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Isolate fieldsMLST (Chlamydiales)MLST (C. trachomatis)MLST (C. trachomatis Uppsala)
47 WeissNZ_ACOW01000000; PRJNA38161; PRJNA55985Chlamydia muridarumUnknownmouse22
66 A/HAR-13CP000051; NC_007429; PRJNA13885; PRJNA58333Chlamydia trachomatisASaudi Arabiahuman353
189 ERR164838Chlamydia trachomatisUnknown441
190 ERR189729Chlamydia trachomatisUnknown9252
225 ERR164682Chlamydia trachomatisUnknown1319
780 ERR278216Chlamydia trachomatisUnknown4550119
806 ERR278135Chlamydia trachomatisUnknown12039
811 Mat116CP002744.1; NC_020248.1; PRJNA189026; PRJNA28637Chlamydia psittaciJapanhuman208
815 10-1398/6APJW01; GCA_000454725.1; PRJNA188464; PRJNA220206; SAMN02222159Chlamydia ibidisUnknownIbis264
822 ERR278139Chlamydia trachomatisUnknown38
837 ERR386226Chlamydia muridarumUnknownmouse22
843 ERR021957Chlamydia trachomatisUnknown44
846 ERR140802Chlamydia trachomatisUnknown9
847 ERR189745Chlamydia trachomatisUnknown10819
852 SRR039363Chlamydia trachomatisUnknown441
872 MopnTet14ACUJ01; GCA_000175535.1; PRJNA39295; PRJNA50785; SAMN02470774Chlamydia muridarumUnknownmouse210
889 MD56Chlamydia suisItalyPig183
3984 JX-1Chlamydia gallinaceaChinaChickenasymptomatic155
4372 3-25bChlamydia suisSwitzerlandPig224
4386 10-26bChlamydia suisSwitzerlandPig237
4387 3-25aChlamydia suisSwitzerlandPig252
4388 1-25bChlamydia suisSwitzerlandPig238
4389 1-28aChlamydia suisSwitzerlandPig239
4391 1-28bChlamydia suisSwitzerlandPig241
4392 22-22bChlamydia suisSwitzerlandPig242

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