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Isolate fields MLSTFinetyping antigens
idisolatealiasescountryyeardiseasespeciescapsule groupSTclonal complexPorA_VR1PorA_VR2FetA_VR
19 S3131B213; NIBSC_2813; Z1213Ghana1973invasive (unspecified/other)Neisseria meningitidisA4ST-4 complex713-1F1-5
35 26B278; NIBSC_2764; Z1278Niger1963invasive (unspecified/other)Neisseria meningitidisA4ST-4 complex713F1-5
52 243B362; NIBSC_2779; Z1362Cameroon1966Neisseria meningitidisA4ST-4 complex713F1-5
34557 64182Niger1964invasive (unspecified/other)Neisseria meningitidisA4ST-4 complex713-1F1-5
34558 65012Niger1965invasive (unspecified/other)Neisseria meningitidisA4ST-4 complex713F1-5
34559 65014Niger1965invasive (unspecified/other)Neisseria meningitidisA4ST-4 complex713F1-5
34592 97027Niger1972invasive (unspecified/other)Neisseria meningitidisdiscrepancy4ST-4 complex7-213F1-5
35956 255B318; NIBSC_2811; Z1318Burkina Faso1966invasive (unspecified/other)Neisseria meningitidisA4ST-4 complex7-213-1F1-5

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