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Isolate fields C. fetus MLSTC. lari MLSTC. upsaliensis MLST
idisolatealiasescountryyeardiseasesourcespeciesSTSTclonal complexSTclonal complex
312 H165140243UK2016human unspecifiedCampylobacter fetus3
313 H165140244UK2016human unspecifiedCampylobacter fetus6
513 1025.09-3aThe Netherlands2008carrierother animalCampylobacter lari138
674 TTU-573Canada2014environmental watersCampylobacter lari230
675 2018MI33USA2018catCampylobacter upsaliensis207
676 TTU-601USA2018dogCampylobacter upsaliensis208
677 TTU-600USA2018dogCampylobacter upsaliensis209
678 TTU-623USA2018dogCampylobacter upsaliensis210
679 TTU-625USA2018dogCampylobacter upsaliensis211
680 TTU-570Canada2014environmental watersCampylobacter lari231
681 TTU-571Canada2014environmental watersCampylobacter lari232
682 TTU-575Canada2014environmental watersCampylobacter lari233
683 TTU-576Canada2014environmental watersCampylobacter lari234
684 TTU-628Canada2014environmental watersCampylobacter lari235
685 TTU-577Canada2014environmental watersCampylobacter lari236
686 TTU-578Canada2014environmental watersCampylobacter lari237
687 TTU-579Canada2014environmental watersCampylobacter lari236
688 TTU-580Canada2014environmental watersCampylobacter lari239
689 TTU-584Canada2014environmental watersCampylobacter lari240
690 TTU-585Canada2015environmental watersCampylobacter lari241
691 TTU-589Canada2015environmental watersCampylobacter lari242
692 TTU-627Canada2014wild birdCampylobacter lari236
829 DVHRF1022Peru2022gastroenteritishuman stoolCampylobacter upsaliensis
830 CAM001423-007322Peru2022gastroenteritishuman stoolCampylobacter upsaliensis
831 CAM001491-007350Peru2022gastroenteritishuman stoolCampylobacter upsaliensis

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