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10 records returned. Click the hyperlinks for detailed information.

Isolate fieldsMLST (scheme 1)MLST (scheme 2)MLST (scheme 3)
630 L. borgpetersenii. L550UnknownLeptospira borgpetersenii152
634 L. borgpetersenii. JB197CP000350; CP000351; NC_008510; NC_008511; PRJNA16148; PRJNA58509USA1991Leptospira borgpeterseniiHardjo type Bovis152176
638 L550NC_008508.1; NC_008509.1; PRJNA16146; PRJNA58507AustraliaLeptospira borgpeterseniiHardjo type Bovis152175
987 serovar Hardjo-bovis str. SponseleeANMU01; GCA_000346975.1; PRJNA177128; PRJNA212058; SAMN01801594UnknownLeptospira borgpetersenii152
1111 SponseleeAQCK01; GCA_000355135.1; PRJNA191805; SAMN01994529UnknownLeptospira borgpetersenii152175
1205 BK-30GCA_001618445.1; NZ_CP015048.1; NZ_CP015049.1; PRJNA296679; SAMN04102097UnknownLeptospira borgpetersenii152175
1206 BK-6GCA_001618525.1; NZ_CP015044.1; NZ_CP015045.1; PRJNA296675; SAMN04102082UnknownLeptospira borgpetersenii152175
1207 BK-9GCA_001618565.1; NZ_CP015046.1; NZ_CP015047.1; PRJNA296677; SAMN04102083UnknownLeptospira borgpetersenii152175
1208 NVSL S 1343GCA_001618585.1; NZ_CP015050.1; NZ_CP015051.1; PRJNA296689; SAMN04102142UnknownLeptospira borgpetersenii152175
1209 NVSL S 818GCA_001618485.1; NZ_CP015052.1; NZ_CP015053.1; PRJNA296694; SAMN04102143UnknownLeptospira borgpetersenii152176

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