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Isolate fieldsMLST
34066 70 Mw70/Kan/MRSAIndia2017mastitisanimal36952801681535216
34067 F2 332 My332/Kan/MRSAIndia2017carrieranimal324028011535217
34068 K 21 b21/Kad/MRSAIndia2016carrieranimal373028011535218
34069 K 25a25/Kad/MRSAIndia2016carrieranimal312802721535219
34070 K 52 b52/Kad/MRSAIndia2016carrieranimal324028011535217
34071 F2 211 ww211/Kan/MRSAIndia2017carrieranimal312801081535220
34072 H19088007905UKunknownunknown227012631625221
34073 H19090021005UK2019unknownunknown1170011115222
34074 S0198_SS18M9022Australia2018othersputum141412534105223
34075 MRI S1 026UK2013mastitismilk6664627506875224

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