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Isolate fields MLST (Achtman)MLST (Pasteur)IncF RSTIncHI1 MLSTIncHI2 DLSTIncI1 MLSTincN MLSTLoci
idisolatealiasesspeciescountryyeardiseasesourceserovarpathotypeSTSTFIIFICFIIKFIISFIIYFIAFIBSTSTSTclonal complexSTgyrB_full
1 SF13-14_2SF 033Escherichia coliUK2013food88741841
2 SF13-14_5SF 070Escherichia coliUK2014food22447918536CC-5
3 SF13-14_6SF 075Escherichia coliUK2014food160743CC-3
4 SF13-14_8SF 120Escherichia coliUK2014food6025342413CC-3
5 SF13-14_9SF 158Escherichia coliUK2014food572,18413CC-3
6 SF13-14_10SF 203Escherichia coliUK2014food26283CC-3
7 SF13-14_11SF 207Escherichia coliUK2014food16074,923CC-3
8 SF13-14_13SF 320Escherichia coliIreland2014food16580929,883CC-3
9 SF13-14_15SF 332Escherichia coliIreland2014food11748213CC-3
10 SF13-14_16SF 381Escherichia coliIreland2014food58874,5617218
11 SF13-14_20SF 501Escherichia coliIreland2014food103CC-3
12 SF13-14_21SF 506Escherichia coliIreland2014food8821,61
13 SF13-14_23SF 539Escherichia coliIreland2014food9318413CC-3
14 SF13-14_57SF 022Escherichia coliUK2013food744210
15 SF13-14_64SF 101Escherichia coliUK2014food2244791846148
16 SF13-14_67SF 125Escherichia coliUK2014food25999501841
17 SF13-14_68SF 139Escherichia coliUK2014food906624148
18 SF13-14_82SF 332Escherichia coliIreland2014food345636
19 SF13-14_87SF 381Escherichia coliIreland2014food74422
20 SF13-14_90SF 415Escherichia coliIreland2014food45386184180
21 SF13-14_91SF 417Escherichia coliIreland2014food10218416
22 SF13-14_94SF 539Escherichia coliIreland2014food1196181
23 SF13-14_103SF 191Escherichia coliUK2014food44858
24 SF13-14_104SF 192Escherichia coliUK2014food44858
25 SF13-14_109SF 230Escherichia coliUK2014food20674,1845,61

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