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205 records returned (1 - 25 displayed). Click the hyperlinks for detailed information.

Isolate fieldsMLST (Chlamydiales)MLST (C. trachomatis)MLST (C. trachomatis Uppsala)
47 WeissNZ_ACOW01000000; PRJNA38161; PRJNA55985Chlamydia muridarumUnknownmouse22
66 A/HAR-13CP000051; NC_007429; PRJNA13885; PRJNA58333Chlamydia trachomatisASaudi Arabiahuman353
96 F(s)/70NZ_ABYF01000000; PRJNA32187; PRJNA55553Chlamydia trachomatisUnknownhuman91
97 70sNZ_ABYG01000000; PRJNA32189; PRJNA55555Chlamydia trachomatisUnknownhuman91
99 D(s)2923NZ_ACFJ01000000; PRJNA32539; PRJNA55635Chlamydia trachomatisD(s)Unknown383412
101 ERR175646Chlamydia trachomatisUnknown1239
156 02DC14Chlamydia psittaciUnknowncattle24
169 09DC78Chlamydia psittaciUnknownpigeon47
188 ERR111634Chlamydia trachomatisUnknown39
210 ERR021962Chlamydia trachomatisUnknown111
211 GPICChlamydia caviaeUnknownguinea pig20
220 E/11023Chlamydia trachomatisEUnknown1239172
231 D/SotonD1Chlamydia trachomatisDUKhuman383412
234 E/150CP001886Chlamydia trachomatisEUnknownhuman43956
235 E/BourChlamydia trachomatisEUSAhuman9439
236 E/SW3Chlamydia trachomatisESwedenhuman43956
237 E/SotonE4Chlamydia trachomatisEUKhuman439
238 E/SotonE8Chlamydia trachomatisEUnknown43964
239 F/SW4Chlamydia trachomatisFSwedenhuman383412
240 F/SW5Chlamydia trachomatisFSwedenhuman383412
241 F/SotonF3Chlamydia trachomatisFUKhuman383412
269 Sweden2Chlamydia trachomatisESwedenhuman43955
300 10DC88Chlamydia aviumGermanypsittacineother209
467 ERR034218Chlamydia trachomatisUnknown441
468 ERR034216Chlamydia trachomatisUnknown441

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