCIT00958 (group_6685)
XCIT00959 (attM)
XCIT00960 (fabH_3)
XCIT00961 (group_7184)
XCIT00962 (group_8026)
XCIT00963 (tuaB)
XCIT00964 (gumI)
XCIT00965 (group_22404)
XCIT00966 (ptk)
XCIT00967 (mlrA)
XCIT00968 (ihfA)
XCIT00969 (pheT)
XCIT00970 (rplT)
XCIT00971 (rpmI)
XCIT00972 (infC)
XCIT00973 (thrS)
XCIT00974 (uvrB)
XCIT00975 (ppnN)
XCIT00976 (oar_2)
XCIT00977 (group_22257)
XCIT00978 (yciK)
XCIT00979 (sodB_1)
XCIT00980 (purK)
XCIT00981 (purE)
XCIT00982 (pnp)
XCIT00983 (rpsO)
XCIT00984 (rbfA)
XCIT00985 (infB)
XCIT00986 (rimP)
XCIT00987 (nuoN)
XCIT00988 (nuoM)
XCIT00989 (nuoL_1)
XCIT00990 (group_21662)
XCIT00991 (nuoJ)
XCIT00992 (nuoI)
XCIT00993 (nuoH)
XCIT00994 (nqo3)
XCIT00995 (nuoF)
XCIT00996 (nqo2)
XCIT00997 (nuoD)
XCIT00998 (nqo5)
XCIT00999 (nuoB)
XCIT01000 (ndhC)
XCIT01001 (tpiA)
XCIT01002 (isfD)
XCIT01003 (group_6672)
XCIT01004 (pdeR)
XCIT01005 (group_9585)
XCIT01006 (efe)
XCIT01007 (glmM)
XCIT01008 (accD)
XCIT01009 (trpA)
XCIT01010 (group_6670)
XCIT01011 (trpB)
XCIT01012 (trpF)
XCIT01013 (truA)
XCIT01014 (asd2)
XCIT01015 (aroC)
XCIT01016 (prmB)
XCIT01017 (group_9581)
XCIT01018 (psd)
XCIT01019 (mltD_1)
XCIT01020 (nudK)
XCIT01021 (greB)
XCIT01022 (clcD)
XCIT01023 (group_22516)
XCIT01024 (group_6668)
XCIT01025 (dcd)
XCIT01026 (apbC)
XCIT01027 (group_3601)
XCIT01028 (pepO_1)
XCIT01029 (pepO_2)
XCIT01030 (garB)
XCIT01031 (group_8000)
XCIT01032 (mepH_2)
XCIT01033 (group_22483)
XCIT01034 (dctA2)
XCIT01035 (phoA)
XCIT01036 (tilS)
XCIT01037 (xseB)
XCIT01038 (ispA)
XCIT01039 (group_9572)
XCIT01040 (group_4850)
XCIT01041 (yhdE)
XCIT01042 (group_22470)
XCIT01043 (rsfS)
XCIT01044 (holA)
XCIT01045 (ybbN)
XCIT01046 (group_22331)
XCIT01047 (group_10520)
XCIT01048 (zur)
XCIT01049 (gltX)
XCIT01050 (group_22350)
XCIT01051 (ramA)
XCIT01052 (pka)
XCIT01053 (group_22099)
XCIT01054 (cheW_4)
XCIT01055 (cheB_3)
XCIT01056 (gpmA)
XCIT01057 (nfi)
XCIT01058 (group_6644)
XCIT01059 (group_9178)
XCIT01060 (group_22402)
XCIT01061 (group_7981)
XCIT01062 (phlB)
XCIT01063 (group_9552)
XCIT01064 (group_9551)
XCIT01065 (adh)
XCIT01066 (group_5600)
XCIT01067 (murD)
XCIT01068 (group_9550)
XCIT01069 (group_22530)
XCIT01070 (group_8928)
XCIT01071 (group_9543)
XCIT01072 (proC)
XCIT01073 (group_6637)
XCIT01074 (lytH_1)
XCIT01075 (group_9541)
XCIT01076 (group_7086)
XCIT01077 (group_9540)
XCIT01078 (group_22194)
XCIT01079 (sufB)
XCIT01080 (sufC)
XCIT01081 (sufS)
XCIT01082 (todB)
XCIT01083 (group_9537)
XCIT01084 (esiB)
XCIT01085 (group_21655)
XCIT01086 (group_4826)
XCIT01087 (amgK)
XCIT01088 (group_22267)
XCIT01089 (group_7971)
XCIT01090 (purM)
XCIT01091 (group_4825)
XCIT01092 (purN)
XCIT01093 (group_9533)
XCIT01094 (group_22271)
XCIT01095 (murA)
XCIT01096 (bolA_1)
XCIT01097 (kdsD)
XCIT01098 (kdsC)
XCIT01099 (lptC)
XCIT01100 (lptB)
XCIT01101 (rpoN_1)
XCIT01102 (hpf)
XCIT01103 (ptsN)
XCIT01104 (hprK_1)
XCIT01105 (rapZ)
XCIT01106 (group_22533)
XCIT01107 (ptsH)
XCIT01108 (mgtE)
XCIT01109 (group_6631)
XCIT01110 (cydB_2)
XCIT01111 (gabP)
XCIT01112 (laaA)
XCIT01113 (rpaR)
XCIT01114 (puuP)
XCIT01115 (rebH_1)
XCIT01116 (group_5586)
XCIT01117 (group_7962)
XCIT01118 (group_22262)
XCIT01119 (group_9525)
XCIT01120 (pdxH)
XCIT01121 (aroK)
XCIT01122 (aroB)
XCIT01123 (group_9524)
XCIT01124 (hemE)
XCIT01125 (hsrA_1)
XCIT01126 (group_7960)
XCIT01127 (yceI_2)
XCIT01128 (group_7957)
XCIT01129 (sdaA)
XCIT01130 (metL)
XCIT01131 (metB)
XCIT01132 (metXS)
XCIT01133 (mepM_1)
XCIT01134 (prfC)
XCIT01135 (group_22193)
XCIT01136 (group_6627)
XCIT01137 (guaB_1)
XCIT01138 (group_7955)
XCIT01139 (hslO)
XCIT01140 (group_7954)
XCIT01141 (betI_1)
XCIT01142 (group_6624)
XCIT01143 (fadE)
XCIT01144 (group_7953)
XCIT01145 (group_6622)
XCIT01146 (nudE)
XCIT01147 (rsmE)
XCIT01148 (glk_2)
XCIT01149 (group_5583)
XCIT01150 (yaaH)
XCIT01151 (exoI)
XCIT01152 (group_7947)
XCIT01153 (group_6620)
XCIT01154 (group_7946)
XCIT01155 (cutC)
XCIT01156 (ydaF_1)
XCIT01157 (group_5580)
XCIT01158 (cheB_1)
XCIT01159 (pctA)
XCIT01160 (group_9516)
XCIT01161 (afsQ1)
XCIT01162 (phoP_1)
XCIT01163 (gshB)
XCIT01164 (dinG_1)
XCIT01165 (group_9514)
XCIT01166 (wbbL_2)
XCIT01167 (pqqCD)
XCIT01168 (pqqD_1)
XCIT01169 (skfB)
XCIT01170 (glk_1)
XCIT01171 (dps2)
XCIT01172 (recQ)
XCIT01173 (group_9512)
XCIT01174 (group_6617)
XCIT01175 (pdtaR)
XCIT01176 (group_9511)
XCIT01177 (queC)
XCIT01178 (queE)
XCIT01179 (cpoB)
XCIT01180 (pal)
XCIT01181 (tolB_1)
XCIT01182 (iga)
XCIT01183 (exbD_1)
XCIT01184 (tolQ_1)
XCIT01185 (ybgC)
XCIT01186 (kup)
XCIT01187 (ruvA)
XCIT01188 (pmpR)
XCIT01189 (paiA)
XCIT01190 (aspS)
XCIT01191 (group_5569)
XCIT01192 (btuB_14)
XCIT01193 (group_9499)
XCIT01194 (pfeA_1)
XCIT01195 (pfeA_2)
XCIT01196 (group_4780)
XCIT01197 (fecA_3)
XCIT01198 (ddaF)
XCIT01199 (iucC)
XCIT01200 (mdtG)
XCIT01201 (iucA)
XCIT01202 (btrK)
XCIT01203 (btuB_15)
XCIT01204 (ssuC_3)
XCIT01205 (otsB)
XCIT01206 (otsA)
XCIT01207 (tsr_12)
XCIT01208 (group_7900)
XCIT01209 (yfiH)
XCIT01210 (rluD)
XCIT01211 (bamD)
XCIT01212 (sucC)
XCIT01213 (outO)
XCIT01214 (glgX_2)
XCIT01215 (thiG)
XCIT01216 (trmB)
XCIT01217 (mscL)
XCIT01218 (srpA_1)
XCIT01219 (cysNC)
XCIT01220 (cysD)
XCIT01221 (cysJ_2)
XCIT01222 (cysI)
XCIT01223 (cysH_1)
XCIT01224 (barA_1)
XCIT01225 (group_6579)
XCIT01226 (cysB_2)
XCIT01227 (dcsD)
XCIT01228 (group_5549)
XCIT01229 (ymdB)
XCIT01230 (fda)
XCIT01231 (pykA)
XCIT01232 (group_7887)
XCIT01233 (pgk)
XCIT01234 (gapA)
XCIT01235 (ycf3)
XCIT01236 (group_6572)
XCIT01237 (group_3558)
XCIT01238 (group_9473)
XCIT01239 (group_21834)
XCIT01240 (group_9472)
XCIT01241 (ftsA_1)
XCIT01242 (mrcA)
XCIT01243 (group_22403)
XCIT01244 (gltA)
XCIT01245 (rpmE2)
XCIT01246 (rihA_2)
XCIT01247 (recG)
XCIT01248 (spoT_2)
XCIT01249 (rpoZ)
XCIT01250 (rph)
XCIT01251 (group_5546)
XCIT01252 (rdgB)
XCIT01253 (group_9462)
XCIT01254 (group_9461)
XCIT01255 (zapA)
XCIT01256 (group_4132)
XCIT01257 (group_22488)
XCIT01258 (rpiA)
XCIT01259 (group_7876)
XCIT01260 (rubA2)
XCIT01261 (hemL_1)
XCIT01262 (ridA)
XCIT01263 (adhB)
XCIT01264 (rebO)
XCIT01265 (group_9454)
XCIT01266 (group_4128)
XCIT01267 (mpl)
XCIT01268 (adk)
XCIT01269 (pfp)
XCIT01270 (group_9452)
XCIT01271 (ppa)
XCIT01272 (group_9450)
XCIT01273 (thiC)
XCIT01274 (btuB_2)
XCIT01275 (tar_1)
XCIT01276 (ilvC)
XCIT01277 (tdcB)
XCIT01278 (leuA)
XCIT01279 (leuB)
XCIT01280 (leuD1)
XCIT01281 (cysB_1)
XCIT01282 (mce3R)
XCIT01283 (pcm_1)
XCIT01284 (tolC)
XCIT01285 (waaA)
XCIT01286 (lpxL)
XCIT01287 (group_9443)
XCIT01288 (bshA)
XCIT01289 (group_9442)
XCIT01290 (maeB)
XCIT01291 (dctA)
XCIT01292 (oprP_1)
XCIT01293 (dctB)
XCIT01294 (ais)
XCIT01295 (oxyR_1)
XCIT01296 (tctD)
XCIT01297 (oprO)
XCIT01298 (citN)
XCIT01299 (phaB_1)
XCIT01300 (cytR_1)
XCIT01301 (pfeA_3)
XCIT01302 (ams)
XCIT01303 (hchA)
XCIT01304 (group_6560)
XCIT01305 (rsgA)
XCIT01306 (alaA)
XCIT01307 (ubiG_1)
XCIT01308 (pgdA_1)
XCIT01309 (grxD_1)
XCIT01310 (group_6557)
XCIT01311 (group_5537)
XCIT01312 (def_1)
XCIT01313 (arsC)
XCIT01314 (wbbL_1)
XCIT01315 (srkA)
XCIT01316 (fatA)
XCIT01317 (phnR)
XCIT01318 (group_6551)
XCIT01319 (gspK_1)
XCIT01320 (group_6550)
XCIT01321 (group_9429)
XCIT01322 (xcpT_1)
XCIT01323 (gspF)
XCIT01324 (xpsE)
XCIT01325 (bprV_2)
XCIT01326 (xerD)
XCIT01327 (group_3552)
XCIT01328 (group_7858)
XCIT01329 (lptG)
XCIT01330 (lptF)
XCIT01331 (group_4121)
XCIT01332 (holC)
XCIT01333 (rimI)
XCIT01334 (group_8922)
XCIT01335 (group_7852)
XCIT01336 (mlaE_1)
XCIT01337 (mkl)
XCIT01338 (group_21836)
XCIT01339 (group_9425)
XCIT01340 (group_5530)
XCIT01341 (scoB)
XCIT01342 (algC_1)
XCIT01343 (algA)
XCIT01344 (ugd)
XCIT01345 (etfB)
XCIT01346 (etfA)
XCIT01347 (metC)
XCIT01348 (cbs)
XCIT01349 (group_22387)
XCIT01350 (group_22477)
XCIT01351 (group_22161)
XCIT01352 (pilT_1)
XCIT01353 (nagL)
XCIT01354 (bioD1)
XCIT01355 (msrC)
XCIT01356 (besA)
XCIT01357 (cbbZC)
XCIT01358 (copA)
XCIT01359 (gloA)
XCIT01360 (cwlH)
XCIT01361 (glmS_1)
XCIT01362 (macA)
XCIT01363 (yknY_1)
XCIT01364 (glmU)
XCIT01365 (group_22475)
XCIT01366 (aroQ_1)
XCIT01367 (atpC)
XCIT01368 (atpD1)
XCIT01369 (atpG)
XCIT01370 (atpA)
XCIT01371 (atpH)
XCIT01372 (atpF)
XCIT01373 (atpB)
XCIT01374 (group_6533)
XCIT01375 (group_9408)
XCIT01376 (ompW_3)
XCIT01377 (group_5525)
XCIT01378 (metQ)
XCIT01379 (group_22519)
XCIT01380 (group_4113)
XCIT01381 (rpfC_1)
XCIT01382 (group_9405)
XCIT01383 (rsmC)
XCIT01384 (group_2661)
XCIT01385 (evgS)
XCIT01386 (group_4112)
XCIT01387 (group_9403)
XCIT01388 (group_9402)
XCIT01389 (alr)
XCIT01390 (dadA1_1)
XCIT01391 (motA)
XCIT01392 (group_6525)
XCIT01393 (group_7833)
XCIT01394 (nhaK)
XCIT01395 (group_9398)
XCIT01396 (udg)
XCIT01397 (group_7830)
XCIT01398 (ygiD)
XCIT01399 (catD_4)
XCIT01400 (dmlR_6)
XCIT01401 (fldP)
XCIT01402 (group_7829)
XCIT01403 (group_9395)
XCIT01404 (yveA_2)
XCIT01405 (btsR_2)
XCIT01406 (yciF)
XCIT01407 (ydbD)
XCIT01408 (cydB_3)
XCIT01409 (group_9391)
XCIT01410 (yghA_2)
XCIT01411 (galE_2)
XCIT01412 (group_7826)
XCIT01413 (group_7825)
XCIT01414 (group_9389)
XCIT01415 (group_7824)
XCIT01416 (group_5195)
XCIT01417 (bfrD_2)
XCIT01418 (ecsA)
XCIT01419 (rpoD)
XCIT01420 (lpxP)
XCIT01421 (yncA)
XCIT01422 (ribA)
XCIT01423 (group_5497)
XCIT01424 (group_9384)
XCIT01425 (arnT_2)
XCIT01426 (fmt)
XCIT01427 (def_2)
XCIT01428 (group_21719)
XCIT01429 (topA)
XCIT01430 (tsaC)
XCIT01431 (group_5493)
XCIT01432 (fabG_6)
XCIT01433 (sppA)
XCIT01434 (norM)
XCIT01435 (group_9383)
XCIT01436 (yjlD)
XCIT01437 (group_5492)
XCIT01438 (rpoH)
XCIT01439 (ung)
XCIT01440 (tmoS_1)
XCIT01441 (ftsX)
XCIT01442 (ftsE)
XCIT01443 (queF)
XCIT01444 (yxeP)
XCIT01445 (mdtB_2)
XCIT01446 (group_9377)
XCIT01447 (group_22442)
XCIT01448 (group_5490)
XCIT01449 (group_3092)
XCIT01450 (group_7814)
XCIT01451 (steT_2)
XCIT01452 (group_6502)
XCIT01453 (yliI_1)
XCIT01454 (group_9371)
XCIT01455 (folB)
XCIT01456 (rpsU)
XCIT01457 (yqeY)
XCIT01458 (dnaG)
XCIT01459 (ctaB)
XCIT01460 (ctaA)
XCIT01461 (group_9370)
XCIT01462 (ctaE)
XCIT01463 (ctaG)
XCIT01464 (group_22448)
XCIT01465 (ctaD)
XCIT01466 (putA)
XCIT01467 (mepM_4)
XCIT01468 (anmK)
XCIT01469 (group_22340)
XCIT01470 (exoA)
XCIT01471 (pyrE)
XCIT01472 (soj_3)
XCIT01473 (parB)
XCIT01474 (group_7806)
XCIT01475 (rgtE)
XCIT01476 (group_7805)
XCIT01477 (algC_2)
XCIT01478 (dut)
XCIT01479 (coaBC)
XCIT01480 (group_7803)
XCIT01481 (sdh)
XCIT01482 (speA)
XCIT01483 (speE)
XCIT01484 (group_7799)
XCIT01485 (nagJ)
XCIT01486 (yqiC)
XCIT01487 (group_22543)
XCIT01488 (fabR)
XCIT01489 (qmcA_2)
XCIT01490 (group_7795)
XCIT01491 (menH_2)
XCIT01492 (group_5476)
XCIT01493 (group_7102)
XCIT01494 (group_22275)
XCIT01495 (group_9362)
XCIT01496 (group_5475)
XCIT01497 (qseB)
XCIT01498 (group_3091)
XCIT01499 (degP)
XCIT01500 (group_9359)
XCIT01501 (tqsA)
XCIT01502 (pepA_2)
XCIT01503 (macB_2)
XCIT01504 (pqsE)
XCIT01505 (trpS)
XCIT01506 (group_9352)
XCIT01507 (group_7789)
XCIT01508 (group_21596)
XCIT01509 (rocF)
XCIT01510 (group_7788)
XCIT01511 (group_21716)
XCIT01512 (group_6482)
XCIT01513 (tmk)
XCIT01514 (mtfA)
XCIT01515 (phoQ)
XCIT01516 (group_9350)
XCIT01517 (dusA)
XCIT01518 (group_7783)
XCIT01519 (group_6481)
XCIT01520 (katB)
XCIT01521 (dinG_2)
XCIT01522 (group_3090)
XCIT01523 (group_9347)
XCIT01524 (aroE)
XCIT01525 (tolB_2)
XCIT01526 (hemB)
XCIT01527 (group_6480)
XCIT01528 (group_9344)
XCIT01529 (tonB)
XCIT01530 (natB)
XCIT01531 (group_9343)
XCIT01532 (group_6478)
XCIT01533 (xynB_1)
XCIT01534 (frmR_1)
XCIT01535 (czcD_2)
XCIT01536 (group_10426)
XCIT01537 (group_22447)
XCIT01538 (nrdB)
XCIT01539 (nrdE)
XCIT01540 (group_5456)
XCIT01541 (ycgL)
XCIT01542 (fabF_2)
XCIT01543 (group_21632)
XCIT01544 (acpP_2)
XCIT01545 (mnmC)
XCIT01546 (group_5452)
XCIT01547 (hemF)
XCIT01548 (polA_2)
XCIT01549 (shlB_2)
XCIT01550 (motB_3)
XCIT01551 (group_7768)
XCIT01552 (bioC_3)
XCIT01553 (group_6457)
XCIT01554 (group_22472)
XCIT01555 (group_4670)
XCIT01556 (group_22492)
XCIT01557 (rpmB)
XCIT01558 (czcB_1)
XCIT01559 (rsmG)
XCIT01560 (group_21590)
XCIT01561 (group_9328)
XCIT01562 (xthA_2)
XCIT01563 (actP)
XCIT01564 (group_9091)
XCIT01565 (acsA)
XCIT01566 (group_7759)
XCIT01567 (pld1_1)
XCIT01568 (group_9325)
XCIT01569 (group_9324)
XCIT01570 (group_9323)
XCIT01571 (kdgR_2)
XCIT01572 (group_5447)
XCIT01573 (group_5446)
XCIT01574 (glyQ)
XCIT01575 (epsE_2)
XCIT01576 (guaA_2)
XCIT01577 (group_5445)
XCIT01578 (tatC)
XCIT01579 (tatB)
XCIT01580 (tatA)
XCIT01581 (hemH)
XCIT01582 (group_7754)
XCIT01583 (rdgC)
XCIT01584 (ttcA)
XCIT01585 (degA)
XCIT01586 (group_7752)
XCIT01587 (por)
XCIT01588 (nanM)
XCIT01589 (slmA)
XCIT01590 (ccpA)
XCIT01591 (oar_7)
XCIT01592 (oar_8)
XCIT01593 (hel)
XCIT01594 (group_22495)
XCIT01595 (rep)
XCIT01596 (bphO)
XCIT01597 (tetA)
XCIT01598 (group_22550)
XCIT01599 (group_22173)
XCIT01600 (folE)
XCIT01601 (group_7741)
XCIT01602 (aaeX)
XCIT01603 (oprM_6)
XCIT01604 (recC)
XCIT01605 (mlaF)
XCIT01606 (mlaE_2)
XCIT01607 (mlaC)
XCIT01608 (group_7739)
XCIT01609 (mlaA)
XCIT01610 (group_7737)
XCIT01611 (group_3485)
XCIT01612 (group_3053)
XCIT01613 (rlmI)
XCIT01614 (alx)
XCIT01615 (group_2047)
XCIT01616 (glpQ_2)
XCIT01617 (rnpA)
XCIT01618 (rpmH)
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