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Query history for Cutibacterium acnes PubMLST database

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isolate idtimestampactioncurator
5) PV132019-05-22 20:05:48subspecies: '' -> 'subsp acnes'Andrew McDowell
4) PRP-1132019-05-22 20:05:25subspecies: '' -> 'subsp acnes'Andrew McDowell
3) XnH2019-05-22 20:04:20subspecies: '' -> 'subsp acnes'
source: 'other' -> 'soft tissue'
Andrew McDowell
2) XnT22019-05-22 20:03:21subspecies: '' -> 'subsp acnes'
source: 'other' -> 'soft tissue'
Andrew McDowell
1) ATCC69192019-05-22 20:02:02subspecies: '' -> 'subsp acnes'Andrew McDowell
1) ATCC69192019-05-12 12:42:18isolate: 'NCTC737' -> 'ATCC6919'
region: 'London' -> 'London, UK'
source: 'Facial acne' -> 'Acne'
new alias: 'NCTC737'
deleted alias: 'ATCC6919'
Andrew McDowell
5) PV132014-02-03 13:58:59Isolate record addedAndrew McDowell
4) PRP-1132014-02-03 13:57:41Isolate record addedAndrew McDowell
3) XnH2014-01-29 16:16:44Isolate record addedAndrew McDowell
2) XnT22014-01-29 15:41:44Isolate record addedAndrew McDowell
1) ATCC69192014-01-29 15:37:51comments: 'Type strain for Propionibacterium acnes; also known as ATCC6919' -> 'Type strain for Propionibacterium acnes'
new alias: 'ATCC6919'
Andrew McDowell
1) ATCC69192014-01-29 15:36:56source: 'cne' -> 'Facial acne'
comments: 'Type strain for Propionibacterium acnes' -> 'Type strain for Propionibacterium acnes; also known as ATCC6919'
Andrew McDowell
1) ATCC69192014-01-29 15:30:52Isolate record addedAndrew McDowell