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Isolate fieldsMLST
idisolatealiasesspecieshost speciessexcountryyeargltAgyrBfhshmttyrBadktxnSTclonal complex
32 ERC 7810381MCE 18T. equigenitalishorseUSA111111111
33 ERC 7810719MCE 19T. equigenitalishorseUSA111111111
120 CIP 79.7 Tstrain 61717/77; ATCC 35865; CCUG 10786; LMG 6222; NCTC 11184; MCE 496T. equigenitalishorseUK1977111111111
121 CIP 107673TUCD-1; ATCC 700933; LMG 19572; MCE 497T. asinigenitalisdonkeymaleUSA1999710159791528
138 MCE 552T. equigenitalishorsefemaleFrance20111111115341
150 MCE 502T. equigenitalishorsefemaleFrance20081241234162

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