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227851852012Joseph S, Sonbol H, Hariri S, Desai P, McClelland M, Forsythe SJ (2012) J Clin Microbiol 50: 3031-9 Diversity of the Cronobacter genus as revealed by multilocus sequence typing.
231890752012Joseph S, Forsythe SJ (2012) Front Microbiol 3: 397 Insights into the Emergent Bacterial Pathogen Cronobacter spp., Generated by Multilocus Sequence Typing and Analysis.
259114702015Yan Q, Wang J, Gangiredla J, Cao Y, Martins M, Gopinath GR, Stephan R, Lampel K, Tall BD, Fanning S (2015) Appl Environ Microbiol 81: 4388-402 Comparative Genotypic and Phenotypic Analysis of Cronobacter Species Cultured from Four Powdered Infant Formula Production Facilities: Indication of Pathoadaptation along the Food Chain.
198528082009Baldwin A, Loughlin M, Caubilla-Barron J, Kucerova E, Manning G, Dowson C, Forsythe S (2009) BMC Microbiol 9: 223 Multilocus sequence typing of Cronobacter sakazakii and Cronobacter malonaticus reveals stable clonal structures with clinical significance which do not correlate with biotypes.
258287062015Xu X, Li C, Wu Q, Zhang J, Huang J, Yang G (2015) Int J Food Microbiol 204: 17-23 Prevalence, molecular characterization, and antibiotic susceptibility of Cronobacter spp. in Chinese ready-to-eat foods.
265132532015Vojkovska H, Karpiskova R, Orieskova M, Drahovska H (2015) Int J Food Microbiol 217: 130-136 Characterization of Cronobacter spp. isolated from food of plant origin and environmental samples collected from farms and from supermarkets in the Czech Republic.
259746562015Killer J, Skřivanová E, Hochel I, Marounek M (2015) Foodborne Pathog Dis 12: 514-21 Multilocus Sequence Typing of Cronobacter Strains Isolated from Retail Foods and Environmental Samples.
233178552013Ivy RA, Farber JM, Pagotto F, Wiedmann M (2013) J Food Prot 76: 40-51 International Life Science Institute North America Cronobacter (Formerly Enterobacter sakazakii) isolate set.
235744072013Liu H, Yang Y, Cui J, Liu L, Hu G, Shi Y, Li J (2013) FEMS Microbiol Lett 344: 60-8 Evaluation and implementation of a membrane filter method for Cronobacter detection in drinking water.
179284192007Caubilla-Barron J, Hurrell E, Townsend S, Cheetham P, Loc-Carrillo C, Fayet O, Prère MF, Forsythe SJ (2007) J Clin Microbiol 45: 3979-85 Genotypic and phenotypic analysis of Enterobacter sakazakii strains from an outbreak resulting in fatalities in a neonatal intensive care unit in France.
170673872006Iversen C, Waddington M, Farmer JJ, Forsythe SJ (2006) BMC Microbiol 6: 94 The biochemical differentiation of Enterobacter sakazakii genotypes.
236431342013Müller A, Stephan R, Fricker-Feer C, Lehner A (2013) J Food Prot 76: 883-7 Genetic diversity of Cronobacter sakazakii isolates collected from a Swiss infant formula production facility.
202214472010Kucerova E, Clifton SW, Xia XQ, Long F, Porwollik S, Fulton L, Fronick C, Minx P, Kyung K, Warren W, Fulton R, Feng D, Wollam A, Shah N, Bhonagiri V, Nash WE, Hallsworth-Pepin K, Wilson RK, McClelland M, Forsythe SJ (2010) PLoS One 5: e9556 Genome sequence of Cronobacter sakazakii BAA-894 and comparative genomic hybridization analysis with other Cronobacter species.
66597421983Aldová E, Hausner O, Postupa R (1983) Zentralbl Bakteriol Mikrobiol Hyg A 256: 103-8 Tween-esterase activity in Enterobacter sakazakii.
231666752012Joseph S, Desai P, Ji Y, Cummings CA, Shih R, Degoricija L, Rico A, Brzoska P, Hamby SE, Masood N, Hariri S, Sonbol H, Chuzhanova N, McClelland M, Furtado MR, Forsythe SJ (2012) PLoS One 7: e49455 Comparative analysis of genome sequences covering the seven cronobacter species.
241382032014Gičová A, Oriešková M, Oslanecová L, Drahovská H, Kaclíková E (2014) Lett Appl Microbiol 58: 242-7 Identification and characterization of Cronobacter strains isolated from powdered infant foods.
32849011988Muytjens HL, Roelofs-Willemse H, Jaspar GH (1988) J Clin Microbiol 26: 743-6 Quality of powdered substitutes for breast milk with regard to members of the family Enterobacteriaceae.
206405092011Turcovský I, Kuniková K, Drahovská H, Kaclíková E (2011) Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 99: 257-69 Biochemical and molecular characterization of Cronobacter spp. (formerly Enterobacter sakazakii) isolated from foods.
155287452004Iversen C, Waddington M, On SL, Forsythe S (2004) J Clin Microbiol 42: 5368-70 Identification and phylogeny of Enterobacter sakazakii relative to Enterobacter and Citrobacter Species.
221860612011Flores JP, Medrano SA, Sánchez JS, Fernández-Escartín E (2011) J Food Prot 74: 2177-81 Two cases of hemorrhagic diarrhea caused by Cronobacter sakazakii in hospitalized nursing infants associated with the consumption of powdered infant formula.
184230022008Townsend S, Hurrell E, Forsythe S (2008) BMC Microbiol 8: 64 Virulence studies of Enterobacter sakazakii isolates associated with a neonatal intensive care unit outbreak.
197292162009Chap J, Jackson P, Siqueira R, Gaspar N, Quintas C, Park J, Osaili T, Shaker R, Jaradat Z, Hartantyo SH, Abdullah Sani N, Estuningsih S, Forsythe SJ (2009) Int J Food Microbiol 136: 185-8 International survey of Cronobacter sakazakii and other Cronobacter spp. in follow up formulas and infant foods.
236322282013Brady C, Cleenwerck I, Venter S, Coutinho T, De Vos P (2013) Syst Appl Microbiol 36: 309-19 Taxonomic evaluation of the genus Enterobacter based on multilocus sequence analysis (MLSA): proposal to reclassify E. nimipressuralis and E. amnigenus into Lelliottia gen. nov. as Lelliottia nimipressuralis comb. nov. and Lelliottia amnigena comb. nov., respectively, E. gergoviae and E. pyrinus into Pluralibacter gen. nov. as Pluralibacter gergoviae comb. nov. and Pluralibacter pyrinus comb. nov., respectively, E. cowanii, E. radicincitans, E. oryzae and E. arachidis into Kosakonia gen. nov. as Kosakonia cowanii comb. nov., Kosakonia radicincitans comb. nov., Kosakonia oryzae comb. nov. and Kosakonia arachidis comb. nov., respectively, and E. turicensis, E. helveticus and E. pulveris into Cronobacter as Cronobacter zurichensis nom. nov., Cronobacter helveticus comb. nov. and Cronobacter pulveris comb. nov., respectively, and emended description of the genera Enterobacter and Cronobacter.
179000902007Barron JC, Forsythe SJ (2007) J Food Prot 70: 2111-7 Dry stress and survival time of Enterobacter sakazakii and other Enterobacteriaceae in dehydrated powdered infant formula.
230891822013Cetinkaya E, Joseph S, Ayhan K, Forsythe SJ (2013) Mol Cell Probes 27: 60-4 Comparison of methods for the microbiological identification and profiling of Cronobacter species from ingredients used in the preparation of infant formula.