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Isolate fieldsExt-MLSTMLSTO-serotypeTax-MLSTLoci
idisolatealiasesspeciesbiotypeserotypecountrysourceyearcgcAcpazpxESTatpDfusAglnSgltBgyrBinfBppsSTclonal complexgalFgndserotypeompArpoBppsA
2970 SD19C. sakazakiiChinaEnvironment20209348688478561945,4623
2973 SD83C. muytjensiiChinaFood ingredient202002635215454332174
2975 SD92C. muytjensiiChinaFood ingredient202002664021945190250174
2977 SD69C. dublinensisChinaFood ingredient20200963120217227752607774655
2979 SH11C. turicensisChinaClinical20200222212120136116180309
2981 HA03C. sakazakiiChinaFood202033715100102101133209208463

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