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Isolate fieldsExt-MLSTMLSTO-serotypeTax-MLSTLoci
idisolatealiasesspeciesbiotypeserotypecountrysourceyearcgcAcpazpxESTatpDfusAglnSgltBgyrBinfBppsSTclonal complexgalFgndserotypeompArpoBppsA
2447 13056C. sakazakiiChinaPowdered infant formula201311115116451
2448 14018C. sakazakiiChinaPowdered infant formula201455172203421074781646
2649 505108-plasmid-MDRC. sakazakiiChinaClinical201601111111110
2650 505108-plasmid-NDMC. sakazakiiChinaClinical201601111111110
2651 505108-plasmid-T6SSC. sakazakiiChinaClinical201611111111110

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