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isolate idtimestampactioncurator
1377) CG572021-02-24 13:37:45Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1376) 8876-22020-12-23 09:50:11Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1375) E6472020-12-23 09:50:11Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1374) E4822020-11-16 16:11:58Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1373) 10749912020-10-27 09:11:09FKS: new designation '3' (sequence bin scan)
FKS: sequence tagged. Seqbin id: 704; 5098-5686 (sequence bin scan)
LEU2: new designation '4' (sequence bin scan)
LEU2: sequence tagged. Seqbin id: 299; 47627-48138 (sequence bin scan)
NMT1: new designation '4' (sequence bin scan)
NMT1: sequence tagged. Seqbin id: 57; 33921-34527 (sequence bin scan)
TRP1: new designation '3' (sequence bin scan)
TRP1: sequence tagged. Seqbin id: 636; 82987-83405 (sequence bin scan)
UGP1: new designation '3' (sequence bin scan)
UGP1: sequence tagged. Seqbin id: 214; 102389-103004 (sequence bin scan)
URA3: new designation '28' (sequence bin scan)
URA3: sequence tagged. Seqbin id: 199; 144853-145454 (sequence bin scan)
Oliver Bader
1373) 10749912020-10-27 09:00:52Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1372) 326712019-12-16 09:42:36Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1371) 326672019-12-16 09:42:36Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1370) MFCCKHY000542019-12-16 09:42:36Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1369) MFCCKHY000592019-12-16 09:42:36Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1368) 326112019-12-16 09:42:36Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1162) 326662019-12-16 09:42:36Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1231) CAS11-29782019-12-09 16:54:31NCBI_BioProject new value: 'PRJNA524686'
NCBI_BioProject new value: 'PRJNA329124'
NCBI_BioProject deleted value: 'PRJNA524686; PRJNA329124'
Keith Jolley
1151) CAS08-04392019-12-09 16:53:58NCBI_BioProject new value: 'PRJNA524686'
NCBI_BioProject new value: 'PRJNA329124'
NCBI_BioProject deleted value: 'PRJNA524686; PRJNA329124'
Keith Jolley
545) CAS08-02092019-12-09 15:30:44NCBI_BioProject new value: 'PRJNA524686'
NCBI_BioProject new value: 'PRJNA329124'
NCBI_BioProject deleted value: 'PRJNA524686; PRJNA329124'
Keith Jolley
631) CAS09-07512019-09-18 11:55:27NCBI_BioProject: '' -> 'PRJNA524686'
new alias: 'SRR8697308'
Oliver Bader
1367) CAS17-77682019-09-18 11:54:17Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1366) CAS17-77282019-09-18 11:54:17Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1365) CAS17-77122019-09-18 11:54:17Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1364) CAS17-77042019-09-18 11:54:17Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1363) CAS17-76892019-09-18 11:54:17Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1362) CAS16-75962019-09-18 11:54:17Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1361) CAS16-75922019-09-18 11:54:17Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1360) CAS16-75752019-09-18 11:54:17Isolate record addedOliver Bader
1359) CAS16-75742019-09-18 11:54:17Isolate record addedOliver Bader