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14 records returned. Click the hyperlinks for detailed information.

Isolate fieldsMLST
6634 07-050South Korea20076Anasopharynx442441181
6635 07-117South Korea20076Aother442441181
6636 08-B-120South Korea200723Fblood442441181
13176 2682USA200619Apneumoniablood4429354116220
29694 04-004South Korea200419F442441181
29695 04-036South Korea20046A442441181
29696 04-124South Korea200423F442441181
29698 11 CMNMexico199523Fbacteraemiablood442441181
29758 2PN05348UK200223Fbacteraemiablood442441181
32753 23920Russia200523Fothersputum442441181
35807 2231USA199823Fpneumoniablood442441181
37786 1788ERS004816USA200519Apneumoniablood44254112346
37797 23782ERS005323Russia200323F442441181
48692 PAT6420135ATCC 55840Unknown10551310

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