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Isolate fieldsMLST
idisolatealiasescountryyearmonthisolation datereceived datediseasesourceepidemiologyspeciespenneraspAglnAgltAglyApgmtktuncASTclonal complex
79616 SP-1808017China201862018-06-11chickenCampylobacter jejuni215231110059873ST-21 complex
79617 SP-1808002China201832018-03-10chickenCampylobacter jejuni25351011339874ST-574 complex
79618 BR-1808047China2018112018-11-03human stoolCampylobacter jejuni37256433266819875
79619 BR-1908001China201912019-01-10human stoolCampylobacter jejuni822108631479876
79620 BR-1908007China201912019-01-21human stoolCampylobacter jejuni91751074339877
79621 SP-1908009China201932019-03-18chickenCampylobacter jejuni3761464982769878
79622 BR-1908008China201912019-01-28human stoolCampylobacter coli33230821043179879ST-828 complex

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