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14 records returned. Click the hyperlinks for detailed information.

Isolate fieldsMLST
idisolatealiasesserotypeyearcountrysourceacsAaroEguaAmutLnuoDppsAtrpESTclonal complex
3378 ERR364120Unknown3811313124235
3440 ERR364110Unknown3811313124235
3602 ERR370090Unknown6553163463
3771 ERR370099Unknown3811313124235
4036 ERR364134Unknown3811313124235
4049 ERR364152Unknown3811313124235
4958 AZPAE14706GCA_000796165.1; JTWZ01; PRJNA264310; SAMN03105484Unknown3811313124235
4970 AZPAE14719GCA_000797025.1; JTWN01; PRJNA264310; SAMN03105496Unknown3811313124235
4971 AZPAE14720GCA_000795955.1; JTWM01; PRJNA264310; SAMN03105497Unknown3811313124235
4972 AZPAE14721GCA_000796245.1; JTWL01; PRJNA264310; SAMN03105498Unknown3811313124235
5164 AZPAE14993GCA_000792515.1; JTPB01; PRJNA264310; SAMN03105690Unknown517947
5919 CCBH173482014BrazilBlood40517241472584
6787 pae_11792018ChinaSoft Tissue Infection12253630341713295
6788 pae_11892018ChinaSoft Tissue Infection1751134423298

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