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Isolate fieldsMLST
3210 P1031C5188; CP000920; NC_012467Ghana1105417199303
3217 P1041C5371; CACE01000000Ghana11018417199217
26541 SMRU86Thailand20081carriagenasopharynx1018417199217
26542 SMRU339Thailand20081carriagenasopharynx1018417199217
26543 SMRU512Thailand20081carriagenasopharynx1018417199217
26544 SMRU674Thailand20081carriagenasopharynx1018417199217
26545 SMRU764Thailand20081carriagenasopharynx1018417199217
26546 SMRU3075Thailand20101carriagenasopharynx1018417199217

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