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1407 L. andrefontaineae str.PZF11-2New CaledoniaLeptospira sp.
1408 L. bandrabouensis 201601109MayotteLeptospira sp.
1409 L. bouyouniensis 201601297MayotteLeptospira sp.
1410 L. bourretii 201800266New CaledoniaLeptospira sp.
1411 L. brenneri 201800277New CaledoniaLeptospira sp.
1412 L. congkakensis 201702421MalaysiaLeptospira sp.
1413 L. dzoumogneensis 201601113MayotteLeptospira sp.
1414 L. ellinghauseni E18JapanLeptospira sp.
1415 L. fletcheri SSW15MalaysiaLeptospira sp.
1416 L. haakeii ATI7-C-A2New CaledoniaLeptospira sp.

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