Scheme information - MLST


  • Grillová L, Bawa T, Mikalová L, Gayet-Ageron A, Nieselt K, Strouhal M, Sednaoui P, Ferry T, Cavassini M, Lautenschlager S, Dutly F, Pla-Díaz M, Krützen M, González-Candelas F, Bagheri HC, Šmajs D, Arora N, Bosshard PP (2018). Molecular characterization of Treponema pallidum subsp. pallidum in Switzerland and France with a new multilocus sequence typing scheme. PLoS One 13:e0200773


This scheme is curated by:

  • Linda Grillova, Institut Pasteur
  • Eliška Vrbová, Department of Biology, Faculty of Medicine, Masaryk University
  • Hélène Zondag, Public Health Laboratory, Department of Infectious Diseases, Public Health Service Amsterdam, the Netherlands


The primary key field indexes unique combinations of alleles at the member loci.

  • ST Primary key
  • clonal_complex


This scheme consists of alleles from 3 loci.


This scheme has 76 profiles defined.