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LocusDownloadTypeAllelesLength (setting)Min lengthMax length Full name/product Curator(s) Last updated
NUP116 DNA9Fixed: 425 bp 425425Subunit of the nuclear pore complexS. Casaregola2015-04-13
URA1 DNA9Fixed: 465 bp 465465Dihydroorotate dehydrogenaseS. Casaregola2015-04-13
URA3 DNA9Fixed: 470 bp 470470Orotidine-5' -phosphate decarboxylaseS. Casaregola2015-04-13
SAPT4 DNA5Fixed: 501 bp 501501Secreted aspartic protease 4S. Casaregola2013-02-06
PLB3 DNA9Fixed: 393 bp 393393Phospholipase BS. Casaregola2015-04-13