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cgST CHLAM0001 CHLAM0002 (gatC) CHLAM0003 (gatA) CHLAM0004 (gatB) CHLAM0005 CHLAM0006 CHLAM0007 CHLAM0008 (rnhB_1) CHLAM0009 (yfgA) CHLAM0010 (htrB) CHLAM0011 CHLAM0012 (ybbP) CHLAM0013 (cydA) CHLAM0014 (cydB) CHLAM0015 (phoH) CHLAM0016 CHLAM0017 CHLAM0018 CHLAM0020 (lepB) CHLAM0021 CHLAM0022 (rl31) CHLAM0023 (pfrA) CHLAM0024 CHLAM0025 (ffh) CHLAM0026 (rs16) CHLAM0027 (trmD) CHLAM0028 (rl19) CHLAM0029 (rnhB_2) CHLAM0030 (gmk) CHLAM0031 CHLAM0032 (metG) CHLAM0033 (recD_1) CHLAM0034 (ytfF) CHLAM0035 CHLAM0036 CHLAM0037 CHLAM0038 CHLAM0039 (dcd) CHLAM0040 (ruvB) CHLAM0042 (glgX) CHLAM0043 CHLAM0044 (ssb) CHLAM0045 (pepA) CHLAM0046 (hctB) CHLAM0047 CHLAM0048 (yraL) CHLAM0049 CHLAM0050 CHLAM0051 CHLAM0052 (hemN_1) CHLAM0053 CHLAM0054 (sucA) CHLAM0055 (sucB_1) CHLAM0056 CHLAM0057 (gcpE) CHLAM0058 CHLAM0059 (fer) CHLAM0060 (flhA) CHLAM0061 (fliA) CHLAM0062 (tyrS) CHLAM0063 (gnd) CHLAM0064 (lepA) CHLAM0065 CHLAM0066 CHLAM0067 (ytgA) CHLAM0068 (ytgB_1) CHLAM0069 (ytgC) CHLAM0070 (ytgD) CHLAM0071 (yaeM) CHLAM0072 (yaeL) CHLAM0073 CHLAM0074 (recF) CHLAM0075 (dnaN) CHLAM0076 (smpB) CHLAM0077 (yojL) CHLAM0078 (folD) CHLAM0079 CHLAM0080 (ltuB) CHLAM0081 CHLAM0082 CHLAM0083 CHLAM0084 CHLAM0085 CHLAM0086 (rl28) CHLAM0087 (malQ) CHLAM0088 (sycE) CHLAM0089 (lcrE) CHLAM0090 (lcrD) CHLAM0091 (yscU) CHLAM0092 (ychF) CHLAM0093 (ribF) CHLAM0094 (truB) CHLAM0095 (rbfA) CHLAM0096 (infB) CHLAM0097 (nusA) CHLAM0098 (rs1) CHLAM0101 CHLAM0102 CHLAM0103 CHLAM0105 CHLAM0106 (yceC) CHLAM0107 (mutY) CHLAM0108 (ybgI) CHLAM0109 CHLAM0110 (groEL_1) CHLAM0111 (groES) CHLAM0112 (pepF) CHLAM0113 (clpB) CHLAM0114 CHLAM0115 CHLAM0116 CHLAM0117 CHLAM0118 CHLAM0119 (incA) CHLAM0120 CHLAM0121 (araD) CHLAM0122 (efp_1) CHLAM0123 (accB) CHLAM0124 (accC) CHLAM0125 (rl13) CHLAM0126 (rs9) CHLAM0127 (ydhO) CHLAM0128 (adk) CHLAM0129 (glnP) CHLAM0130 (glnQ) CHLAM0131 CHLAM0132 CHLAM0133 CHLAM0136 CHLAM0137 (ywlC) CHLAM0138 CHLAM0140 (ypdP) CHLAM0141 (secA_1) CHLAM0142 CHLAM0143 CHLAM0144 CHLAM0146 (dnlJ) CHLAM0148 (mhpA) CHLAM0149 CHLAM0150 (rl33) CHLAM0151 CHLAM0152 (ycfV) CHLAM0153 CHLAM0154 CHLAM0155 CHLAM0157 CHLAM0160 CHLAM0161 CHLAM0162 CHLAM0163 CHLAM0164 CHLAM0168 CHLAM0171 (trpA) CHLAM0172 CHLAM0175 (oppA_2) CHLAM0176 (dsbB) CHLAM0177 (dsbG) CHLAM0178 CHLAM0179 CHLAM0180 (tauB) CHLAM0182 (kdsB) CHLAM0184 (yqgF) CHLAM0185 (zwf) CHLAM0186 (devB) CHLAM0187 (dnaX_1) CHLAM0188 (tdk) CHLAM0189 (gyrA_1) CHLAM0190 (gyrB_1) CHLAM0191 CHLAM0192 CHLAM0193 (tgt) CHLAM0194 (mgtE) CHLAM0195 CHLAM0196 CHLAM0197 (gcp_1) CHLAM0198 (oppA_3) CHLAM0199 (oppB_1) CHLAM0200 (oppC_1) CHLAM0201 (oppD) CHLAM0202 (oppF) CHLAM0203 CHLAM0204 (ybhI) CHLAM0205 (pfkA_1) CHLAM0206 CHLAM0207 (pfkA_2) CHLAM0208 (gseA) CHLAM0209 (leuS) CHLAM0210 (hemL) CHLAM0211 CHLAM0212 CHLAM0213 (rpiA) CHLAM0214 CHLAM0215 (dhnA) CHLAM0216 (xasA) CHLAM0217 (ydaO) CHLAM0218 (surE) CHLAM0219 (ubiA) CHLAM0220 (ubiX) CHLAM0221 (yqfU) CHLAM0222 CHLAM0224 CHLAM0225 CHLAM0226 CHLAM0227 CHLAM0228 CHLAM0229 CHLAM0230 CHLAM0231 CHLAM0232 (incB) CHLAM0233 (incC) CHLAM0234 CHLAM0235 CHLAM0236 (acpP) CHLAM0237 (fabG) CHLAM0239 (fabH) CHLAM0240 (recR) CHLAM0241 (yaeT) CHLAM0242 CHLAM0243 (lpxD) CHLAM0244 CHLAM0246 (pdhB) CHLAM0247 (pdhC) CHLAM0248 (glgP) CHLAM0249 CHLAM0250 (dnaA_1) CHLAM0251 CHLAM0252 (lgt) CHLAM0253 CHLAM0254 CHLAM0255 CHLAM0256 CHLAM0257 CHLAM0258 (yhfO) CHLAM0259 CHLAM0260 CHLAM0261 (dnaQ_1) CHLAM0262 CHLAM0263 CHLAM0264 (msbA) CHLAM0265 (accA) CHLAM0266 CHLAM0267 (ihfA) CHLAM0268 (amiA) CHLAM0269 (murE) CHLAM0270 (pbp3) CHLAM0271 CHLAM0272 (yabC) CHLAM0273 CHLAM0274 CHLAM0275 (dnaA_2) CHLAM0276 CHLAM0277 CHLAM0278 (nqr2) CHLAM0279 (nqr3) CHLAM0280 (nqr4) CHLAM0281 (nqr5) CHLAM0282 (gcsH) CHLAM0283 CHLAM0284 CHLAM0285 (lplA_1) CHLAM0286 (clpC) CHLAM0287 (ycbF) CHLAM0288 CHLAM0289 CHLAM0290 (ptsN_1) CHLAM0291 (ptsN_2) CHLAM0292 (dut) CHLAM0293 (accD) CHLAM0294 (sodM) CHLAM0295 (mrsA_1) CHLAM0296 CHLAM0297 (rnc) CHLAM0298 (radA) CHLAM0299 (hemC) CHLAM0300 CHLAM0301 (pknD) CHLAM0302 (valS) CHLAM0303 CHLAM0304 (atpK) CHLAM0305 (atpI) CHLAM0306 (atpD) CHLAM0307 (atpB) CHLAM0309 CHLAM0310 (atpE) CHLAM0311 CHLAM0312 CHLAM0316 (rl7) CHLAM0317 (rl10) CHLAM0318 (rl1) CHLAM0319 (rl11) CHLAM0320 (nusG) CHLAM0321 (secE) CHLAM0322 (tufA) CHLAM0323 (infA) CHLAM0324 CHLAM0325 CHLAM0326 CHLAM0327 (trpC) CHLAM0328 (tpiS) CHLAM0329 (xseA) CHLAM0330 CHLAM0332 (pykF) CHLAM0333 (uvrA) CHLAM0334 (dnaX_2) CHLAM0335 CHLAM0336 (ptsI) CHLAM0337 (ptsH) CHLAM0338 CHLAM0339 CHLAM0340 (pdhA/B) CHLAM0341 (dnaJ) CHLAM0342 (rs21) CHLAM0343 CHLAM0344 (lon) CHLAM0345 CHLAM0346 (elaC) CHLAM0347 (xerC) CHLAM0349 (maf) CHLAM0350 CHLAM0351 CHLAM0352 CHLAM0353 (def) CHLAM0354 (kgsA) CHLAM0355 CHLAM0356 (yyaL) CHLAM0357 CHLAM0358 CHLAM0359 CHLAM0360 CHLAM0361 (dapA) CHLAM0362 (lysC) CHLAM0363 (asd) CHLAM0364 (dapB) CHLAM0365 CHLAM0366 (aroA) CHLAM0367 (aroL) CHLAM0368 (aroC) CHLAM0369 (aroB) CHLAM0371 CHLAM0372 CHLAM0373 CHLAM0374 (arcD) CHLAM0375 CHLAM0376 (mdhC) CHLAM0377 (ltuA) CHLAM0378 (pgi) CHLAM0379 (hflX) CHLAM0380 (phnP) CHLAM0381 (artJ) CHLAM0382 (aroG) CHLAM0383 CHLAM0384 CHLAM0385 (ycfF) CHLAM0386 CHLAM0388 CHLAM0389 CHLAM0390 (aspC) CHLAM0391 CHLAM0393 (proS) CHLAM0394 (hrcA) CHLAM0395 (grpE) CHLAM0396 (dnaK) CHLAM0397 (vacB) CHLAM0398 CHLAM0399 (yrbH) CHLAM0400 (sucB_2) CHLAM0401 (gltT) CHLAM0402 (lpxK) CHLAM0403 (yjfH) CHLAM0404 CHLAM0405 (ribC) CHLAM0406 CHLAM0407 (dksA) CHLAM0408 (lspA) CHLAM0409 CHLAM0410 (pcnB_1) CHLAM0411 (lpxB) CHLAM0412 (pmpA) CHLAM0414 (pmpC) CHLAM0415 (yebL) CHLAM0416 CHLAM0417 CHLAM0418 (yhbZ) CHLAM0419 (rl27) CHLAM0420 (rl21) CHLAM0421 CHLAM0422 CHLAM0423 CHLAM0424 (rsbV_1) CHLAM0425 CHLAM0426 CHLAM0427 CHLAM0428 (ubiE) CHLAM0429 CHLAM0430 (dapF) CHLAM0431 (clpP_1) CHLAM0432 (glyA) CHLAM0433 CHLAM0434 (ygbB) CHLAM0436 (rs10) CHLAM0437 (fusA) CHLAM0438 (rs7) CHLAM0439 (rs12) CHLAM0442 (crpA) CHLAM0444 (omcA) CHLAM0445 (gltX) CHLAM0446 (euo) CHLAM0447 (recJ) CHLAM0448 (secD/secF) CHLAM0449 CHLAM0450 (yaeS) CHLAM0451 (cdsA) CHLAM0452 (cmk) CHLAM0453 (plsC) CHLAM0454 (argS) CHLAM0455 (murA) CHLAM0457 (yebC) CHLAM0458 (YhhY) CHLAM0459 (prfB) CHLAM0460 CHLAM0461 (yaeI) CHLAM0462 (ygbP) CHLAM0463 (truA) CHLAM0464 CHLAM0465 CHLAM0466 CHLAM0467 (atoS) CHLAM0468 (atoC) CHLAM0469 CHLAM0470 CHLAM0471 CHLAM0472 CHLAM0473 CHLAM0474 CHLAM0475 (pheT) CHLAM0476 CHLAM0477 (ada) CHLAM0478 (oppC_2) CHLAM0479 (oppB_2) CHLAM0480 (oppA_4) CHLAM0481 CHLAM0482 CHLAM0483 CHLAM0484 CHLAM0485 (hemZ) CHLAM0486 (fliY) CHLAM0487 (yhhF) CHLAM0488 CHLAM0489 (glgC) CHLAM0490 CHLAM0491 (rho) CHLAM0492 (yacE) CHLAM0493 (polA) CHLAM0494 (sohB) CHLAM0495 CHLAM0496 (pgsA_1) CHLAM0497 (dnaB) CHLAM0498 (gidA) CHLAM0499 (lplA_2) CHLAM0500 (ndk) CHLAM0501 (ruvA) CHLAM0502 (ruvC) CHLAM0503 CHLAM0504 CHLAM0505 (gapA) CHLAM0506 (rl17) CHLAM0507 (rpoA) CHLAM0508 (rs11) CHLAM0509 (rs13) CHLAM0510 (secY) CHLAM0511 (rl15) CHLAM0512 (rs5) CHLAM0513 (rl18) CHLAM0514 (rl6) CHLAM0515 (rs8) CHLAM0516 (rl5) CHLAM0517 (rl24) CHLAM0518 (rl14) CHLAM0519 (rs17) CHLAM0520 (rl29) CHLAM0521 (rl16) CHLAM0522 (rs3) CHLAM0523 (rl22) CHLAM0524 (rs19) CHLAM0525 (rl2) CHLAM0526 (rl23) CHLAM0527 (rl4) CHLAM0528 (rl3) CHLAM0531 (lpxA) CHLAM0532 (fabZ) CHLAM0533 (lpxC) CHLAM0534 (cutE) CHLAM0535 (yciA) CHLAM0536 (dnaQ_2) CHLAM0537 (yjeE) CHLAM0538 CHLAM0539 (trxA) CHLAM0540 (yibK) CHLAM0541 (mip) CHLAM0542 (aspS) CHLAM0543 (hisS) CHLAM0544 (uhpC) CHLAM0545 (dnaE) CHLAM0546 CHLAM0547 CHLAM0548 CHLAM0549 (rsbW) CHLAM0550 CHLAM0551 (dacC) CHLAM0552 CHLAM0553 (fmu) CHLAM0554 (brnQ) CHLAM0555 CHLAM0556 CHLAM0558 (lipA) CHLAM0559 (yscJ) CHLAM0560 CHLAM0561 (yscL) CHLAM0562 (yscR) CHLAM0563 (yscS) CHLAM0564 (yscT) CHLAM0565 CHLAM0566 CHLAM0567 CHLAM0568 CHLAM0569 CHLAM0570 (gspF) CHLAM0571 (gspE) CHLAM0572 (gspD) CHLAM0573 CHLAM0574 (pepP) CHLAM0575 (mutL) CHLAM0577 CHLAM0578 CHLAM0579 CHLAM0580 CHLAM0581 (thrS) CHLAM0582 (minD) CHLAM0583 (gp6D) CHLAM0584 CHLAM0585 (trpS) CHLAM0586 (uvrB) CHLAM0587 (eno) CHLAM0588 (rbsU) CHLAM0589 CHLAM0590 CHLAM0591 (sdhB) CHLAM0592 (sdhA) CHLAM0593 (sdhC) CHLAM0594 (ycfH) CHLAM0596 (exbB) CHLAM0597 (exbD) CHLAM0598 CHLAM0599 (tolB) CHLAM0600 (pal) CHLAM0601 (papQ) CHLAM0602 CHLAM0603 (ahpC) CHLAM0604 (groEL_2) CHLAM0605 (ybbC) CHLAM0606 (yggV) CHLAM0607 (ung) CHLAM0608 (uvrD) CHLAM0609 (rpoN) CHLAM0610 CHLAM0611 CHLAM0612 (folA) CHLAM0613 (folP) CHLAM0614 (folX) CHLAM0615 (rpoD) CHLAM0616 CHLAM0617 (rs20) CHLAM0618 CHLAM0620 CHLAM0623 CHLAM0624 (mviN) CHLAM0625 (nfo) CHLAM0626 (rs4) CHLAM0627 (yceA) CHLAM0628 (ispA) CHLAM0635 CHLAM0636 (greA) CHLAM0637 (tyrB) CHLAM0638 CHLAM0639 (recB) CHLAM0640 (recC) CHLAM0641 (ygeD) CHLAM0642 CHLAM0643 (topA) CHLAM0644 (yohI) CHLAM0645 CHLAM0646 CHLAM0647 CHLAM0648 CHLAM0649 (ygfA) CHLAM0650 (recA) CHLAM0651 CHLAM0652 (recD_2) CHLAM0653 (yhbG) CHLAM0654 CHLAM0655 (kdsA) CHLAM0656 CHLAM0657 CHLAM0658 (sfhB) CHLAM0659 CHLAM0660 (gyrA_2) CHLAM0662 (hemA) CHLAM0663 CHLAM0665 CHLAM0666 CHLAM0667 CHLAM0668 CHLAM0669 (yscN) CHLAM0670 CHLAM0671 CHLAM0672 (fliN) CHLAM0673 (pkn5) CHLAM0676 CHLAM0678 (pyrH) CHLAM0680 (rs2) CHLAM0683 CHLAM0684 CHLAM0685 CHLAM0686 CHLAM0687 (yfhO_1) CHLAM0688 (parB) CHLAM0689 (dppF) CHLAM0690 (dppD) CHLAM0691 CHLAM0692 CHLAM0693 (pgk) CHLAM0694 CHLAM0695 CHLAM0697 (nth) CHLAM0698 (thdF) CHLAM0699 (psdD) CHLAM0702 CHLAM0703 (yphC) CHLAM0704 (pcnB_2) CHLAM0705 (clpX) CHLAM0706 (clpP_2) CHLAM0708 CHLAM0709 (mreB) CHLAM0710 (pckA) CHLAM0711 CHLAM0712 CHLAM0713 (porB) CHLAM0714 (gpdA) CHLAM0715 CHLAM0716 CHLAM0717 (fliI) CHLAM0718 CHLAM0719 (fliF) CHLAM0720 CHLAM0721 (yfhO_2) CHLAM0722 (pgm) CHLAM0723 (yjbC) CHLAM0724 CHLAM0725 (birA) CHLAM0726 (rodA) CHLAM0727 (zntA) CHLAM0728 CHLAM0729 (serS) CHLAM0730 (ribD) CHLAM0731 (ribA/ribB) CHLAM0732 (ribE) CHLAM0733 CHLAM0734 CHLAM0735 (dagA_2) CHLAM0736 CHLAM0737 CHLAM0738 (yycJ) CHLAM0740 (dmpP) CHLAM0741 CHLAM0742 (ygcA) CHLAM0743 (hctA) CHLAM0744 CHLAM0745 (hemG) CHLAM0746 (hemN_2) CHLAM0747 (hemE) CHLAM0748 (mfd) CHLAM0750 (tktB) CHLAM0751 (amn) CHLAM0752 (efp_2) CHLAM0753 CHLAM0754 (icc) CHLAM0755 (groEL_3) CHLAM0756 (murF) CHLAM0757 (mraY) CHLAM0758 (murD) CHLAM0759 (nlpD) CHLAM0760 (ftsW) CHLAM0761 (murG) CHLAM0762 (murC/ddlA) CHLAM0763 CHLAM0764 CHLAM0765 (rsbV_2) CHLAM0766 (miaA) CHLAM0767 CHLAM0768 CHLAM0769 (ybeB) CHLAM0770 (fabF) CHLAM0771 CHLAM0772 (ppa) CHLAM0773 (ldh) CHLAM0774 (cysQ) CHLAM0775 CHLAM0776 (aas) CHLAM0777 (bioF) CHLAM0778 (priA) CHLAM0779 CHLAM0780 CHLAM0781 (lysS) CHLAM0782 (cysS) CHLAM0783 CHLAM0784 (rnpA) CHLAM0785 (rl34) CHLAM0786 (rl36) CHLAM0787 (rs14) CHLAM0788 CHLAM0789 CHLAM0790 CHLAM0791 (uvrC) CHLAM0792 (mutS) CHLAM0793 CHLAM0795 CHLAM0796 (glyQ) CHLAM0797 (pgsA_2) CHLAM0798 (glgA) CHLAM0799 (ctc) CHLAM0800 (pth) CHLAM0801 (rs6) CHLAM0802 (rs18) CHLAM0803 (rl9) CHLAM0804 (ychB) CHLAM0806 (ptr) CHLAM0807 (plsB) CHLAM0808 (cafE) CHLAM0809 CHLAM0810 (rl32) CHLAM0811 (plsX) CHLAM0813 CHLAM0814 CHLAM0815 (mrsA_2) CHLAM0816 (glmS) CHLAM0817 (tyrP_1) CHLAM0818 (tyrP_2) CHLAM0819 (yccA) CHLAM0820 (ftsY) CHLAM0821 (sucC) CHLAM0822 (sucD) CHLAM0823 (htrA) CHLAM0824 CHLAM0825 CHLAM0826 (pssA) CHLAM0828 (nrdB) CHLAM0829 (yggH) CHLAM0830 (ytgB_2) CHLAM0831 (murB) CHLAM0832 (nusB) CHLAM0833 (infC) CHLAM0834 (rl35) CHLAM0835 (rl20) CHLAM0836 (pheS) CHLAM0837 CHLAM0838 CHLAM0839 CHLAM0840 (mesJ) CHLAM0842 (pnp) CHLAM0843 (rs15) CHLAM0844 (yfhC) CHLAM0845 CHLAM0846 CHLAM0847 CHLAM0848 CHLAM0849 CHLAM0850 CHLAM0851 (map) CHLAM0852 (yhgN) CHLAM0853 CHLAM0855 (fumC) CHLAM0856 (ychM) CHLAM0857 CHLAM0858 CHLAM0859 (lytB) CHLAM0860 CHLAM0861 CHLAM0862 (lcrH_2) CHLAM0863 CHLAM0864 (xerD) CHLAM0865 CHLAM0866 (glgB) CHLAM0868 CHLAM0869 (pmpE) CHLAM0870 (pmpF) CHLAM0871 (pmpG) CHLAM0873 CHLAM0874 (pmpI) CHLAM0875 CHLAM0876 CHLAM0878 CHLAM0879 CHLAM0880 CHLAM0881 CHLAM0882 CHLAM0883 CHLAM0884 CHLAM0885 CHLAM0886 CHLAM0887 CHLAM0888 CHLAM0889 CHLAM0890 CHLAM0891 CHLAM0892 CHLAM0893 CHLAM0894
349 617384751695555555235447949374410956542591071173171N5301914444201121144131351215199818114311111116116220331433126351583169101331816312111131311341111013111833111121231915623222N17178NN161N4231313612434334343N1211321141433129914221412201244101810412811013N8N10310231216616215134420412310543494144344333334432134231131443432186478717445347235337824643661113543445171N4664732111153810715441311312344438346337141339454436143123N113204343333333374232133144443421344354441411138443333264491323433101961029335434481N114612426777N119N7221241842110171012101010107912279681458412131134431543663334212N4113510514157136937914462341233342101291373432331463510242254351161146144317754NN333N15334215101341268131418463176249145611N252719743117145327202341121444112435537457443433151414444334314313334367745N44431434333343441632315353N4947431145143333343334771432124765145446861134115821846141124N1111814316956151334314113432338333913154334415323455673866631312N1053NN14312321N222532
350 111338475165555555595447284937449205613425115718N579107362455544712129991719877741745544455467921066156453035156N6N33434433423313434243111422319741123384431262717NN8NN161N4N1413335434339343134413344333311778177111111763111115318381643134442434543135414434533353264321323231131443432186478725445347235337824643661113543445171N46647941332674444143434224383186337141339454436163123N1178N55311453133318423411131913181611831344321304143134443333864444434331011135313351373391N31316943331N43N72331121523115334334313148434414412443443643363334216N41335451442483334534444333421539113734327314635791051235615546144387184N333354334241013443413147463717211135186N7817743117145327202341121254411243531673452043433154144443134133313334344443N4420314315333343154193234353N151225431145433333833342714324476575446861184115821846141124N1148143169176151334314113432338333913110433441531834510242362617162332392828N412231N141123N1N212532
351 41173N8211316875555555954479491074492565425115718957910736345527447112299171987774545544455467921066156411035156N6N33434414318233134342431414431117442338443142717NN8NN161N46393335434334343134413344393324361944491244444410111214111231343812533101344421434543494144344333334432134231138443432181447873144534723203N78246436611135431845671N4664794133267444433434443832463371413394544361631217N178N55311453333742343344441542134143313041431344433123264441643256310111357335434431N3346443331N43N124348497533433431314134344144124434436433631234212N41335451442433334534444333421039113734323314635109101643566546144324754N33335433424101344341314746372424135316N74117741511714532720234112125441124353319181930511422151319311192143341143133343423443N44431153433334315433234353N434743114543333343331627143241476575446861134115821846141124N1148143169561511634314113432338333913510433N415323455627132131532392928N453534N14112321N212532

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