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Isolate fields MLST
idisolatealiasescountryyeardiseasearcCddlgkirecPtdktpiyqiLSTclonal complex
7 C6344UK2002mastitis (clinical)11212125ST-5 complex
10 C5072UK2002mastitis (clinical)11212136ST-5 complex
12 S7191SUD482UK200211212136ST-5 complex
14 S6261UK2002mastitis (clinical)11222119ST-5 complex
16 C6719SUD734UK2002mastitis (sub-clinical)11212125ST-5 complex
17 0140JUK1973mastitis (clinical)11111111ST-5 complex
18 EF20UK1970mastitis (clinical)15143134355
19 C7086SUD518UK2002mastitis (sub-clinical)11212125ST-5 complex
20 C9310SUD440UK2002mastitis (sub-clinical)11212125ST-5 complex
21 S4338SUD476UK2002mastitis (sub-clinical)11212125ST-5 complex
22 C8253SUD484UK2002mastitis (sub-clinical)11212125ST-5 complex
25 C8329UK2002mastitis (sub-clinical)112121107ST-5 complex
30 C4341SUD444UK2002other112221210ST-5 complex
31 Ab71UK2002mastitis (clinical)1122211011ST-5 complex
33 C5240SUD481UK2002other123211620
37 C6152SUD442UK2002mastitis (clinical)212121222ST-5 complex
38 C6389SUD517UK2002mastitis (sub-clinical)212121222ST-5 complex
42 C31SUD473UK2002mastitis (sub-clinical)2121211023ST-5 complex
44 C9359UK2002mastitis (clinical)2121211023ST-5 complex
45 S5138SUD472UK2002mastitis (clinical)2121211023ST-5 complex
47 C8273SUD474UK2002mastitis (sub-clinical)2121211023ST-5 complex
59 C5388UK2002mastitis (sub-clinical)2122211025ST-5 complex
60 C3328SUD725UK2002mastitis (clinical)232121226ST-5 complex
62 B190UK2000mastitis (sub-clinical)11122183ST-5 complex
111 S4217SUD452UK2002other232121226ST-5 complex

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