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Isolate fieldsMLSTWSP
idstrainaliasesprivatesupergrouphost genushost speciescountrysendergatBcoxAhcpAftsZfbpASTclonal complexwspHVR1HVR2HVR3HVR4
26 Dsim_B_wMaBDrosophilasimulansTanzaniaLaura Baldo5454615ST-b151081113
42 Ogra_F_100840FOpistophthalmusgranifronsSouth AfricaLaura Baldo3031354833723525252827
43 Ocap_F_100812FOpistophthalmuscapensisSouth AfricaLaura Baldo2930342731623626262928
44 Olat_F_100860FOpistophthalmuslatimanusSouth AfricaLaura Baldo3130362832643727273029
45 Olit_F_100869FOpistophthalmuslitoralisNamibiaLaura Baldo295658605777
59 Ocha_F_100818FOpistophthalmuschaperiSouth AfricaLaura Baldo305572487078
60 Oamm_F_100798FOpistophthalmusammopusSouth AfricaLaura Baldo295931
1809 wPipBCulexquinquefasciatusUS Minor Outlying IslandsWilliam Watcher-Weatherwax433224910108108

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