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Isolate fields MLST (Chlamydiales)MLST (C. trachomatis)MLST (C. trachomatis Uppsala)
2 T20Chlamydia abortusUKmammal19
19 S152_3Chlamydia abortusUKmammal19
29 CM-1Chlamydia pneumoniaeUnknownhuman16
32 CWL-011Chlamydia pneumoniaeUnknownhuman17
35 K-7Chlamydia pneumoniaeUnknownhuman17
42 S95_3Chlamydia abortusUKmammal19
47 WeissNZ_ACOW01000000; PRJNA38161; PRJNA55985Chlamydia muridarumUnknownmammal22
48 FAGChlamydia abortusGreecemammal19
51 B577Chlamydia abortusUSAmammal19
52 A22Chlamydia abortusUKmammal19
62 POSChlamydia abortusUnknownmammal30
66 A/HAR-13CP000051; NC_007429; PRJNA13885; PRJNA58333Chlamydia trachomatisAASaudi Arabiahuman353
79 L2/434/BuL2Chlamydia trachomatisL2L2USAhuman441141
90 J/6276NZ_ABYD01000000; PRJNA32183; PRJNA55549Chlamydia trachomatisJJUnknownhuman915136
91 6276sNZ_ABYE01000000; PRJNA32185; PRJNA55551Chlamydia trachomatisUnknownhuman915136
95 84_2334Chlamydia psittaciUnknownbird36
96 F(s)/70NZ_ABYF01000000; PRJNA32187; PRJNA55553Chlamydia trachomatisFFUnknownhuman91
97 70sNZ_ABYG01000000; PRJNA32189; PRJNA55555Chlamydia trachomatisUnknownhuman91
99 D(s)2923NZ_ACFJ01000000; PRJNA32539; PRJNA55635Chlamydia trachomatisD(s)DUnknownhuman383412
100 L2b/UCH-1AM884177; AM886279; NC_010280; PRJNA28585; PRJNA61635Chlamydia trachomatisL2bL2bUKhumanproctitis44158
101 E_C258Chlamydia trachomatisEUKhuman1239
134 84-8471/1Chlamydia psittaciUnknownbird
148 06-1683Chlamydia psittaciUnknownhuman28
154 C1/97Chlamydia psittaciUnknownmammal
155 C6/98Chlamydia psittaciUnknownmammal24

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