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Isolate fieldsMLSTLoci
idisolatealiasescountrysubspeciesphylotyperegionsourceyeararoEatpDgmkguaAlepAsodAtlyCAMP2STclonal complexCAMP1CAMP3CAMP4CAMP5
177 PRP-003UKsubsp acnesIA1University of Leedsacne8113112243CC3 (type IA1)
178 PV77UKsubsp acnesIA1University of Leedsacne11113111144CC1 (type IA1)
179 401.5Swedensubsp acnesIA1acne111311223CC3 (type IA1)
180 416.1Swedensubsp acnesIA1acne111311223CC3 (type IA1)
181 3632Hungarysubsp acnesIA1blood111311111CC1 (type IA1)
182 4579Hungarysubsp acnesIA1normal skin111311111CC1 (type IA1)
183 VA2/8Hungarysubsp acnesIBSzegednormal skin111414865CC5 (type IB)
184 PC2UKsubsp acnesIA1Belfastprostate111311318CC1 (type IA1)
185 72995Hungarysubsp defendensIIother154242310107CC6 (type II)

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