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Isolate fieldsMLSTLoci
4571 LNP30255France2018bCSF3114454789510
4576 LNP30284France2018bblood101445478610
4579 LNP30294France2018bCSF101445478610
4595 LNP30361France2018bblood101445478610
4601 LNP30384France2018bCSF101445478610
4630 LNP30474France2019bblood101445857819010
4631 LNP30475France2018bCSF101445478610
4735 LNP30650France2019bblood1014452678215535
4742 LNP30679France2019bblood311445478953
4745 LNP30690France2019bCSF101445478610

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