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Isolate fieldsMLST
idisolatealiasescountryyearmonthisolation datereceived datediseasesourceepidemiologyspeciespenneraspAglnAgltAglyApgmtktuncASTclonal complex
60539 H35Canadahuman unspecifiedCampylobacter jejuni411
62364 AC0465FrancechickenCampylobacter jejuni49468014341719303ST-45 complex
62388 C0191FrancechickenCampylobacter jejuni4982221073319312ST-464 complex
62402 C1141FrancechickenCampylobacter jejuni2682532159306ST-21 complex
62490 H0065Francehuman unspecifiedCampylobacter jejuni215321519ST-21 complex
80847 19S-3759Ireland2019gastroenteritishuman stoolsporadic caseCampylobacter jejuni2115572674293510074

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