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Isolate fieldsMLST
1380 Kod 6 w6/kod/MRSEIndia2016carrieranimal65329531945849
1381 RAH1 swAH1/Ram/MRSEIndia2016carrierhuman335582211850
1382 RBAH1 wBH1/Ram/MRSEIndia2016carrierhuman2831958511851
1383 RCAH1 wCH1/Ram/MRSEIndia2016carrierhuman123295331945852
1384 F2 AH2 wAH2/Kan/ MRSEIndia2016carrierhuman1155311853
1385 D 06 Mw6/Dod/MRSEIndia2017carrieranimal6532953145854
1386 T 071 Mw71/Tap/MRSEIndia2017mastitisanimal6532953545855
1387 H2 Mw2/Has/MRSEIndia2017carrieranimal11186217856
1388 F2 173 My173 /Kan/MRSEIndia2017carrieranimal2832228194857

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