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11 records returned. Click the hyperlinks for detailed information.

Isolate fieldsRIRDC MLST
idisolatealiasescountryyearhostdetailed hostdiseasesourceRIRDCadkRIRDCestRIRDCpmiRIRDCzwfRIRDCmdhRIRDCgdhRIRDCpgiST
1367 14PM1-South Korea2014avian452315614351
1368 14PM2-South Korea2014avian53862358425885352
1369 17PM1-South Korea2017avian5386231425885353
1370 17PM2-South Korea2017avian53862358425885352
1371 18PM1-South Korea2018avian5386231425885353
1372 18PM3-South Korea2018avian53862358425885352
1373 18PM4-South Korea2018avian5386231425885353
1374 C1 1Malaysia2018avianfowl choleraoral919125751317354
1375 725Malaysia2016avianfowl choleraliver315212251354355
1376 c12 9Malaysia2018avianfowl choleraeye31978739356
1377 c5 1Malaysia2018avianfowl choleraoral131611143357

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