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Query profile history for Cutibacterium acnes locus/sequence definitions database

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scheme idprofile idtimestampactioncurator
MLST1522019-08-19 18:00:57Profile addedAndrew McDowell
MLST1512019-07-29 18:56:13Profile addedAndrew McDowell
MLST1492019-07-24 14:55:29clonal_complex: 'type II' -> 'CC30 (type II)'Andrew McDowell
MLST1502019-07-24 14:49:14Profile addedAndrew McDowell
MLST882019-05-25 12:14:25clonal_complex: 'Singleton (type IA1) (differs from camp2 allele 1 as a sole result of slipped strand mispairing; do not use this individual allele in any phylogenetic analyses)' -> 'Singleton (type IA1) (differs from camp2 allele 1 as a sole result of slipped strand mispairing)'Andrew McDowell
MLST302019-05-25 12:13:09clonal_complex: 'CC72 (type II)' -> 'CC30 (previously CC72) (type II)'Andrew McDowell
MLST262019-05-25 12:12:23clonal_complex: 'Singleton (type II)' -> 'CC6 (type II)'Andrew McDowell
MLST282019-05-25 12:11:52clonal_complex: 'CC72 (type II)' -> 'CC30 (previously CC72) (type II)'Andrew McDowell
MLST1222019-05-22 16:36:44clonal_complex: 'CC1' -> 'CC1 (type IA1)'Andrew McDowell
MLST1492019-05-22 16:35:58clonal_complex: '' -> 'type II'Andrew McDowell
MLST1482019-05-22 16:35:36clonal_complex: '' -> 'CC4 (type IA1)'Andrew McDowell
MLST1472019-05-22 16:35:11clonal_complex: '' -> 'CC5 (type IB)'Andrew McDowell
MLST1462019-05-22 16:34:38clonal_complex: '' -> 'Singleton (type IB)'Andrew McDowell
MLST1492019-05-22 13:16:02Profile addedAndrew McDowell
MLST1482019-05-22 13:15:22Profile addedAndrew McDowell
MLST1472019-05-22 13:15:00Profile addedAndrew McDowell
MLST1462019-05-22 13:14:20Profile addedAndrew McDowell
MLST1302019-05-12 19:03:12clonal_complex: '' -> 'Singleton (type II)'Andrew McDowell
MLST1232019-05-12 19:02:41clonal_complex: '' -> 'Singleton (type III)'Andrew McDowell
MLST1422019-05-12 19:02:00clonal_complex: '' -> 'Singleton (type IA1)'Andrew McDowell
MLST1412019-05-12 19:01:07clonal_complex: '' -> 'Singleton (type IC)'Andrew McDowell
MLST1332019-05-12 18:44:07clonal_complex: 'CC4' -> 'CC4 (type IA1)'Andrew McDowell
MLST1362019-05-12 18:43:45clonal_complex: '' -> 'CC72 (type II)'Andrew McDowell
MLST1352019-05-12 18:43:19clonal_complex: '' -> 'CC6 (type II)'Andrew McDowell
MLST1342019-05-12 18:42:58clonal_complex: '' -> 'CC72 (type II)'Andrew McDowell